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Before it began examining the data for its study, CodeBroker looked at standard average redemption rates for coupon promotions. They found two figures:. After combing through the data specific to this study, CodeBroker found the following results for mobile coupon redemption:.

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Case Study Results. The data was sourced from a period of six ten-day promotions, delivered from Friday to the following Sunday. A key objective for the analysis was to determine which delivery channel drove the highest in-store redemptions.

The marketing list that was examined contained around , subscribers. Codebroker has been a leader in retail mobile marketing campaigns for over seven years.

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Its mobile solutions have resulted in enriched customer experiences, enhanced brand loyalty and improved lift for brands in more than 24, locations in the U. For more information, contact CodeBroker at or visit www.

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Full results of the study can be found by visiting the CodeBroker website. Coupon payments are discounted to the valuation date, based on the assumption of continuous compounding. After the coupons have been discounted, the present value of the par value is calculated. The price of the bond is the sum of the present values of the coupon payments and the present value of the par value.

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For zero coupon bonds such as US Treasury strips , the value of the bond is the present value of the par value. Because interest rates of different maturities have different values, the present value calculations of the coupon payments should be made with the interest rates of the appropriate maturity.

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  • The value of this bond on the day on which it was issued would be as follows:. The GovBondPrc function has the ability to discount coupons over time periods shorter than the full time period.

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    For example, suppose that you want to determine how much the same corporate bond is worth two months after it has been issued. At that time, there are four months remaining until the next coupon payment.

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    The GovBondPrc function automatically accounts for the irregular payment interval and calculates the correct present value for that coupon payment.