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Disney tickets are non-transferrable—they are tied to your fingerprint once partially used. Not exactly the best way to start the day on a Disney vacation! Lots of people make mistakes in not comparing the same tickets to one another. Ideally, get nothing less than a 5-day ticket. Meaning, if your vacation is 8 days, we recommend the 6-day or 7-day Park Hopper ticket. If you are visiting for 6 days, get the 5-day ticket. In our experience, a 6-day Walt Disney World vacation is about the sweet spot for first-timers.

That means either a 4-day or 5-day ticket is going to be a smart bet for most people reading this. You can also access the water parks and theme parks on the same day as one another with the Park Hopper Plus tickets—another reason we recommend that option! The Park Hopper add-on allows you to visit multiple parks in the same day. You can bounce around the parks and maximize your time in the parks. Another benefit of the Park Hopper option is spending more hours per day in the theme parks.

Since each park has different opening and closing hours, getting a Park Hopper is a good way to extend your day particularly in the off-season when parks close earlier or spend more time in Magic Kingdom.

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Magic Kingdom often closes hours later than the other parks, so you squeeze a couple more hours out of day by starting your day in Animal Kingdom for example and heading to Magic Kingdom once Animal Kingdom closes. Because of these two things, we generally recommend purchasing the Park Hopper option. For less than the price of three 1-day tickets, you can purchase a 7-day discounted Park Hopper. Of these discounts, military Disney ticket discounts are typically the best, followed by AAA discounts.

AAA discounts typically are not as good as the prices offered by the discount ticket brokers, but military or department of defense discounts are always better. Another option available to some people is TicketsAtWork. This is a members-only site that partners with certain corporations to offer company employees exclusive discounts and special offers for theme parks, attractions, Broadway shows, special events, hotels, concerts, and movie tickets.

In other cases, their prices are worse. After Annual Pass tiers changed, that now is typically not true unless you are a Florida resident or are a Disney super fan who will travel to Florida times per year. As noted at the top of the post, the most recent Walt Disney World ticket price increase occurred in early Last year, there were two price increases, and that was without the opening of a blockbuster new land. As such, we anticipate another increase around early October Hopefully the above info helped you determine which Walt Disney World park ticket you should buy and how to save money on those tickets.

If you still have some questions, here are some general rules:. If you want to save money on tickets or determine which type you should get, read our Tips for Saving Money on Walt Disney World Tickets post. Have any questions about which tickets might be best for you? Which Walt Disney World tickets do you think are best, and why? If you still have any questions, please leave them in the comments and we will try to help!

Written by Tom Bricker. So frustrating! Anybody have any suggestions???

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Hi Kat, I just bought the ticket and got linked with the DisneyExperience with no problem. Just try again and I think it will work. Thanks Marcel! A Disney Rep had to do it because my whole account had some glitches. Got it all squared away! Thanks for your help! My family and I are coming to the end of our first wonderful year of being Annual Pass Holders.

However, upon renewing, we freaked out when we saw the new price.

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Thank you! You are a wonderful man! We totally appreciate it.

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Tom just one doubt for an abroad user. Because on the site the message is that I have to go to a nearby Will Call. Thanks so much Tom! We were able to get our annual passes 1st time buyer through Tickets at Work and saved quite a lot of money. We read your posts all the time and have found such helpful information that have saved time and money. Two questions. There are a lot of different ways to obtain discounts on your Walt Disney World vacation, which do you find works best for you? Any other tips for saving at Disney?

Share your thoughts in the comments! Written by Tom Bricker. They must be used by Dec. Make sure to check that out before ordering your tickets. You can buy them at the gate or through Shades of Green. The earlier you go, the cheaper the ticket. We have done the free dining program before and think that is a great all inclusive way to vacation.

We like that everything is paid when we get there and there are no surprises or worries about how much we have spent. So my question is, Is there a good way to account for eating at disney that is stress free in the event that they do not offer free dining or half free dining when we plan to stay?

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Speaking of Associations, Costco offers a number of vacation packages for a number of Disney properties, including Walt Disney World. Typically they start off by including 5 days of Park Hopper passes for your group. Waiting patiently for a room discount in november! Even though the they plan on starting refurbishments we stilln plan to stay there.

Any idea if these are a good deal or not?

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We do have to attend a Vacation Club Tour. I am really loving these discounts. These are some amazing deals. I hope to avail the discount soon. Sky-Seller online shop is offering such amazing discounts on its leather outfits with Worldwide free shipping. I jknow I can wait until April to get the tickets but I want the best deal. And any idea what type of offers may be available at that time?? Are there any discounts for Law Enforcement? I have never been to Disneyland or World and am making sure to check all offers before booking a trip with my family. BTW Tom Bricker… Thank you very much for the information, I really appreciate the time you put into the information presented.

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The best information thus far! Best Wishes. Do you think they will become available again once the offers are up? Hey Tom!

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This is a new addition for , and, as an active milspouse, I hope it stays through ! I like those…makes some of the nicer places easier to stomach. We reserved a moderate resort expecting it would get free dining in September. And now we find out we have to be in a deluxe resort to get free dining. Needless to say we switched to a value resort and will pay the difference for dining plan.

Why would anyone stay in a moderate resort now? Such junk disney. Way to screw people over just for the bottom line. Just curious Disney sent me a pin code for room discount for days I am already booked for. Can that be stacked with free dining as well if it becomes available? Also I booked Caribbean Beach and was able to get the gift card. I will be in Disney early When should I start booking my plans? I can use the Military Discount, when do they typically announce when they renew the discount?

Thanks for any help or suggestions. The only issue I ever ran into with using the military tickets was this:. Base did not receive the tickets until Jan 1, but Shades of Green had the tickets in advance. Fortunately, I was also in Florida in November, so it was not a problem for me. Many Walt Disney travel discounts are available, so that people can plan their holiday well ahead, making it more affordable to plan. At the same time, offers can become available for holidays at more of a short notice, leaving in a matter of months. There are a range of different hotel accommodations to choose from.

Using these Discounts can help with covering the costs of flights, trains or ferries to the chosen destination. Customers are able to use the discounts either online, there is a customers services number provided, for anyone requiring additional information. Apart from the destinations available, there are a range of different offers made available throughout the year.

Customers can experience offers such as free dining and drinks at particular points of the year. Offers on wristband tickets with early access to the theme parks, and extended ticket stays and more There is also the choice of buying packages for parades and certain planned events during the year.

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We at the Independent, suggest that anyone who is considering booking a holiday, check regularly with the offers we make available. We regularly check all the latest offers and promotions and make them available to our readers, giving them direct access to be able to book their memorable future journey. Experience the magic of Disney with Disney Travel coupons for a holiday never to forget. Ratings with an average of out of 5 stars.

View how to redeem coupons in this shop. Popular Deals Avis Boden Bodybuilding. Disney World Holiday discount codes this June. Free Dining and drinks. Enjoy free dining and drinks when you book a disney holiday Thinking of a family holiday to disney? Book online for your holida Thinking of a family holiday to disney?