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Get Deal. Discounts will apply automatically on the landing page of Gmarket. Enjoy the offer! It never hurts to try a few promo codes. Up to? International orders only.

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Choose from the best products with best price at Gmarket with the great offer. Use it before it's gone! Use the discount to give yourself a treat at global. Keep in mind, this coupon is live on select items only. Click and go to global. Make good use of the coupon codes and deals we provide to help you save huge! Shop at global. Promo Codes & Discounts

If you want to order like a pro on Gmarket, the best way to do it is to find the item on the Korean site first. That will give you the greatest number of search results. Everyone loves a nice pair of bear socks! In that case, go back to Naver and try using a similar word and search again. Follow these simple steps.

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Now click on the English version of the site at the top of the page. You must be on the global site in order to use a foreign credit card. If you are on the Korean site, you cannot use a foreign credit card. Notice below that it gives you options for payments coming from Korea, such as a Korean credit card. However, it is possible to find the same exact product and order it off of the global site.

Below is the same product, except with more payment options. Foreign credit cards and Paypal are added to the list.

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The Korean site generally shows more options, especially if you do your search in Korean. A workaround for this is to first find the item on the Korean site. Make sure you are logged into your account, and select the item you are looking for. Click that button.

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  • The first item on the list is what you just saved from the Korean site. Click on it, and now you can order the item from the English site. This will give you more payment options, including foreign credit cards and Paypal. What do you think of Gmarket? We got our table, chairs, mattress, guest mattress, Spudgy crate, clothing, and more. Really annoying procedure but necessary when you need adorable clothing…I mean…furniture. He had a tiny waist but his shoulders are very wide and his biceps are all bulging and Thor-like.

    Such a biased wife over here. Simon just has a difficult upper body in general. Luckily they so have bigger sizes for girl, in fact the hoodie that I bought in the tutorial is actually the biggest hoodie I have ever got in Korea! Let me know your experiences with online shopping and any tips and tricks you have for other people! If you liked this tutorial let me know if there is anything else I can do! What about a rice cooker tutorial? Oh yeah! Use that Korean rice cooker…. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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    • This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sort by: Newest First Most Liked. This was pretty helpful. I keep hearing that I can get things through Gmarket but it was always overwhelming just to browse let alone shop. Thanks for sharing!

      Active Gmarket Free Shipping & Offers 12222

      So…I got excited about shopping on gmarket for clothes and totally tried to click on the internet window in the youtube video to open another tab… -FAIL- Thank you for the tutorial! So I totally have that cactus hoodie lol…. What program are you using for screen recording? I need to get onto my Gmarket account right now and buy the same hoodie as Martina! Too bad shipping for any online shopping to Australia is ridiculously expensive :.

      I totally found a blog that has a chart explaining sizes better if anyones interested, i love this tldr bur i felt i need more of an explaination. Yes, Korean sites load lightning fast in Korea. Other sites from around the world are a bit throttled at times, but still at a decent speed :D. This is a legitimate but probably very dumb question! Is this just measuring the width across, rather than what it would be all the way around? Coupon & Promo Codes

      This was a super awesome video! I have actually attempted to order from Gmarket twice now, but abandoned ship both times because I got so confused. And mind you, I consider myself to be a pretty seasoned online shopper. Back in the day I used to order tons of things off of ebay because it was the only place I could find old, vintage clothing and uber cute Asian fashion. The one problem I found with ebay was the sizing.