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Scholastic also hosts some book fairs and warehouse sales where teachers can buy things at marked-down prices.

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You will also have access to the online archive. Crayola: Get discounts from CrayolaStore. Sprint: Check to see if you're eligible to save on your monthly Sprint bill here. Type in your school email address or stop in at a store to ask in person. T-Mobile: Check to see if you're eligible for monthly discounts based on your work email address here. Check out if you qualify here by entering your work email address.

Adobe: Both students and teachers can get special discounts from Adobe by providing the name of their school and noting if they're a student, teacher, or administrator. Apple Store: Ap ple Stor e for Education lets teachers receive discounts on purchases. Bose: Get access to special pricing only available to US teachers. Home Depot: Show your tax-exempt paperwork to pay no sales tax on your purchases in-store. Lowes: Show your tax-exempt paperwork to pay no sales tax on your purchases in-store. Sherwin Williams: Get a discount on your painting needs depending on the location of the store.

Farmers Insurance: Receive discounts on auto and home insurance. Esurance: Get a discount as a certified educator. Visit the Esurance website to get a quote. Alamo Rent A Car: Get special offers like discounts, unlimited mileage, and roadside assistance if you're in the National Education Association. Subscribe to our newsletter. Find all the best offers at our Coupons page. Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the Insider Picks team.

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World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. They watch sometimes up to 30 children at a time, they take their work home, attend countless required seminars and open houses and such. Teachers do a lot more for society than say someone in marketing or human resources, yet my nanny currently makes more than my child's teacher.

I see a problem. Teachers deserve a lot better than our society gives to them and in my opinion these discounts aren't half of what they should be. When I retire I will be lucky if I make half of the top of that range. Thanks for posting the discounts! Glad to know that SOME people appreciate teachers! Shelly Sunday, July 27th Doug and followers please get a grip on reality. Do you realize I would not wear these clothes everyday that have dogs and cats and ruler is on and if I were a teacher? Do you realize I wouldn't need a second phone for privacy reasons in for parents to refuse to deal with teachers during their contract time?

Do you realize how much money teachers spent on you, your friends, your children, your nieces, nephews and so on for rewards snacks, necessities, materials, bribes, and breakfast for all those times your mom didn't feed you? Sometimes when you don't have anything nice or intelligent to say you shouldn't say anything at all. Nicci Sunday, July 27th Another store that has a teacher discount card is Hancock Fabrics.

Just show your school ID and you can get the discount card. Judy Watts Sunday, July 27th Excuse me, aren't all careers chosen, I have been a teacher for 33 years and I don't make 45k, and I spend hundreds out of my pocket every year because I don't want any child to go without. Don't begrudge us for helping your child. I have clothes ruined every year from art projects, playground duty, or a sick or bloody child. Cindy Sunday, July 27th Some of these are NOT teacher discounts but school district discounts! If you have to pay with a School credit card or school check then the discount is going to the school, so "No Thanks, Hobby Lobby and Party City!

I'll stick with places like Michaels and Barnes and Noble. Carolyn Sunday, July 27th Wish I had access to this info. Retired now and need the discounts more than ever. Is there a list of discounts that still give discounts to retired teachers? Jeffrey Trigger Sunday, July 27th I'm really disappointed that so many of the commenters took the low road by bashing Greg without doing research.

He could quite possibly be from Ontario. Two, teachers in union states, get paid more than right to work. Three, we teachers can't complain about the work we have to do when we get home. We knew going in we would have to do it. If it's a problem for you, then you need to find a new profession. Four, complaining about your pay is going to fall on deaf ears. Yes the pay sucks, but the vast majority of people living in the USA think their pay sucks as well. You should be talking about how the lack of funding to your classroom affects your students. It has affected mine, and this year's cuts will affect them again.

While my pay does suck, I can make cutbacks, I'm not starving. If you have already made cuts, and you still can't make it, dust off the resume and find a job in which you can make ends meet. You don't think that's fair? Whoever said life was fair? Peggy Marks Sunday, July 27th Asa Lutheran pastor I spend much time teaching Teresa Eckrich Sunday, July 27th Susan Sunday, July 27th Call or go to store. Donna Sunday, July 27th To those that will remain nameless if you believe that teachers should not get discounts then I assume that you think theology sty should not as well.

This list is wonderful. Rosalyn Murray Saturday, July 26th Liz Saturday, July 26th Alice Elliott Saturday, July 26th Jessica Friday, July 25th Kate Spade and the Kate Spade outlet also give a teacher discount with a valid id. Smith Friday, July 25th Greg, I'm going to give you one last bit of comment-oxygen. Clearly, you were raised and educated in a vacuum - no parents good manner and no teachers since you know it all. I should have resisted feeding the troll, but you know us teachers - we think we can make you somehow better.

As a teacher, it's great to know of so many companies and public places that acknowledge teachers. The wealth of information available to teachers that engage students' knowledge. Thanks for all you do. Always ask for discounts For those who expect the cashier to ask, they won't. Be your own advocate. Ravin Thursday, July 24th Greg, where exactly in your deluded mind teachers make k?? You must be joking.. Don't comment on teacher's salaries when you're wrong.

Secondly you have nerve!! Teachers use their OWN money to buy things for the classrooms. You think things are handed to teacher? You are a deluded human being. Maybe if you have an issue with teachers, you should go to college and become one and see what you get paid. Just stop commenting on stuff you have no clue on.

Are you getting your numbers from the internet? If so, they are way off. Why do you even care what teachers do anyway? Ohh wait you stop working after 8 hours.. Teachers deserve all the discounts they can!!! For those who don't feel they should, keep your trap shut!! Sara Thursday, July 24th Teachers get into the La Brea tar pits for free with a teacher ID.

Eileen Hesse Thursday, July 24th Here's a question And while I have shopped at many of these stores on the list, never once was I informed they offered discounts to teachers. Not that I expect them to ask every customer "Are you a teacher? Only that week. I appreciate your posting of this info for the teachers who have followed after me. Jane Wednesday, July 23rd Monterey Bay Aquarium gives teachers with a school ID badge a discount in their gift shops.

Shari Wednesday, July 23rd Planning a trip to Memphis in November I was looking at the Graceland website and it doesn't mention anything about teachers getting in free Jill Tuesday, July 22nd Greg is full of it. I want to know where he lives, because I'm applying for a job in that district. Cynthia Sunday, July 20th To those who think teachers don't deserve discounts,1. I hope you don't have children and if you do If a teacher came to work not looking professional, you'd be the first to complain, 4. Yes, teaching is a chosen profession, but that doesn't mean we don't work hard or have more stress from butt-faces like yourselves that think we don't need discounts, and 5.

In case you have forgotten your monkey - butt had a teacher who who did for you what E are trying to do with today's children Stop your hating!!! Leigha Saturday, July 19th The Complete List of 80 Teacher Discounts was worth looking through! I didn't realize all the discounts I could receive. Tina Saturday, July 19th The Newseum in DC gives a discount. Shauna Saturday, July 19th I work as a Teacher with special needs children I make less than 28, a year and out of each pay check I spend approx 50 to buy supplies, drinks like juice and milk, as well as snacks for the children.

Sometimes it is more than that because I will also buy clothes and such to keep in the room and if a child has an accident and has no clothing the stuff I bought and brought I will use and send the child home in and many times it doesn't come back. So the discounts for clothes and such is helpful as are all the other one listed. Casey Friday, July 18th Two points to make We do not get three months off like some mistakenly believe and as evidence of that my school got out May I worked the first four days beyond the required days then three weeks of summer school and another week of testing. Then three days of workshops and I still have another week of professional development and a one day workshop in mid-August the Saturday before we go back for preplanning.

The Complete List of 81 Teacher Discounts

Yes it's by choice, but I still appreciate the discounts on school - related items and personal items. As for Blackfish, I watched it and disagree with most of their claims. Michelle Friday, July 18th Ann Wednesday, July 16th HappyTeach Monday, July 14th Hush Doug there is absolutely nothing wrong with these businesses choosing to give back to us ordinary people who give back to OUR future.

Chella Sunday, July 13th Susan Thursday, July 10th To Doug first, keep in mind these are not "freebees", so you actually have to spend money before you can save money with the discounts. And my underpaid teacher husband with a Master's Degree from Brown would be happy to help you with your writing, so you can avoid the numerous errors found in your comments. Doug Wednesday, July 9th I understand what Greg is trying to say. Discounts for teachers on items or programs that are classroom related But discounts on clothing, furniture, personal cell phones, etc seems a touch too much.

So complaining about all the "EXTRA" you do isn't really a fair point to make when receiving all these discounts. Kim Sunday, July 6th Julie Thursday, July 3rd Teachers are paid relatively low compared to most other professions that basically require a Master's Degree. In addition, teachers spend thousands of dollars per year on supplies, activities, and so much more that you could not even imagine. Teachers deserve every discount on this page. Keishq Monday, June 23rd I wish they would extend these discounts to SC Teachers. I love SeaWorld and would love to visit for free.

Miriam Friday, June 20th Includes free entry for two adults and is Tax deductible! Marsha Campbell Tuesday, June 17th What I learned by reading through this list and those mentioned in the comments is that I should just ask everywhere I shop! The simple phrase, "I'm a teacher. Do you offer any discounts for teachers? My favorite place for lunch!!! Jeff Saturday, June 14th Greg is obviously here to troll people because that's what unhappy people to do others, especially online.

Martin Torrez Saturday, June 7th I am a teacher in Levelland, Texas. We are planning a trip to Anaheim and visit Disneyland. Are there any other promotions available for a trip planned in first two weeks of July? Thank you in advance, Martin Torrez. Christie Wednesday, June 4th Julia Hendricks Tuesday, May 6th Stayed there years ago, and had so much fun! Katie Sunday, April 6th Gail Stoddart Friday, February 28th Vessel Friday, February 7th This is fantastic. Kudos to whoever thought enough of us to compile this list.

How appreciative I am for this legwork. Holly Britton Friday, February 7th Andrea Friday, January 24th Thank you for such a wonderful list! I always bring my ID with me and have been given discounts at museums the Met in NYC, and other American locations as well as internationally. NEA has many more discounts Budget Rental among others and you just have to register to get them. My mom is a retired teacher and unfortunately does not get these benefits anymore.

Thank you to all the educators out there!!! Teaching is the only profession where people steal supplies from home to bring to work! Greg, You don't realize what teachers do for their students. We have a food bank at our school, that many teacher bring in bags of non perishable food on a weekly basis. These same teachers purchase school supplies for these students throughout the year, They also donate gift cards and money during the holiday season so that their students may receive a present at Christmas.

You are right we do make a decent living but most not all teachers do spent quite a bit of their salary on their students. I am proud of my profession and I live for the times when former students come back and say thank you. That is what teaching is about. Greg, I am guessing you are from a big city like NYC or somewhere where the cost of living is much higher than most places. The salary you mentioned is what NYC teachers make after accumulating 30 credits above a Masters Degree.

I have about ten years left to pay off my student loan, which I began paying in God forbid trying to own property which I will never be able to afford at my salary after 16 years of teaching. Not to mention the higher cost of cars, insurance, entertainment, restaurants, etc. My sister in Ohio makes less than I do after 20 years of teaching and a Masters degree. Perspective, Greg. Thank you Gift Card Granny. Tracy, well said. Frances Sunday, January 12th Courtney Sunday, January 12th I think the problem with offering these discounts to retired teachers is that many more than half of all teachers "retire" in less than 5 years.

I do not think that you should receive a teacher discount if you taught for a couple of years and then quit to work a job where you are probably making considerably more money and no longer spending out of your own pocket. I think that teachers who have taught for 25 years and retire at the end of the career absolutely DO deserve these discounts. Tracy Friday, January 10th Greg, I am in shock that you would go on to a site set out for teachers, and bash the teachers.

Office Depot: Teacher Appreciation Day, 8/11 + Extra 20% off :: Southern Savers

Remember - if you have a nice job and enjoy the things you have in life, it's probably because of your education By the way Be careful of your words, Greg, they will tend to follow and haunt you. I hope if you have children, they get a loving teacher who can see past your close-mindedness. Pam Mcfall Wednesday, January 8th Greg Bop: I want to know where you live cause I want to move there. Vanessa Wednesday, January 8th As a teacher, I find posts or articles like this very helpful. For those non-teachers upset and begging for their discount please stop, you're pathetic! Teachers are the backbone to any job not to mention who cares for your children daily!

We don't make much and spend lots! Let us have our 15 percent of a freaking sweater at banana republic with pride and dignity! As a now mother, I am no longer working due to the expenses of two babies in daycare. I would literally loose money going to work. Let us have our moment to shine, It's the little things about our job that keep is going. Kara Wednesday, January 8th Elizabeth Rooney Wednesday, January 8th In the insurance section, you failed to mention Horace Mann, which gives both discounted rates to all educators, as well as special benefits like coverage for findraising money that goes missing, waived deductible on auto damage that happens near the school campus or at school events, the list goes on and on, covered liability for transporting students in your covered automobile, and so on.

Horace Mann also donates thousands of dollars to school classrooms through Donors Choose. Amy T Wednesday, January 8th Couple of things to add. NC has been on a pay freeze for the last 6 years or so. We are now 48th in nation for pay so these discounts, whether for school use or personal, are greatly appreciated. Retired military does. I know we aren't on a battlefield, but it sometimes feels that way lol and I know many military who have only done clerical work. Last, home school teachers are wonderful, but that is a choice u make to do so and they do not have to teach up to 90 or more students a day.

Most home school parents I know so not have any kind of educational degree either. I worked hard in school to make very little money. Wasn't aware how little it would end up being till my state decided that teachers weren't worth very much. I am very grateful for the few perks we can get. Sandy Wednesday, January 8th I am a preschool teacher in a center where they do not make ID tags. I shrunk and copied the portion of my paystub that includes my name, address as well as that of the school and keep it in my wallet. It usually works. April Tuesday, January 7th Wow, Greg you have the heart of a Scrooge.

I work in a Title 1 school. My kids are poverty-stricken, many are homeless, and can't afford school supplies half of the time. I also drive 40 miles one way to work. You have no idea until you walk a mile. Lynn Tuesday, January 7th I'm ashamed of some of the teachers knocking the author for writing this or complaining about not enough discounts.

This was simply a helpful post, and I'm glad it was written in case we happen to shop at one of those places. Janice Tuesday, January 7th I am an audiologist who works with children and adults. I also work hard. Why am I not entitled to any kind of a discount? Who decides whether one group works harder than the other or who has the greatest impact on children and young adults. Kris Tuesday, January 7th I work in a high school, though I am not a teacher and I can say, when the school budget runs out, I have seen many teachers foot the bill for the items they need to teach!

Some of my teachers do make good money, but those are the ones that have been teaching for over 20 years. The ones that are just starting out don't make that much, and they are the ones that need the most for their classrooms. Bless teachers for all they do! Andy Tuesday, January 7th Gregg Bopp, you are clearly not a teacher.

I buy everything for my classroom. Before taxes. I am not provided anything but chairs, a piano, and music. That's it. I buy magazines, books, activities, posters, supplies, cleaning products. I even supply my own printer and ink. And I travel between two schools every day and have no reimbursement for gas or maintenance. I don't even know how I make money.

It's a miracle, be it a small one. Bonnie Tuesday, January 7th Donna Tuesday, January 7th How about giving teachers who teach in New York discounts? We could use it since we have the expense to travel so far! Randy Tuesday, January 7th Teachers are very special people who put a lot into their job and their classrooms.

They care when the parents of the kids do not. The list goes on and on. Greg you must live in the perfect world where everyone makes a great living, the sun always shines and everyday is a Holiay. I do not know any Teacher that makes that kind of money, maybe University Professors. I am not a Teacher,nor am I married to one.

I hope there are more discounts for these incredible Professionals who care so much for the children.

Clothes, shoes, and accessories

Now Greg, I am thinking you were one of those trouble makers who disrupted the class and made it hard for those kids who wanted to learn. School is over for you, so quit your whining and and give these special people their discounts without any qualms. Cleva Tuesday, January 7th Tabitha Monday, January 6th Deb Monday, January 6th Much of my wardrobe and teaching materials come from there.

Laura Philpott Monday, January 6th Greg, I don't know where you live but that is not my salary. So until you work in education and see how much teachers do spend please do not judge. Supplies, snacks, it is endless. Lori Harper Monday, January 6th Thank You! It's so nice to be treated to so many discounts and opportunities. Darcy Monday, January 6th A great opportunity for teachers to save on items for themselves or gifts for family and friends. Rozanne Sunday, January 5th I have wondered about stores like Lowes and Home Depot since as a teacher I purchase things for my classroom every year from them.

The only two stores I have found that do not give any kind of discount to me as a teacher in the Charleston, SC area are WalMart and Talbot The email they sent me said they only give them for their book store. I still have no idea what the Hobby Lobby book store is. What if you are a retired teacher?

Not to be rude, but teacher discounts are meant to help out current teachers. I, as I'm sure everyone, thank you for your contribution to society, but since you are currently retired, you cannot take advantage of teacher discounts anymore. All places ask for a current pay stub or ID, plus it is not fair to the current teachers that someone who isn't a teacher anymore gets to get a discount for her personal not classroom use. De paolai Sunday, January 5th Gregg Bopp Sunday, January 5th This is discrimination against non teachers. They can afford full price for things that are NOT school related!!

OH I forgot," It's for the children. Emily Sunday, January 5th Dana Sunday, January 5th I would like to add that, we are a garage door company based in Maryland. We offer Discounts to Teachers, Seniors, and Military. WE also service parts of DE. Call Must show ID for proof. For those that are educators but are not provide a badge, Some sort of certificate proving you are providing education to your community will do.

Thank you all for what you do. Caroline Sunday, January 5th Thank you State Parks. No discount for entry fees, petting the bear, or camping, but if a teacher buys a postcard, you get a discount. How generous can you be. Thanks so much. Patty Saturday, January 4th I don't know if it is just in my hometown, but Wal-Greens gives a discount to teachers on Tuesdays. The Frankin Institute in Philly also offers free admission for teaches- You have to call ahead of time and schedule the day though.

Sharon Mellon Saturday, January 4th Karen gerald Thursday, January 2nd Do preschool teachers get any of these discounts? We have to have a four year degree just like public school teachers, make less pay and yet many places don't recognize us in discounts for teachers. Linda Tuesday, December 24th Shahinur Tuesday, December 24th Linda Hall Sunday, December 1st Ana Monday, November 11th Carrie Fox Thursday, October 10th Is there a teacher discount for disneyworld tickets?

I already have a place to stay but am looking for discount tickets for the park? Lara Monday, September 30th Julie Bennet Tuesday, September 24th Thank you so much for the great information. It is so cool that teachers can get so many discounts! I have been looking into employee discount programs. Thanks again for the great information. Mandy Tuesday, September 24th Hello Teachers! Email us from your DOE email to get the discount! Polly Packer Monday, September 9th Does anyone know if the educator's discount can be applied to purchasing Rosetta Stone products?

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Andrea Sunday, September 8th This is great! I just bought game of thrones and they didnt question it i got the discount :. Hello All!! This is a great list. As a preschool teacher, I asked my school to make ID cards for the staff, stating the name of the school and our title, so that we could receive discounts on thing that we buy for our classrooms. So far, I have only used it in A.

Moore, but it was honored. For those preschool teachers out there, please ask your school to help you all out with some form of ID. Jo Merriman Sunday, August 25th Lynn Sunday, August 25th Even though Staples offers the discounts, many of us here will not use them after shopping at our local store. We were told that "We are tired of all the greedy teachers coming in and shopping their penny sales. I and others would rather shop where we are appreciated. Kris Ford Saturday, August 24th For Clark County Nevada School District educators the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay offers free entrance to a teacher with a current teacher district ID plus one guest on the first weekend of every month.

I always ask at hotels- public school teachers are usually considered government employees. It never hurts to ask. Elizabeth Friday, August 23rd The store sales associate just has to verify the ID to the phone sales person and they give it to you. Madewell also has an education discount. Dianna Wednesday, August 21st Are any of these discounts available to preschool teachers? We also have to have certain teaching credentials and for most of us the pay rate is very low but our hearts are in the right place.

Education does not just start in kindergarten anymore VPK is a prime example! Please extend these great offers to the teachers of our younger students in life also! Annie Wednesday, August 21st Barbara Monday, August 19th Teri Leach Friday, August 16th My daughter is a licensed clinical social worker in the inner city. Pay is low because kids there are not respected as potential contributors to society--they are just seen as gang members.

She spends a considerable amount of her own money to buy art supplies and games in order to do therapy with the kids. Please consider extending these wonderful discounts to those in all professions that help at-risk children. Jane in NH Wednesday, August 14th Terri Wednesday, August 14th The Field Museum doesn't allow free or discounted prices for teachers - only teachers that live and work in Illinois.

Pam Wednesday, August 14th Lucy Lagnese Wednesday, August 14th Dee Wednesday, August 14th Sue Wednesday, August 14th Much gratitude for making me feel special today as I get ready to start a fantastic new school year! Linda Wednesday, August 14th I'm a retired teacher and still get some of the discounts.

Shane Tuesday, August 13th Joanne Abruzzo Monday, August 12th Ali Sunday, August 11th Thanks for compiling this list! Mrs Raquel Saturday, August 10th Maria Friday, August 9th Mary Quinn Friday, August 9th Darci Friday, August 9th Chris Koning Thursday, August 8th Tina Thursday, August 8th Ruthy Spector Thursday, August 8th JoanneKozin Thursday, August 8th Beth Wednesday, August 7th Roy Davis Tuesday, July 30th SeaWorld offers educator passes that are like season tickets for free.

One per teacher. Check out SeaWorld website. What about other discounts in Texas? Cassie Friday, July 26th Terry Thursday, July 25th The Philadelphia Zoo give teachers a summer break pass. You can get it online at their website. It gives teachers free admission all summer long to the zoo! Barry Kaufman Thursday, July 25th Heather Thursday, July 25th Don't forget Legoland Florida theme park- Florida teachers get a free annual pass! And for Joan And being a professor they probably assume your students have to buy all their items.

A kindergarten teacher can't go in there and get a discount on a Danielle Steele book. Cara Wednesday, July 24th Moe's Southwest Grill gives a teacher discount everyday. Just show your badge. Elaine Wednesday, July 24th Nichole Wednesday, July 24th Joann's has yet to honor the teacher discount. I have asked for it online and in the store and they will not give it to me. I have proof I am a teacher and they still will not honor the discount.

Joan Monday, July 22nd They seem to believe that education stops in the 12th grade. Does anyone know if Amazon offers a teacher's discount - a discount for ALL educators, not just K? Thank you. Tracy Wednesday, July 17th I don't have to time to read every comment posted, but while skimming I've noticed a few comments about homeschoolers and pre-k teachers not getting discounts. I think this depends on the clerk you are dealing with at the store. I work in education, am not a teacher, but feel the pain in my wallet, too and am held to the same salary freezes as they are.

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Whenever I have asked about an educational discount it's never mattered that I wasn't a "teacher". So long as you work for a school, you should ask Haven't seen that on any of the lists. Patricia Gonzalez Thursday, July 11th I booked a room at The Grant in San Diego and received a teacher discount. They considered me a government employee. Jennifer Wednesday, July 10th Abby Tuesday, June 25th Mimi Treusch Monday, June 24th Thank you for offering discounts to instructors. I do a lot of printing for my students and go through ink cartridges very quickly. I wish I would have known about these discounts a lot sooner.

Thanks again for recognizing instructors and for the money we spend on our students. It is very much appreciated. Kay Shue Monday, June 24th LMG Wednesday, June 19th The art institute of Chicago offers a teacher discount but not a free ticket. For the shedd aquarium, you have to contact the aquarium and print pass in advance.

You can no longer simply show teacher id at the door. Rose Monday, June 10th Karen Monday, June 10th Kathleen Keating Sunday, June 9th Anissa Monday, June 3rd The Shedd in Chicago doesn't do this anymore. I think they may still have certain days, but the last time I was there they said it wasn't available anymore. Ann Brewer Friday, May 31st Your office supplies discounts section does not list the Max-Perks discounts at Office Max, and these are usually far superior to those at Office Depot :.

The post is indeed interesting. It feels good reading an article as informative as this. Thank you for being so kind to have shared your good thoughts regarding the topic. Elizabeth Bissett Sunday, May 12th Hometown Heros - a program offered by participating realtors, title companies, and other real estate related services. Bobby Monday, May 6th Nancy Friday, April 19th I am a Starbucks partner and a teacher and there are no official discounts for teachers or anyone. If your barista is giving you one, they are going against company policy Ellie Tuesday, April 9th Olga Vidal Friday, April 5th Gayle Thursday, April 4th Many of these sites do not mention if these discounts are good for on-line purchases.

I am miles away from the nearest Staples, Pizza Hut and most of the other places listed. Please indicate if the discounts are good on-line. Patricia begega Wednesday, March 6th Ashley Saturday, March 2nd Elizabeth Tuesday, February 26th Rachel Thursday, February 21st What a great list. I have another discount that you may want to add. You can find out more by visiting www.

Sara Arduser Thursday, February 21st Thank you!!! This is a great collection: I try to remember to just ask, the worst they can say is no and you never know when they say yes. I have a AAA card, am a student again at the local community college and a high school teacher. Many places give discounts to at least one of those. Sherrie Saturday, February 2nd Sheryl Friday, February 1st Cody E. Monday, January 28th Sonya Davis Friday, January 25th What about those who can't afford all the items to make appropriate binders and kids lose points on their grade because of this.

Apparently I earn about half of a teacher's salary, make a bit too much for most assistance, but had to change employment options to keep my kids safe. Donna Earle Wednesday, January 23rd D Elliott Wednesday, January 23rd That's every day and even the weekends.

Yeah, coupons!!!! Even if you do not read papers, it's worth it just for the coupons. Richwine Tuesday, January 22nd Historic Williamsburg offers significant discounts to teachers on all of their ticket options. I saved a great deal when I visited with my family at Christmas. Myrna Turner Monday, January 21st Great information. Since I travel a lot in my free time, I was glad to see discounts at places that I may visit as well. Elizabeth McCarney Saturday, January 19th