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All of these loves are worth celebrating. My Aunt Eva, at various times in her life.

I love that center photo — taken at the Copacabana! She surrounded herself with pink and red, and loved anything with hearts on it. She was an amazing and brilliant person who lived an amazing life, worthy of an entire blog post of her own some day. We have always taken her advice to heart, and even 5 years after she died at the delightfully old age of 97 in March — she would never have left us before celebrating one last Valentines Day , we still celebrate with great excitement every year — we hand make cards for each other, we have a celebratory dinner for which we have been known to make not only heart shaped cakes and cookies, but on occasion a heart shaped Sicilian meatloaf as well.

We not only have 3 generations of our family that attend, but we also invite extended family and friends, so that we can celebrate how much we all love each other. We decorate with banners and swags made from hearts, we sprinkle heart shaped sequins on my grandmothers white damask table cloth, a way to have her with us as well. We sing songs about love loudly and with laughter one of our closest extended family members was a Broadway performer for years, and has a glorious and large tenor voice so singing is a must. We buy napkins with hearts, and use heart shaped serving dishes or beautiful flowered bits and pieces from generations past.

We talk about those we love who can no longer celebrate with us, and remember them with poems and stories. We invite the animals and sometimes decorate their collars with hearts and flowers, and serve them special treats for dinner in special dishes. Love is what matters, be it between parent and child, husband and wife or wife and wife, or husband and husband , friends, pets and their people, work colleagues, designers and those making their patterns, teachers and students — wherever and whenever love shows up it is to be appreciated, acknowledged, and most of all celebrated.

To paraphrase the old song: love makes my world go round. So thank you to all of those I love for being in my life. I feel so lucky to have so many people to love, and I share this day with you. Thank you to those who buy my patterns or take my classes, because your doing so allows me to work at this business that I love, another type of love to acknowledge and be grateful for. Tell me about who or what you love below in the comments, or via email just hit reply on my newsletter. Not subscribed yet? Click here. Posted in Uncategorized.

Tagged Love Valentine. We have lots of games, and lots of community and lots of fun. This is the third year that the GAL has been in existence, and it has gotten bigger and better each year! As of this writing we have over participants, and in fact have more of everything: participating designers, electronic pattern prizes, almost physical prizes that range from books to kits to yarn to stitch markers.

Look at these wonderful stats put together by the Gift-A-Long stat queen, who is also one of our participating designers, Kimberly Golynskiy. If you want to see a larger version of these fun stats click here.

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So which of my patterns are eligible for GAL? Tagged community , GAL , giftalong , knitting. Full fledged fall is here in western MA!

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Woolen accessories have made their appearance, along with duvets and wool blankets on the beds, soup in a pot on the stove, and lots of cups of tea! It so captures this time of year in the beautiful Pioneer Valley. I saw good friends, and squeezed an amazing amount of gorgeous yarn, the most swoon-worthy of which jumped into my shopping bags and came home with me — Neighborhood Fiber Co. My mind is so filled with new ideas for designs inspired by the new beauties in the studio that I can hardly stand doing anything other than knit and write up new patterns, but there is much to do before I can do that, including finishing those pesky patterns already in the works.

Luckily some of this new yarn is for samples of designs almost finished hence the fact that 2 skeins are already rolled in balls ready to go so I am in a state of yarny bliss at the moment. But there is a lot going on these days that is keeping me busy — the most exciting thing being that the 3rd annual Indie Design Gift-A-Long aka GAL is coming!! What is the Gift-A-Long? We have games, tons of prizes literally thousands if you count electronic pattern prizes as well as physical prizes of yarn, kits, project bags, stitch markers, books, and so much more amazing stuff!!!

So why does this make me busy? I am, along with my fellow designers Lindsay Lewchuck and Simone Kereit , one of the Admins who, along with the best team of mods in the world, put this event together. So if you are looking to get some holiday knitting or crocheting done in an atmosphere of great fun and camaraderie, along with winning a few prizes come hang out with us! Lastly, before I go, I wanted to talk a little bit about a new collection of patterns by a friend of mine that I am very excited about!

What a gorgeous collection Ruth has put together! But even if you are not a fan of math these designs are absolutely beautiful, interesting to knit, and very, very wearable. My absolute favorite is Parallel Planes , a beautiful worsted weight swing jacket, loaded with texture and style, that would work well with so much in my wardrobe that I want it in several different colors …. I also yearn for Lightning Ray , a lace shawl that looks like my idea of a perfect project — easy enough to knit while socializing or watching a movie, but interesting enough to never be boring.

Until then, keep knitting, join us in the Gift-A-Long group on Ravelry , and most of all enjoy this gorgeous fall weather! Posted in Design , Knitting , Uncategorized.

"Thank you so very much for always having an enormous selection of beautiful designs."

Tagged community , GAL , giftalong , Rhinebeck. Two blog posts back I started my post with a stock image of a desk and computer. I thought I was so slick, choosing a pretty minimalist desk with a computer, a tea cup, some beautiful white tulips, a notebook, and a chair with a knitted throw over the back. Well…probably not. My desk certainly is more in keeping with my eclectic, colorful, cluttered Victorian house.

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In fact my actual desk is unusable because its surface is totally covered with books, as are all the flat surfaces in the room we call the study, which started out with tons of book shelves and 2 desks one for my fellow book addict also known as my husband, and one for me. The study now has no place at which one could possibly sit and study, but it does have many things to study, namely books on every possible subject covering every possible surface. I have always had an addiction to books that equals my addiction to yarn and all things knitting.

I have many childhood memories of curling up with books — in window seats, on couches, in bed both sick and well, in the big green chair in my childhood living room, in the backyard, on the front stoop. Some of my favorite memories are of having some money in my pocket from my birthday or Christmas, and going to one of the many book stores near and dear to my heart at different times in my life, and buying great stacks of paperback books to read and smell, and clasp to my chest in moments of overwhelming book joy.

Memories of things I learned, places I traveled to inside a book, people I met, friends I made, tears of joy or sadness I shed on the pages I turned.

Welcome to Nina Designs

Memories of libraries — my neighborhood libraries growing up in NYC, the one near my grandparents house in central NY State, at my schools — especially the school I attended from 5 th grade through high school, watched over lovingly by the incomparable Annie Bosworth who let me work as her assistant starting at age 10 putting those shiny slick covers over the book jackets as new acquisitions came in, and thus allowing me first dibs on checking out the new arrivals as they were cataloged in.

Reading in my childhood living room at about 14 in When DH and I moved in together back in we had an entire wall in our living room devoted to bookshelves, which were so full that we had to negotiate a thinning of the herd that was fair to us both. I remember with regret every one of the books that I decided to let go of on that wintery evening.

But true love conquers all and makes sacrifices easier. We have passed this addiction on to our daughter. When she was in third grade she was given a homework assignment to count something in her home. She had chosen to count her favorite thing: the books in her room. Since she had never divested herself of any of the books she had owned in her 9 years of reading and being read to, the total she turned in was a very large number.

All the board book, the picture books, the early readers, the first chapter books not to mention the longer chapter books we read together at bed time — they totaled that enormous number. I knew because I had watched her count them. It probably comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me well that there is a section in my newsletter where I talk about what I am reading. It is impossible to limit my lists to such small numbers, so this is just a beginning, with lots more to come. Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann.