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Rare Finesse The finest golden barley and mineral-rich water from the Glenmorangie Distillery's own Tarlogie springs come together in the tallest whisky stills in Scotland to produce a spirit of rare finesse and delicacy Perfect Balance This new spirit is then matured in the finest bourbon oak casks. Our pioneering research into the effect of wood selection on whisky maturation has led to the development of bespoke casks, crafted from slow growth, air-seasoned wood from hand-selected oak trees.

The spirit is gently matured in traditional stone built, earth floored warehouses and it is only after ten years that Glenmorangie reaches a perfect balance of sweetness and complexity Alluring Complexity The resulting mature spirit has a soft, alluring mouthfeel, combining beautifully with the hallmark characteristics of Glenmorangie; a light, honeyed sweetness fused with notes of citrus, vanilla and almonds.

Glenmorangie Orignal Sgle Wky 35Cl - Fruity

Indeed a famous French parfumier identified no less than twenty-six distinct aromas in 'The Original'. Produced in Scotland since Ten Years Old Glenmorangie is renowned the world over for its elegant and floral spirit; a single malt whisky of exquisite finesse and alluring complexity. Established in , Glenmorangie is still to this day perfected by the Sixteen Men of Tain. In the Gaelic language Glenmorangie means 'valley of tranquillity', perfectly describing the distillery's peaceful setting on the banks of the picturesque Dornoch Firth Icon of Scotland Glenmorangie is very proud of its roots in the ancient lands of Ross-shire, in particular the eighth century Cadboll Stone lying close to the distillery and Glenmorangie House.

An icon of the Picts, the original people of Scotland, it is as intriguing and compelling as Glenmorangie itself, and the inspiration for our emblem. Distilled and matured in ross-shire Perfected by the sixteen men of Tain. Pack size: 35cl. Tasting Notes. Region of Origin. Wine Colour. Alcohol Units Current Vintage. Was able to enjoy this as a surprise birthday present. What a cut above the rest. It was the La Santa raised to the next level. Even my wife, who is not a scotch drinker, enjoyed this immensely. Very smooth, wonderful warm finish. Fantastic whisky, wonderful vanilla, sugary nose, the smell intoxicating.

A must buy. Simply wonderful. Excellent presentation, incredibly smooth, and one of the greatest finishes I've ever had. One night at a business dinner I had Glenmorangie 18, and it was love at first sip. A few years later I was in a restaurant by myself in Washington DC on business , and I ordered a glass of this. Five minutes later, the bartender stopped by my table and said the young lady at the bar would like to buy me a drink.

He said, "When a beautiful young lady asks to buy you a drink, you don't ask 'Why? So I said, "No really, why.

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It was OK, but didn't come close to the Glenmorangie This whisky is art. The best example of balance that I have tried so far. There is a lovely creamy texture to it. It reminds me of gold top milk in whisky form with a subtle tang of fruit in the background. A proper all rounder. The packaging of this bottle is riveting and eye catching and draws you into the quality of the bottle.

When experiencing the subtle sweet flavors and it bold vanilla presence, you appreciate its floral notes in comparison with its fruits. Still debating if it is a "signature staple" bottle on my shelf since it is battling with other great 18yr olds and possibly might become one, but nonetheless, is a good Highland Whisky to explore.

Admittedly I like a smoother finishing scotch, so if you're looking for a distinctive burn or peaty finish then look elsewhere. If what you do enjoy is a wonderfully balanced scotch with a pleasant warming finish then this is the scotch for you. I'm on my third bottle I like it so much.


To put my tastes into perspective my collection always has a bottle of each of the following: Glenfiddich 18 yr Single Malt and 15 yr Distillery Edition, Aberlour A'Bunadh, Balvenie 17 yr Doublewood and 14 yr Caribbean Cask. It is a smooth pleasant tasty enjoyable drink in single malts.. Whisky lovers must keep it and enjoy.

Santa provided and this 'nice' guy found it smooth and a real treat on a chilly winter night I have an affection for Glenmorangie Scotch. The qunita ruban regins supreme at my bar as an 'everyday' scotch When I travel this 18 yr Glenmorangie is what I look for at duty free. It is exceptional! I only share it with guests whom can appericate the fine quality of scotch paired with a beautiful cuban cigar, which maybe why I have 2 unopened bottles. Light, tasty and easy to drink. Becareful you don't devour it in one sitting, nor start with it and switch off to something thats on a lower shelf in the bar.

The other news is I changed my socks today. Seriously, this dram is lovely, like an enhanced version of 10 year, huge step up. I enjoy but it is slightly lacking in a lasting impression. In NC we have limited choices in premium single malts. I would still recommend but I encourage the more adventuresome to look elsewhere. Bought for my best friend for his birthday about year ago, still hasn't opened, ill keep you updated.

This is a very nice, smooth single malt. For an 18 year I was hoping for a something a bit special in the finish, but as is it's a very easy to drink and pleasant scotch.

Glenmorangie Lasanta 70Cl - Spicy

I like having it around as my go to and just picked up a second bottle today. After drinking this you won't accept anything less. I don't know i just expected something a touch more complex than this. Distinctly average for a Glenmorangie 18 Yr old. I actually wondered if the wrong whiskey was inside the bottle. Not a fan. I am reminded of the best creme brulee I ever had.

And to me, the finish is a citrus explosion. Very good, and where I am located, this is a fairly inexpensive 18 year old. For those reasons, I give it a full 5 stars! This is an interesting one - not quite like most other scotches. It has that beautiful Glenmorangie nose and a supple taste, but the finish - there is no finish! I've never experienced such a thing before! You swallow it and immediately it disappears. Zero finish.

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Not saying that's a bad thing, just highly unexpected. Still a beautiful and enjoyable dram. However my money is on Nectar D'Or. A beautiful piece of whisky. Can't say much more. Try it out yourself. I just had this at a bar here in Shanghai and it's pretty impressive It's smooth, sweet, deep and it doesn't have any bite at all. If one had the means, one could drink it like candy. It's drink you could easily enjoy over and over.

Incidentally, as opposed to the reviewers, I didn't get much citrus - it seemed more creamy, with notes of caramel, than a citrus-tinged scotch Amazing, just had this one. Beautiful and warm toffe, dried fruit and orange zest notes. A very christmass Whisky. I had a tasting of this without knowing the palate, and this was a big mistake.

It's like BAM!

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Citrus is not to my taste and I really felt like the finish was just too much citrus for way too long. The citrus completely covered anything else I could have appreciated in this malt. It reminded me a lot of "The Glenlivet Master Distiller's Reserve" of which I was also not a fan, but was much cheaper. Outside of the citrus though, you can tell that this is a very mature malt, so I wont rate it less than 6 points. To tell you the truth , I'm not a big whiskey drinker but i tasted this brand and it was a marvelous companion for my cohibas, the smooth taste and fruit aroma really complimented my cigar, it was a great experience I strongly recommend it, if you are a cigar aficionado.

For my 50th birthday my wife gave me this whisky. As being a big fan of Nectar d'Or my hopes were high. And it is not disappointing! A really great whisky. Just one thing: I love the slight taste of coconut. But should this taste be in whisky?? Pim, Holland. The big golden presentation box is very nice and the bottle is beautiful IMO Glenmorangie expressions come in the best looking bottles but I was more interested in the liquid of course. Wow, superb sherried-whiskey, not a sherry monster but for me thats better, I like some balance in the whisky.

An assortment of dried fruit and nut flavours and aromas with the hints of sherry influence, very easy going down. This dram is one of my favourites; whilst not quite up to the standard of some slightly older malts this whisky is still one of the most complex out there - it is strange but look for the moldy orange which descends into a more robust walnut citrus flavour.

Whisky Review/Tasting: Glenmorangie Original 10 years

Maybe with a couple of extra years the difference between this and the less developed 12 yr olds would be more profound. Overall though great. This costs just over twice as much as Glenmorangie's excellent Lasanta. Both are sherry finished, Lasanta is 12 years old. I tried both side by side in a blind tasting with a friend, and while they don't taste exactly the same, they are very very similar and in my opinion equally good. I was looking forward to taste this one, having had several Glenmorangies before. I found it a bit disappointing, since it tasted like a complexer version of Grandmarnier or something along a citrus version of it.

It is certainly nicely balanced and delicate, but not convincing to me. I had the pleasure of trying some for the first time when I was in London and I didnt have to think twice I had to bring a bottle back to the states with me. Its now part of my top 3. Close Type in a list of products and we will find them for you. Log in. Browse Shop. Seasonal Pick up a seasonal punnet of plump, sweet strawberries. Shop now. Use the grocery voucher below:. You might like. You are in: Shop. Read all 5 reviews Review this product. Pin It. Product Description This single malt whisky is matured in Bourbon Casks then extra matured or 'finished' in the very finest ruby port casks The 'Quintas', or wine estates, of Portugal provide the Ruby Port casks for this velvety textured Glenmorangie.

Inspired by our visits to the 'Quintas' of the Iberian Peninsula, with ruby red hues, Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban owes its velvet rich smoothness and long finish to the highest quality Portuguese Port casks selected for the extra maturation of our whisky. A Journey of Passion Our ongoing quest for perfection takes us on many journeys, exploring the world for inspiration.

After much painstaking research, we have secured the very best oak casks from the greatest vineyards in the world in which to extra mature some of our whiskies. In the Footsteps of Pioneers Our pursuit of perfection has endured for over years, starting in with the installation of the tallest whisky stills in Scotland. It continues to this day with our insistence on using American white oak casks in which to age our whisky. These casks are ideal for Glenmorangie, imparting a natural sweetness to the elegant flavours of our spirit.

Extra Matured In the early s our passion for wood led us to explore: we extra matured Glenmorangie in a different cask for the final two years of its maturation. To great success! This 'finishing' touch adds an enticing range of flavours to Glenmorangie's already fine taste. Port cask finish, Distilled and matured in Ross-shire, Perfected by the sixteen men of Tain, Non chill-filtered aged 12 years, Best bourbon casks, Extra matured in ruby port casks.

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