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Not only did it allow me to discover my content weaknesses, but it also allowed me to develop test-taking strategies specific to AAMC style passages and questions. Be prepared to experience frustration and upset during your study months, it happens.

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Use those opportunities to learn and to drive you forward so when you see your official MCAT score you can rejoice. Were you inspired by this interview? Let me know that first action step in the comments below. So energizing to read the story! One of the things I want to do is to remind myself that this is just a practice test, and Im here to learn from it. Well said Niki! Practice exams help measure progress and help you identify your weaknesses.

Do you know what he was scoring on his practice tests and if they were similar higher or lower then his actual score? I personally have been struggling developing a rhythm for studying for the MCAT, which has been making me second guess my strategy and what way or method I should be using or doing. I really liked that actual examples and breakdowns of his studying routine were provided.

It gave me a new perspective and made me feel better about the MCAT. Glad you found this one helpful Ali. I too found this story fascinating which is why I shared! Have you found a routine that works yet? The true key to successful mastery of alkene reactions lies in practice practice practice. However, … [Read More Click for additional cheat sheets.

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Click for additional MCAT tutorials. Aromatic side chain oxidation is an interesting reaction.

Benzene is not easily oxidized, nor is an … [Read More Click for additional orgo tutorial videos. I studied for 4. Find one set of review books you think are useful and stick with it.

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I found their passages and question stems to be most representative of the actual MCAT, although more difficult. This will familiarize you with the types of questions asked and is the point from which you need to develop your MCAT strategy. Do not take the scored practice exam until you feel comfortable taking the actual MCAT. Develop your MCAT strategy first, this will keep you from learning material to a degree not required by the MCAT, and will allow you to refine and practice that strategy so come test day, it is second nature.

Next Step is pleased to offer you an exclusive advisor discount you can share with your pre-health students this spring to help them with their summer exam prep goals. Students can visit our site and leverage this rare promo through May 30th. Next Step is known for the most realistic practice tests, up-to-date materials, and customizable study plan generator.

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And, we offer many tools for FREE. The accuracy of our practice materials, coupled with the power of replacing lectures with 1-on-1 private mentoring, is making a huge difference in the score performance of our students. Altius is offering sizeable discounts this month for students interested in full-length MCAT practice exams.

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MCAT in ? Enrolled in a prep course? The quality of the book is great. The questions that are chosen and the passages that were written are quite similar to the real exam. One thing however, is that people do mention there are quite a bit of spelling mistakes and general errors. While I would have to agree on this part, I still back the overall quality of the book. Plus, the practice you get in terms of building strategy and becoming more familiar with the actual Biology MCAT exam is what you should get out of the book. That is what truly makes this book such high quality.

Examkrackers Discount Codes 12222

The topics covered range across the board and are highly relevant to the actual MCAT. Check the price at :. The Examkrackers Questions in MCAT Biology is readily available on the Examkrackers website, in addition to being available on Amazon , in new, used and rental copies. See where it stacks up! Editor Rating Rated 4 stars Excellent. User Rating Rated 4. Last modified: August 15, View Book Now!

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