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For that reason, it is essential to check whether the lock we are buying has a unique key. It is a good idea to seek out brands with at least a million lock and key combinations. After making our purchase, we should keep the packaging or note down the unique code of our key to avoid any trouble if we ever lose or break it. Even if you do everything in your power to safeguard your lock keys, you may misplace or lose them at some point.

When that happens, what are your options? Will the manufacturer provide another key? Is it possible to get the neighborhood locksmith to create a duplicate key for your lock? These are all the things we must consider when buying a trailer hitch lock. An essential factor to consider is if the lock is a good choice in regard to the local weather conditions. Some locks are universal, and you can use them to secure a variety of hitches. In addition to towing, you can use trailer hitches for managing cargo and bike racks.

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There are various preventive measures that you can take to secure your trailer, like clamping the wheels, installing a car alarm system, and installing a GPS tracking device. Moreover, you can mark it with a distinctive sign and always park it in open public areas. However investing in a lock like the ones we recommended above is a wise decision. By making it difficult for anyone to steal the trailer, they can secure your property and grant some peace of mind.

The Vehicle Lab Sign up for our newsletter to get new reviews each week. By clicking "Accept All Cookies," closing this banner, continuing to navigate this site, or clicking a link you agree to the storing of first and third-party cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. Slide 1 Heading. The Best Trailer Hitch Lock. Master Lock Trailer Hitch Lock. Pros and cons Easy to install and remove Includes two keys It is durable The same key may open different locks. Pros and cons Easy to use push-and-lock system Very strong and reliable Unique key code Suitable for all weather conditions Cannot be used for sealing vertical surfaces You need to wear protective gear for hands and eyes when applying Cannot be painted.

Pros and cons The lock does not pop open after you ock it Resistant to corrosion Rugged and durable Key can get stuck in the lock. What to Look for in a Trailer Hitch Lock While a trailer without a lock is an easy target, installing a lock will not necessarily guarantee complete security. Chock Lock Chock locks are similar to the tire locks that prevent vehicle tires from moving, and they function in the exact same way. Lock Factors to Consider Lock Build Quality The most common way to break a lock is to smash it hard with a hammer or a heavy object. How Much Does the Trailer Weigh? Is the key unique?

Can You Get a Duplicate Key? Is the Lock Weatherproof? Conclusion There are various preventive measures that you can take to secure your trailer, like clamping the wheels, installing a car alarm system, and installing a GPS tracking device. In late May, it was announced that approximately , trailer hitches that had previously been sold at retail U-Haul locations were defective.

Typically, when there is a defective product and the defect is contained within the product itself, there are two main kinds of product defects: design defects and manufacturing defects. A design defect occurs when the product is manufactured exactly as was specified, but it is still defective because the design itself contained problems or other oversights. The other main type of defect in these circumstances is a manufacturing defect.

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This type of defect occurs when the manufacturing process deviates from the blueprints or plans. That is, the manufacturing process produces a product that was not called for in the design documents. In this matter, Curt manufacturing has stated that the problem with the trailer hitches was introduced during the manufacturing process.

The company indicated that its manufacturer had changed the cleaning process is used on the steel during the hot-rolling manufacturing process. The changes in the cleaning procedure resulted in a manufacturing defect that produced steel that was weakened and did not meet specifications. Curt Manufacturing has stated that it intends to notify individuals who purchased the product. A replacement product will be provided free of charge.

Aside from the weight ratings of a trailer hitch, a safe and prudent driver must also consider the towing capacity of his or her vehicle. Certain vehicles may have certain characteristics that reduce its safe towing capacity. Furthermore, the driver should be aware of the various types of trailer hitches that are manufactured, their uses, and which type of hitch would be most appropriate for the cargo and towing vehicle.

The most common hitch types produced includes the fifth wheel type hitch gooseneck hitch , weight-bearing hitch, and weight distributing hitch. The fifth wheel hitch type is particularly common on big rigs and commercial trucks. This style of hitch mounts the connection near the center of the truck bed. Besides, the hitch price is also fairly higher. Nonetheless, I still give it a thumb up! I have always thought that lower priced products are of an inferior quality until I came across the Draw-Lite trailer hitch.

It costs relatively cheap, but has impressive features nonetheless. The first attraction goes to its all-frame attachments and all-welded solid construction that assures us durability and quality performance in our hauling endeavors. Installing it is also a cinch. No welding or drilling is required.

Only simple bolts are needed to connect it to the vehicle and the trailer. On top of that, with the lower price tag, the all installation accessories are included. The frame is corrosion resistant. If you think of embarking on a road-trip with mid-sized trucks, vans or trailers, you might find this hitch advantageous. Oh, lest I forget, it can carry up to lbs with the weight distribution hitch. Draw-Rite, unlike popular hitches with ball mounts to haul trailers, has its unique design.

It is still capable of hauling moderate loads and fits trucks, vans and vehicles. But it may not be suitable for heavy loads. I like it!

Also impressive is its ease of installation. The all-welded construction enhances its strength and durability. Need I say more the significance of adjustable ball mounts? This is probably what every vehicle owner would love. It comes with dual hitch ball and a weight capacity of lbs with a tongue weight of lbs. The other impressive feature I adored was the receiver lock which assures optimal security. Thanks to aluminum construction for the lightweight and corrosion resistant features vested in this trailer hitch.

For those looking for moderately heavy loads , I would recommend this trailer hitch. It comes with the adjustable ball mounts at increments of 1-inch up or down. Reese Towpower Class 3 is among the flagships of Reese Towpower. To ensure a proper fit on a vehicle, a computer-aided design was made. Furthermore, the fatigue and stress testing were also ensured to enhance the durability. Reese Towpower ensured that the hitch meets the V-5 and J standards that enforce quality standards and workmanship.

Again, the Company made use of the MetalShield protective coating to protect the product against rust and corrosion. One attribution to this is because of the custom-built in accordance with the manufacturer, model and year of the vehicle. I have always been loyal to Reese Towpower in their production of a wide range of trailer hitches.

This one is still impressive with interesting features. I certainly recommend for those looking for quality trailer hauler. However, those comfortable with the balls and ball mounts will not find this convenient. I have a full support for ball mount adjustments. The technical terms can also confuse many prospective buyers. I have summarized for you some technical information you need before buying your long-lasting trailer hauler. It is a trailer hitch designed to haul trailers with a gross weight of pounds with a tongue weight of pounds.

Typically, it can be mounted on full-size SUVs, vans, utility vehicles, pickup trucks, etc. Yes you do need it. Trailers may require different hitch ball heights.

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You might find out that the distance from the ground to the trailer coupler does not match with the one from the ground to the hitch ball. That will be the drop you need if your trailer coupler is lower. The trailer hitch height can differ from one trailer to another. But, on average, it ranges from 15 to 17 inches. Need more clarity? Class 2 ball mount are designed to haul up to lbs whereas class 3 haul over lbs to lbs. This hitch is common in class 3 and 4. It helps distribute the weight evenly and even extend the capacity of the hitch to support more trailer weight.

You are surely in a good position to purchase the best hitch with the right features that are compatible with your trailer and your vehicle. Finding the best trailer hitch is not an easy task, but with this guide I guarantee you the best. I have hand-picked the best products currently on the market to narrow down your search. I've always had an affinity and passion for cars and the whole car culture. Sharing my guides, product reviews and useful solutions through my website.

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Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. All my reviews are based on real tests. Email address:. Mevotech Review. Check Latest Price. See more reviews. Check latest price. It has a greaseless ball, which is awesome. The greaseless, I do have to quick mention is you can see the top half has this slicker surface on both sides and you have a lifetime replacement warranty on this nylon cap.

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Anderson pins are fairly expensive. Physical dimensions 16 x 6 x 8 inches Weight Final Verdict This is a cool accessory. The first ball tows up to lbs, the second up to lbs and the third up to lbs. This trailer hitch can save you money because of its versatility.

Performance-wise, it performs well with a durable steel construction.

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Corrosion is my least worry because of the corrosion resistant black powder. The pins and the clips are sturdy and also rustproof. Pins and clips sold separately Relatively expensive. Physical dimensions Final Verdict Is it really worth your penny? Moreover, I am impressed with its capacity to pull a trailer of a maximum weight of pounds. But, if combined with the weight distribution hitch, it can even haul a trailer of a max weight of pounds.

It is further backed with a lifetime warranty. Important: To err on the side of caution, do not go below the lowest weight capacity for towing components. Durable and versatile Works well with weight distribution hitch Hauls a broad range of vehicles Easy to install. May not be compatible with some cars May not be strong enough for heavy duty loads. Final Verdict Having come across this class 3 trailer hitch and actually tried on my Honda SUV, I would recommend it to those hauling the utility trailers, mid-sized boats and mid-sized campers.

The hitch is versatile and can add convenience to your vehicle. A capacity of lbs and a tongue weight of lbs make it a go-to trailer hitch for heavy loads. Good for heavy loads with a maximum weight of up to lbs and tongue weight of up to lbs. The hitch is heavy, so may not be convenient for small cars Pins are fairly expensive.