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The new Vortex Fury Laser Rangefinding Binocular combines two functions in a single, compact package. The Fury offers a light-weight, compact design with good performance at a fraction of the price of some European-made LRF binoculars. Most humans simply cannot hold steady enough to allow this.

And there are issues of ground scatter and beam divergence. You may be able to range a house or water tower, but not something small, such as a deer.

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Share the post "New Vortex Optics Products for ". The January big-money National Championship gives amateur shooters the chance to win cash, gear and fame. The American Marksman competition began in March with regional qualifiers at locations across the country. That was followed by nine Regional Championships. The process all comes to a high-stakes conclusion at the American Marksman National Championship in Talladega in January Top competitors from the nine Regional Championships are eligible to compete in the National Championship. The entire process will be filmed for later broadcast on the Outdoor Channel.

Eligible participants receive a sheet outlining a list of skills to practice during the fall leading up to the match. The history of Remington Arms is a remarkable story. No large American enterprise — not Ford, not General Motors — can match the year continuous history of Remington. The Remington enterprise is nearly as old as the United States. This story began in , when a young man, Eliphalet Remington II, wanted a rifle….

According to historians, Eliphalet told his father he wanted a gun, so his father told him to build one himself Eliphalet had been trained as a blacksmith. And so, in , Eliphalet did just that, with the help of a hired gunsmith to bore and rifle his barrel. Eliphalet then took the finished flintlock to a local shooting match. By , Eliphalet moved into a factory in Illion, New York.

In , he jumped at the opportunity to secure the first of many government contracts. When the Civil War broke out, Remington stayed busy producing firearms. While later in the s during peacetime, Remington manufactured cash registers, sewing machines, knives and even the first successful typewriter. This versatile device features three powered heads and ships with both Inside Chamferer and Outside Chamferer tools.

If you figure those bullets are worth thirty dollars or so, that brings your net cost for the Case Prep Trio to around fifty bucks. Hard to argue with that. Christmas is coming soon. Books have always been popular holiday gifts. For shooting clubs, books also make great end-of-season member awards. Most of us would rather have a useful book than one more piece of wood to toss in a box in the closet. This page resource covers every aspect of the reloading process — component sorting, priming, sizing, bullet seating and more. With photos, Top-Grade Ammo is a richly-illustrated, step-by-step guide to producing high-quality handloads.

Unlike many reloading books, Top-Grade Ammo is truly current and up-to-date, so it covers modern practices and the latest precision reloading tools. While Zediker focuses on producing match-grade ammo for competition, this book will also help novice reloaders on a budget.

To view Chapter List and sample pages visit ZedikerPublishing. Relying on extensive ballistics testing, Modern Advancements contains some fascinating research results, including the effects of twist rate on muzzle velocity, BC, and precision. Other sections detail the evolution of modern rifle, bullet, and optics designs. And there is an important comparison test of chronographs. Laser rangefinders and wind measurement devices are explained in detail by contributing author Nick Vitalbo. This book should be on the shelf of every short-range benchrest shooter.

Shooters in other disciplines will find the book helpful as well. Very comprehensive, it touches on every aspect of our game. This book covers the most popular hardware plus new equipment offerings are covered, including external mount scopes, actions, triggers, stocks, wind flags, and more. Also covered are rifle handling techniques, note taking, tuning, bullet selection, goals, and match strategies.

Mike provides many tips that will help active competitors update their own competitive program. Nancy Tompkins is one of the greatest long-range shooters in American history. She has won five National Long-range Championships. The revised Second edition includes F-Class equipment and techniques, and newly updated information. Color pictures. Nancy Tompkins is a 4-time winner of the National Long Range Championships, and has won countless other major events. Nancy has been on six Palma Teams as both a shooter and a coach.

Ryan Cleckner is noted for his ability to explain complex topics in an easy-to-comprehend manner. Tony Boyer, the most successful shooter in the history of short-range benchrest competition, shares many of his match-winning tips in this page book. The book covers all aspect of the benchrest discipline: loading, windflags, rest set-up, addressing the rifle, and match strategies.

This is a high-quality publication, filled with valuable insights. Boyer has dominated registered benchrest in a fashion that will never be duplicated, having amassed U. Benchrest Hall of Fame points. The next closest shooter, Allie Euber, has 47 Hall of Fame points. This handsome, full-color book is pages long, with color photos or color illustrations on nearly every page.

The Rifle Shooter by G. Section One covers fundamentals: position points, natural point of aim, breathing, triggering mechanics and follow-through, sling selection and use, getting started, getting better, avoiding obstacles. Section Two covers mechanics of offhand, sitting, and prone positions. Section Three covers shooting skills, including wind reading and mental preparation.

Section Four covers the technical side of shooting, with extensive disuctions of rifle design, load development, reloading barrel maintenance, and rifle fitting. Having a Bullseye Mind means thinking in ways that create confidence and consistency, even under pressure. This page book, published in , is a very informative resource. If you click this link , you can read book excerpts on Amazon. This lets you preview the first few chapters, and see some illustrations. Other books cover wind reading in a broader discussion of ballistics or long-range shooting. The book focuses on real world skills that can help you accurately gauge wind angle, wind velocity, and wind cycles.

In a remarkable undertaking, Steven Boelter fired every brand and sample of rimfire ammo he could acquire including. In all, Steven tested 11 brands and different rimfire rounds, firing over 32, test rounds. For the holiday season, Creedmoor Sports has created special package-wrapping paper with target graphics. This unique bullseye wrapping paper is perfect for presents you give to the shooters in your family. Every Monday morning we offer our Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, and shooting accessories.

You snooze you lose.

Looking for a Panda or Atlas action, or a complete match rifle? That includes rifles, actions, stocks, barrels, scope rings, muzzle brakes, Berger bullets, accessories and more. To save big, use code 15ALL at checkout. These versatile bags are very well- made and durable. We have used these bags for years and endorse them. The Cordura nylon fabric is tough, and the zippers are high-quality.

Looking for a great price on an excellent hunting rifle? Here is the Tikka Deal of the Decade. The Tikka T3 is a good, stout rifle with a smooth action, crisp trigger, and quality barrel. Accuracy is typically well under 1 MOA for three shots. The strong T3 action handles detachable magazines, and fits a variety of third-party stocks. Everyone should have an accurate. For cross-training and target work the GSG is a very good value. The calculated aiming point is then displayed with an illuminated red dot on the vertical cross-hair.

Just put the bright red dot on the target and make the shot. This Federal. Each box contains rounds — enough ammo for many sessions at the range. The bullets are 40 grains, solid lead. The Case Tumbler holds up to 9mm cases or The separator system is generous, with a 3. Even if you have a good set of calipers, you may want to get one of these Neiko A Digital Calipers. The 1 best-selling digital caliper on Amazon. With over customer reviews, this product has earned an overall rating of 4.

Cerakote is an advanced, highly durable, heat-cured coating that offers excellent corrosion resistance when applied to firearms. Cerakote can be applied to both metals and plastics, and many top firearms manufacturers and custom gun builders now offer Cerakote finishes as an option on their shotguns, hunting rifles, and tactical arms. Best results are achieved when firearms are carefully degreased and surface-prepped prior to application. The video below, produced by NIC Industries , the manufacturer of Cerakote, shows the application process from start to finish.

Metals should be surface-blasted prior to coating, and curing times need to be adjusted to the material type polymer vs. Cerakote is offered in a wide variety of colors. Multi-color finishes, including camouflage, can be applied by a skilled operator. The video above shows a professional technician applying Cerakote finish to rifles and pistols. All gunsmiths who plan to offer Cerokote finishes should definitely watch this video. NOTE: Cerakote Firearms Coatings are designed for professionals and should be applied by an NIC-trained application specialist or a coating professional with proper training and equipment.

Can you buy a new firearm for fifty bucks? Once you have the serialized lower which must be transferred through an FFL dealer , you can build your own project as you see fit, with the trigger, barrel, stock, handguards, and sighting system of your choice. These are good-quality lowers, with correct mil-spec dimensions, and precision-machined to ensure drop-in installation of aftermarket components. Crafted from T6 aircraft-grade aluminum forgings, the made-in-USA Anderson lowers have a hard-anodized black finish. The take-down pin has a standard 0.

That means winter has definitely arrived — no doubt about it. If you plan to put away all or some of your firearms for the winter, here are TEN Tips for winterizing your firearms. Bore Cleaning and Coating — Clean your barrels and neutralize any solvents you may have used. Then run a couple patches with a corrosion-fighter down the bore. We recommend Eezox or CorrosionX. Eezox leaves a glossy dry film shield with excellent rust resistance.

CorrosionX is more like a conventional oil, but with special anti-rust additives. Other products may work well too. Crown Inspection — After cleaning the barrel, inspect the crown with a magnifying glass. Before you place your rifle in the safe, we recommend putting a piece of electrical tape or blue masking tape loosely over the muzzle to protect the crown. This is just to protect the delicate crown during handling — you are NOT trying to seal off the bore.

Optics Storage — If your gunsafe is crowded, you may wish to remove the optics and rings from your rifles before winter storage. You can use a white crayon to mark the ring position on the rail for next season. We recommend that you store your optics inside a warm part of your house, where temperatures and humidity are relatively stable. Trigger Group — Inspect your trigger assembly.

Trigger housings accumulate dirt, grit, and oily gunk over the course of a season. Bolt and Action — Clean the gunk off your bolt and raceway in your receiver. Put a thin coat of anti-corrosion product on the bolt, and re-grease the lugs and camming surfaces as recommended by the manufacturer. Use Thin Gloves — When oiling firearms during the winterization process, we recommend you wear thin latex or nitrile gloves.

This will prevent you from leaving skin oils and acids that can actually promote corrosion. This will also protect YOU from any chemicals in the corrosion-blockers you put on your guns. Applying Surface Protectants — For blued firearms, put Eesox or other rust-fighter on a cloth and wipe the barrel and exposed metal. Eezox works best with a couple light coats. Use Q-Tips or small swabs to reach small, internal parts. These thick, synthetic-fleece sacks cushion your guns, preventing nicks and scratches.

The breathable fabric wicks away moisture, and the fibers are coated with corrosion inhibitors to help fight rust. While we prefer Bore-Stores for regularly-used guns, if you have heirloom firearms that will be kept in storage for very long periods without seeing any use, you may want to grease them up and place them in the thin, but rugged three-layer storage bags sold by Brownells. Be absolutely sure, before you seal up the bags, that your guns are DRY and that all metal surfaces have been coated with an effective rust-blocker, such as BoeShield T9 or Eezox.

This may be the most important Tip in this article. East, Laconia, Saturdays in July-Sept. West Ossipee Cruise Night, every Thurs. Highway, W. Ossipee, no entry fee, prizes, raffle, food, music and more, www. July , Red, Monday - Saturday at pm, 2 pm. Winner of six Tony Awards, including best play. Rain date is the following day. Musicians and listeners welcome.

Tickets: , www. All levels, styles, and genres welcome. Info: shadowsoundmusic yahoo. Call , pitmansfreightroom. Projects and themes change each month. Go anywhere you want to go on the lake! Jazz at Sunset, Thursday evenings from July 2-Sept. Acoustic Mondays, July 6-Sept. Upcoming events! Players will also receive a complimentary bucket of balls for the driving range. Vacationing in the Lakes Region? Ridgewood Country Club Gov. June 29, teaches children about the gentle creatures that many work hard to protect and creates greater awareness of watching out for the fragile loons.

The raptor exhibit area features a group of birds that catch, kill, and eat other animals prey using sharp talons and a sharp hooked beak. The birds are in glassed exhibit areas. I have always found them among the most awe inspiring creatues at the Science Center. The exhibit highlights adaptations unique to raptors and demonstrates interrelationships between raptors and other living things. Not far from the raptor area, the Wetlands Walk takes visitors across a small, man-made wetland and a wet meadow and small stream. The boardwalk feels as if it is floating when one walks over the water area.

Kids like to watch for frogs, turtles and other living creatures in the wetlands area. The Geology Exhibit was great fun. The exhibit highlights the geological timetable of the earth and shows. What do black bears eat? Just about anything they can get their paws on, it seems.

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Here, two black bears live in a huge natural area with rocks, trees, and water and just about anything a black bear might want or need. The idea that children can view these majestic bears from a safe distance is wonderful. The loon exhibit area in the building. Open at 1am for hardworking early risers! A time travel walk teaches about rock formation on the earth over the thousands of years. We ended our trip to the Science Center with a visit to the gift shop, but on our way there we noticed a very large group of picnic tables, cleverly set up in a pretty spot, some under a pavilion area to allow visitors to eat or rest at a table under cover of sun or rain.

People of all ages were enjoying picnic lunches at the spot and taking in the afternoon sunshine. The Howling Coyote Gift Shop has something for every age and interest, from maple candies to books about natural topics for all ages to stuffed animals, and much, much more. After we left the Center, the day was just too sunny and warm to head home, so we continued on Rt. With no real goal in mind, we traveled the Tenney Mountain Highway until we saw a right hand turn sign for Quincy Bog. Not one to miss an adventure, I agreed and soon we were headed down Smith Bridge Road.

We parked in a large lot and found the trail map kiosk and booklet provided for visitors titled The Joe Kent Trail at Quincy Bog to be helpful. The area is wooded with a short path to the start of the bog area. We took the wooden boardwalk for a short distance until we realized the afternoon hour was getting later than we thought and we reluctantly turned back to get to an early evening dinner in the Newfound Lake area. The bog boardwalk trail was very pretty, and the views of the pond with Mt.

Stinson in the background were beautiful. Plant life was abundant as well as birds and most likely, other animals. Before leaving, we stopped to chat with a woman seated on a bench who was enjoying the view and the warm day. She told us the boardwalk trail goes all the way around the pond and is well worth the trek.


There is also a nature center, open. Statue in Kirkwood Gardens during the summer for programs. Weekend nature walks and workshops take place during the summer, as well. For more information on the fabulous Quincy Bog area, visit www. We were in luck the day we stopped by, because a docent was on site at the tiny, charming home once the residence of famed religious leader, Mary Baker Eddy. The docent took time to show us the parlor and two upstairs bedrooms reached by the narrowest flight of stairs I have ever seen! I plan to return to the Mary Baker Eddy House this summer for a longer tour and certainly to the Quincy Bog for a trek around that marvelous pond.

That, I can say with certainty, was an understatement. Dine with us while enjoying the live music from Ron Drolet from pm Every Tuesday Rain or shine! Hours: Weekdays 10ampm We look forward to serving you! One thing was similar: the desire to relax on a fun vacation. Tourism was gaining in popularity due to the beauty and recreation to be found around Lake Winnipesaukee.

Cottage colonies were springing up and those who could afford it were building summer homes near the lake. If you were lucky enough to own a summer home on Winnipesaukee, you had a long season of relaxing by the lake and dining and socializing with friends; you might want to indulge in outdoor activities as well. It was the desire for a place where friends could meet, socialize and play the enjoyable game of golf that was the impetus behind Kingswood Golf Club in Wolfeboro. This year is the th anniversary of the club and it is a fascinating story. No one knows the story as well as Joy Sweeney, a local resident who plays golf at the club almost every day.

If you play golf at Kingswood, you likely have seen or know Joy. She has been playing golf since she was about seven years of age and she is pretty darn good at the game. He was the backbone of the club for an amazing 49 years, and he spent summers in Wolfeboro with his wife Katie and his daughter, Helen. In retelling the story of Kingswood Golf Club, Joy stresses that people need to know not only the history of the club, but also that it is an active community place for all to enjoy.

Celebrating a th anniversary is quite an achievement, Joy is aware. The Kingswood Golf Club. The Kingswood Golf Course in the early days. Today Kingswood Golf Club offers leagues and classes for all ages from children to adults. A junior program with summer camp for children is also offered.

Joy grew up in Wolfeboro and golf has always been part of her life. She spent summers staying with her grandparents at the club and did little jobs to make extra money. It was selective when it first opened but over time grew to include a lot of different people, among them many locals as well as summer people. When she was a child, Joy recalls after the golf games were done for the day, if it was still light outside, Frank would give her a golf lesson.

It was a wonderful life here; I was very lucky. Joy recalls many lively events at the club about 25 years ago, such as lobster bakes and dancing to live bands. Everyone was involved. When one drives on South. Main Street there is no missing the gorgeous green course where golfers can be seen enjoying the game. Historically, the club started as a purely social organization for the benefit of Wolfeboro summer residents, their families and guests. Sewall Abbott, a Wolfeboro attorney, represented 15 summer residents as the original. When dining at The Cider Press you get value for your dollar. Max 4 discounts per coupon.

Takeout not included. Not valid Holidays or Friday night buffets. Cannot be combined with other offers. The first clubhouse was located on Forest Road in Wolfeboro. After the clubhouse burned, a large summer home on Lake Winnipesaukee in downtown Wolfeboro was purchased as the next clubhouse. The golf course was being constructed behind the Windrifter on South Main Street at that time.

In , ladies began to play and compete at Kingswood. The club leased the space and it was eventually purchased and moved to its present location in The Butlers were important to the success. A dance hall was added in and dances became quite popular. Joy recalls that even when she was a child, the gardens around the club were beautiful and everything was well groomed. Over the years, more land was added, which increased the size of the course. Unfortunately, things changed when the stock market crashed in Finances were touch-and-go for some time, but eventually things improved. Gas rationing meant vacationers could not get to Wolfeboro for their beloved summer holidays.

Young men who had served as caddies were enlisted and fighting in the war. Because it was necessary to cut back on costs, some of the holes were closed and Kingswood became a hole course. Frank Butler on the Kingswood Golf Course. By the s, the club was attended by many locals as well as summer residents; exclusivity had long since ended. The Kingswood Golf Club today is authorized to continue to manage and operate a golf course for the benefit of the community to which the course is welcomed.

This means, in simple terms, that the club is open to the public. The course is one of which everyone can be proud and Joy points out that Kingswood was included in a Donald Ross Golf Courses You Can Play book, which is indeed a prestigious accomplishment.

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Frank Butler retired in after many long years of service. Frank and Katie were honored; the couple was more than employees and everyone realized the golf club would not have come as far or been as successful without the dynamic Butlers. Katie was vital to the operation of the club. She is part of a group of women that play golf in the late morning and end by mid afternoon.

It is clear the game is more about being in a place she has loved all her life, among people who know her well, than winning or losing at golf. Call or visit www. The market is in its 42nd year, and is the longest running market in NH. The market features a rotating line up of vendors, offering farm-fresh, local and organically produced food and artisan crafts, including tomatoes, herbs, greens, garlic, squash, beans, strawberries, meats, eggs, dairy, cheese, breads, pastries, granola, maple syrup, jams, jellies, freshly roasted coffee, hand-spun yarns, body care products, natural candles, and more.

Using FarmFan helps us to better connect with customers and reward them for repeat business. We love our market customers and wanted a better way to keep in touch with them about the products that our vendors sell. We are excited to reward our frequent shoppers and call them FarmFans! For more information about the FarmFan app visit www. Jazz at Sunset is organized by guitarist Brad Myrick. For more information visit www. Tickets required in advance; call On view July 3 through August Experience this exciting juried exhibit while getting a glimpse of the rising stars of the New Hampshire art scene.

All works of art in this exhibit will be for sale, with proceeds supporting the artist and Castle Preservation Society. Join us Monday evenings — PM for live music on the Terrace. Dinner and drinks available for purchase. Tickets required in advance; call to purchase your tickets.

Explore over 30 structures full of objects and family learning experiences related to the past and our present. A sunny and rainy day destination. Visit our country gift shop, sandwich shop and ice cream parlor. Newfield, Maine. A Chat With Mrs. It had taken a lot of work to create the museum, and he knew it would not have happened but for the support and aid of his wife, Hattie.

This summer, Mrs. Libby will be honored in a special way when the museum offers three days of Walk and Talk with Mrs. Sheryll Ross, codirector of the Libby Museum, will be dressed in Edwardian period clothing as the real Mrs. Libby who lived from the s until the s would have. View live animals, enjoy a cruise on Squam Lake, or participate in a program with a Naturalist. Limit two. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Dressed in a long brown flower-patterned dress with lace collar and white lace gloves and her hair in a Gibson girl bun, Mrs.

As you can see, the staff is installing a new exhibit item, the huge moose. If my husband could see it, he would be so excited. He loved nature,. Libby was born in in the Tuftonboro area and I am from Wolfeboro. I taught Latin at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro. Henry, or Dr. Libby as you would call him, was a bit younger than me. We met after he moved back to Wolfeboro from Boston due to illness. What is his background? He was a member of an Art Nouveau Group of creative people. After we married, he returned to Boston to complete his studies in dentistry; he became a successful itinerant dentist.

And while he worked as a dentist, he collected, invented, investigated, traveled and always studied nature. Is that how the museum started? Henry had a good dental practice in Boston where we lived for quite some time. Our Wolfeboro home was near the museum. Libby was interested in so many things — can you tell us about that? Write your own tale of adventure with a day at Story Land!

Scream aboard our unforgettable new coaster, Roar-O-Saurus. Meet real-life storybook characters. Feel the exhilaration of our exciting rides. Take aim with a water cannon. Every moment is an unforgettable chapter in your book of fun family memories. We traveled all over Europe and even to Australia, and our collections were eclectic to say the least!

And people we knew gave us things that only added to the big collection. He was interested in so many things. As you will see when you walk around the museum, he studied skeletons of all sorts of animals and he also studied insects and snakes and goodness knows what else! Libby when the Libby Museum opened? By then we were living full time in our Wolfeboro home. It had a natural air conditioning system unique in its day.

It was important to him that the museum not charge admission and it never did when he was alive. Libby do for entertainment when you lived in Wolfeboro? That would have been in the early s until the s. We went boating; there are some charming photographs in the museum of us boating on the lake. And we always had people visiting us. Henry was so involved in the arts and politics and science, and it seemed we had a never-ending stream of summer visitors. Grover Cleveland came to see the museum when it opened and President Coolidge was here. And you might be interested to know Lizzie Borden visited the museum with a friend after the building opened!

That bug was so popular; we had people coming from all over to see it! Libby and either he or I lettered the plaques with information on each item that was displayed. We were devoted to one another and there is a charming little thing he did to declare his devotion to me.

If you look at some of the plaques, you will see a tiny symbol on one corner of two blossoms joined together — he said the blossoms were like Henry and Hattie joined forever. It was acquired in There are hairballs from cow stomachs, if you can imagine that!

Of course, there are all sorts of dental items. Under a glass case is a huge Indian dugout canoe that was found in the lake in How my Henry would have loved knowing that canoe found a permanent home in his museum. Those are just a few of the many things on display. I did not agree, but I understood his opinion. But on most things, we were very compatible and he said I inspired him.

You must have created quite a stir wherever you went. And I kept him organized because with all he collected and studied, it got to be a bit overwhelming! I will be here on July 9 and 30 and on August 6. Tours will be offered on those days at 11 am and 2 pm. I have personal stories about Dr. Libby and I am eager to share our many museum collections with visitors. Our son, Arthur, was also a dentist; we were so proud of him.

And after him, other family members ran the museum. Now the town of Wolfeboro owns it and it is run by the Friends of the Libby Museum. They charge a very modest admission fee and they offer a lot of programs for all ages during the summer. You can find out more by visiting www. The Libby Museum is open Tues. All of us have passions. This is your opportunity to share your favorite person, place or thing with the Lakes Region on the cover of The Laker.

You can even choose yourself. Since , Cornerstone Christian Academy has been providing some of the best Pre-K through 8th grade education in central New Hampshire, with much of that being funded through scholarships to needy families. Or visit www. ONE winner of Cover Kids Raffle receives chance for their chosen subject person or object to appear on the cover of 1 issue of The Laker in No Cash Value. Panoramic Publishing will be the final authority on photography, theme and issue of any image running on the cover or within the pages of its publications.

Questions may be directed to Dan Smiley, Publisher at or dan thelaker. Every effort will be made to contact winner through means provided on raffle ticket. If contact cannot be made within 1 week of drawing, an alternate winner will be drawn. Cover Kids Raffle benefits Cornerstone Christian Academy, a c 3, offering education for children 6 weeks through 8th grade. Drawing to be held at the school November 20, And, their customers have rated their lobster rolls number one in the region.

Owners Larry and Pati Litchfield purchased the restaurant nine years ago. Mine was blue, of course, with Oreos, chocolate chips, and graham crackers. It was delicious. The kids both commented on the generous portions and the more than adequate number of chocolate chunks in their cups. Pati and her valued assistant make all of the ice cream right there. There are now over 50 flavors to choose from, including a few frozen yogurts, too. The Frappes are a special treat and come in a variety of flavors. You can select your own unique preference of ice creams and flavorings.

Other options for din-. We depend on them, and they are phenomenal. They provide terrific customer service to the clientele in a mannerly, cheerful, and professional way. More changes are in the works, but already you can find 70th anniversary hats and T-shirts for sale on the site. People who choose to sign in as Members can enjoy Photos Courtesy of Sawyers Dairy Bar special discounts and promotions. Customers can also check social ers, who might opt for something other media sites for specials.

The grilled chicken, burgers, hot dogs, and restaurant and dairy bar are open weeksalads. The new exhibit teaches children about the concept of prey and predator, by having them simulate the obstacles faced by a red squirrel. For instance, kids can use a rope swing to mimic a squirrel jumping to a bird feeder, where they ring a bell to signify their arrival.

A series of platforms challenges kids to maintain their balance, as if they are squirrels moving through the forest canopy. They were inspired largely by the designs of Ku Kuk, a German company that. They also hope visitors will gain a new understanding of the predator-prey relationship. It has funded the Gordon Interactive Playscape, the Wood Energy Exhibit completed in , the Water Matters Pavilion opening in , and a new raptor mews soon to be under construction.

Virginia Jones-Newton. Doors open at pm. While Oskar Schindler and Raoul. Wallenberg are familiar names associated with the Holocaust, most Americans have never heard of Varian Fry. Yet Fry helped rescue 1, people, among them some of the most revered intellectuals, artists, writers, and political dissidents of the 20th century, including Hannah Arendt, Marc Chagall, Andre Breton, Max Ernst, Thomas Mann, and Jacque Lipschitz.

While at the Seminary, she studied in Poland. She learned more about the Holocaust by visiting the Warsaw Ghetto and four of. Space is limited. RSVPs are strongly encouraged to ensure sufficient seating for all lecture attendees. Call to reserve your seat today. The summer series will kick off with local favorite Annie and the Orphans in the bandstand on Sat. Annie and the Orphans are wellknown throughout the region for their classic rock and roll sounds and have been playing to crowds throughout the Lakes Region for more than 50 years.

The band returns with its unique a capella sounds, created entirely by the voices of the members. The Bel Airs will be next up in the weekly concert series on July 25, featuring a doo wop sound that is wellknown around New England. The band has won numerous awards in NH for its quality work and they will be back on the bandstand after being part of the concert series last year and also after many First Night performances.

The fourth concert in the weekly series will take the audience back to the s. The 60s Invasion concert will take place on Sat. The all-. The group plays a wide mix of music, including Big Band and swing classics, as well as modern pieces. The band has performed all over the Northeast and earned raves for its performances from numerous locales. The band weaves American. The band includes. The Moose Mountain Jazz Band is one of the most popular bands to take to the bandstand each summer. The group has been delighting audiences around the Lakes Region since with its Dixieland Jazz sound.

The band will return to the bandstand after a year away, performing on Sat. The Carolyn Ramsay Band made its bandstand debut last summer and will be the final act in the concert series for the second year in a row. The final concert is set for Sat. The Friends of the Wolfeboro Community Bandstand present the concert series every Saturday night during the summer, weather permitting. If bad weather is expected, the concerts will be cancelled and a sign will be posted at the entrance to Cate Park.

The concerts start at 7 pm and run for two hours, with a short intermission. While the concerts are free, donations are accepted to help the Friends of the Wolfeboro Community Bandstand bring quality acts to the bandstand every summer. To RSVP, please call options to support the independMonday through Friday between 8 ence, health and dignity of comam and 4 pm. Curling is Coming! LRCA curling experiences are designed for participants of all ages, for men and women, and for people of varied abilities. The July 8 session starts at 7 pm and will offer an overview of the game of curling, with a display of some of the equipment used in game play, and information about how the local fall league will operate.

Members of the public from throughout the Lakes Region are encouraged to attend, hear organizers discuss the upcoming program, and ask questions about the sport. Points are allocated to the team whose stones come to rest closest to the center of the house. Started in Scotland in Medieval times, curling came to the United States and Canada with Scottish immigrants in the 19th century.

While it has been popular in Canada for decades, the game started to explode in popularity in the US after the last winter Olympics. For more information about the LRCA and the coming fall league, visit www. Children accompanied by parents or grandparents are free on this day. There will be many special presentations for the opening. Take a carousel ride, see the collection and many new hands on exhibits. Some of the holiday weekend programs are included as part of the admission while some require an additional fee.


There will be a walk-in metal casting class and opportunities to learn some blacksmithing. There is erector set fun for the kids and a free lesson in sewing with a treadle sewing machine. Partake in an introduction to letterpress printing or make a shaving horse to use. This class requires tuition and a two-day commitment, but you walk away with an heirloom tool to use for a lifetime.

A class in sauerkraut making and rhubarb pie making in a wood burning stove requires a small fee but you take home the product to eat. The movie viewing is part of admission; see the new exhibits and the collection too. In the U. Offers valid in U. The terms and conditions may vary depending on your state and these offers are subject to termination or change at any time without notice. Certain conditions may apply.

See an authorized BRP dealer for details. Rebate amount depends on the model purchased. While quantities last. Offer may not be assigned, traded, sold or combined with any other offer unless expressly stated herein. Other conditions and some restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited by law. BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipments without incurring any obligations. Always ride responsibly and safely. Follow all instructional and safety materials.

BRP recommends a minimum operator age of 16 years old. Always observe applicable laws and regulations. Respect the rights of shoreline residents, and keep a safe distance from other recreationists. Not all riding conditions are appropriate for inexperienced or beginner riders. Always ride safely and responsibly. Summer History Camp, which runs from July , 9 am to 2 pm each day. Learn about electricity and batteries, metal casting, sewing and weaving, felting, crystal radios, cooking and baking, wire sculpture, letterpress printing, telegraphs, pinhole camera photography and more.

Bean suppers are scheduled for July 11, Aug. Call for reservations at or email director willowbrookmuseum. The menu includes homemade beans, sliced ham, potato salad, Jell-O salad, coleslaw, rolls, homemade pies, coffee and lemonade. The meal will be served, from to 7 pm at the Reunion GrangeHotchkiss Commons, across the street from the church. The ladies of the church. Great homemade food at a great price! There is plenty of parking along the street and behind the church.

Hotchkiss Commons is handicapped accessible. For more information and directions, call Jennifer at John Oliver, lead guide and Property Adopter for the 2, acre Red Hill Conservation Area, will take participants to the Cook and Horn settlement sites, giving them the opportunity to learn about these historic locations, identify signs of wildlife in this habitat-rich environment, and explore a beautiful part of this conserved landscape along the way.

LRCT will also offer the very popular mushroom walk. All LRCT guided excursions are free to all, but registration is required. To date, LRCT has conserved more than properties totaling nearly 24, acres. To register for guided excursions or learn more about the Lakes Region Conservation Trust, visit www.

Safe and secure indoor storage at Independent Marine. Grab your favorite mode of transportation—boat, personal watercraft, car, truck, or motorcycle— round up your friends and family, and play for the day on Lake Winnipesaukee on Sat. At each checkpoint you will receive a sealed envelope with a playing card inside to build your poker hand. You do not have to be present to win. The Grand Prize Raffle is sponsored. For more information call or register online at www. For nearly 80 years, Easter Seals NH has provided services to ensure that all people with disabilities or special needs and their families have.

Easter Seals services include autism services, inclusive child care and early intervention, special education, medical rehabilitation, camping and recreation, vocational services, senior services, substance abuse services, adult day programs, community based services, individual service options, transportation services, residential service options, dental services and veteran services. As a leader in health care services for individuals with disabilities and special needs, ESNH employs more than 1, individuals who serve more than 11, children, adults and seniors in over 90 programs throughout the state.

To learn more about Easter Seals NH, visit www. On display will be stunning examples of autos dating from the turn of the century through Food and beverages will be available for purchase in the Meadows by Shannon Pond, where the show will take place. Spectator admission is included in the price of a Castle ticket when entering via the Main Gate. For those coming for the event only, admission for the driver and one paswho are visiting for the Automobile Event only must enter via Ossipee senger is included with each registered vehicle.

Where Spectators who Park Road and payClicks! Where the Lakes Region Clicks! All production automobiles built before are welcome. You can register online at www. Participating entrants can enter the grounds beginning at 8 am via Ossipee Park Road off Rt. Take Route 25 into Moultonboro, then south on Route to Route and follow the signs to the Castle entrance. Castle in the Clouds is a not for profit organization owned and managed by the Castle Preservation Society and dedicated to the interpretation and preservation of the historic Thomas G. For information about Castle in the Clouds visit www.

We Fill Waterfront Dreams! Washington Valley! There is no legal obligation to take a boating safety course again. It is a once-in-a-lifetime requirement. The church is currently seeking your help to provide some great items for this event. While the church is able to finance their ministry through the congregation, an auction is held each year to raise funds to continue to keep the building available for the many groups and functions that are not directly related to the ministry of the church.

Health seminars are available in the church, as well as Red Cross Blood drives, Life Line Screenings, and other health related programs. Bible studies are open to all and Alcoholics Anonymous hold weekly meetings at the church as well. The congregation supports community groups through mission volunteers and the doors are open to help with other community missions including Common Pantry drop offs, Habitat for Humanity, the Free Christmas Dinner and community health resource groups.

Help is needed to make the auction a success again this year. Businesses are asked to consider donating a gift certificate. If you have a good, used item you would like to donate sorry, no electronics , it is welcome. There will be a live auction, silent auction and quick sale. Doors open at pm for viewing, and the live auction starts at pm. To donate, please call the church at leave a message if no answer and someone will get back to you , or mail your donation to PO Box , Gilford, NH The church office is open Monday through Friday from am to 12 noon. Among the best known was world renowned artist, Jules Olitski who summered on Sister Island on Lake Wentworth from and then for the remainder of his life on Bear Island on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Olitski received international recognition for his works of abstract art, receiving multiple awards. His work is widely exhibited in museums around the world. In he was the first living American artist to have a oneperson exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

For several summers he rented a cottage on Stamp Act Island that he used as a painting studio. His massive work, Tin Lizzie Green, measuring in. This monumental painting was created on Stamp Act Island. In , Olitski painted a smaller work, 22 in. A print of this work, reproduced on all cotton rag watercolor paper, mounted on museum mat board, and framed.

The opportunity to bid will continue through the summer, ending May on September 7. To place a bid, visit the Museum where the work is on display or call the Museum staff at Many thanks to the family of Jules Olitski for making this possible. We encourage everyone to come in and view the current exhibit and learn about the history of Lake Wentworth. Call , email museum nhbm. The exhibit, which runs from July 7 to Sept. Five reporters lost their lives. Seven others won Pulitzer Prizes, including Joe Rosenthal who took one of the most famous photos of all time as the American flag was raised on Mount Suribachi.

The Wright Museum will be the only New England venue for this exhibition. The Wright Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to broadening the public understanding and appreciation of the exceptional contributions made by World War II-era Americans. The Museum is located at 77 Center St. All boat packages powered by Honda Marine. We Do It All! Wish you were here Sophisticated design, incomparable quality and functionality embraced by timeless architecture this extraordinary home was designed and constructed with perfection. Lush landscaping and meandering walkways to the.

The main level includes a spacious master suite, Great Room, designer kitchen, tasteful family room and a wonderful four-season porch. Upper level includes two en-suite bedrooms and an office or bunk room with private bath. This home offers the best in both indoor and outdoor living! Direct: email: susanbradley metrocast. Lots of charm and character. Blonded pine throughout, open concept - wood floors. Sliders across front and side to take in exceptional view. All new decking on upper and lower level.

Breakwater with docking for 2 boats, plus deck on the water. Sandy swimming area! Enjoy beautiful sunsets from the docks and sweeping veiws of the lake from north to south! Private and affordable Lake Winnipesaukee Waterfront. A great Ranch with walkout lower level family room, deck, garage under and walking trails to town steps away. Plenty of options with this free-standing, sq. Use as a home or as a business. If you were a builder and money was no object, this is what you would build. Incredible value. Impeccably maintained and attractively landscaped.

Nestled in the woods on a clear mountain stream. Quality throughout with private setting and landscaped yard. Detached garage with guest quarters above. Short boat ride to Squam Lakes. Turn Key Waterfront Fun! Fantastic, year-round, Winnipesaukee waterfront home in low-tax town of Tuftonboro on Twenty Mile Bay. Ready for summer fun and entertaining with decks, patios, and a foot dock and mooring for all the water toys!

Nicely updated with newer bedrooms and a full bath on the second floor. The townhomes are part of The Townhomes at Meredith Bay, a condominium. Some first floor units do not have direct elevator access into unit. This is not an offer to sell property to, or solicitation of offers from, residents of NY, NJ, CT or any other state that requires prior registration of real estate. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice. Roy Sanborn - Incomparable views! Ashley Davis - Minutes to downtown sits this 2 bedroom, 3 bath home with an area over the garage and a 2 minute walk from Carry Beach.

Steve Patriquin - Set on 4. Eat-in kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms, and partially fenced for animals. Be part of this exciting new sustainable living community overlooking the Squam Watershed and the marina close by. Paula Hinckley - Beautiful views of Lake Winnipesuakee and the Belknap Mountains. An architecturally designed home in a desirable location.

Ruth Neidhart - Recently renovated and remodeled with great attention to detail. Enjoy the community amenities - clubhouse, pool, and 3 beaches. Brian Neidhardt - Longview on Lake Winnipesaukee: Alton: This world class property is sited at the tip of Clay Point with long views down the length of Lake Winnipesaukee. Three lots of record totaling Purchase in its entirety or each home individually. Located in the gated community of Bald Peak, this updated 7,square-foot home offers five bedrooms, five and one-half baths. The Edgerly Estate in Tuftonboro: Five outstanding private waterfront parcels with southwesterly exposure and quality lake front.

Woodcrest in Springfield: Period shingle and fieldstone waterfront home with 4. Views across the lake to acre preserved pristine wilderness. Suncook Lake Lots in Barnstead: Four substantial waterfront building lots on Upper Suncook Lake with deep water frontage, lake and mountain views. Hand planed wood walls, Indian Shutters, multiple fireplaces, custom kitchen and family room. Additional land and barn available. This tasteful and comfortable home is wonderfully private and sits on a 1.

Designed for comfortable single floor living. The sweeping deck overlooks the panoramic view, and there is a screened porch. Updated and beautifully maintained, this home shines like new. Six bedroom-suites, 3-room carriage house, 4 fireplaces, heated driveway, conservatory, hobby room, spa, home theater and a computerized golf room are amenities that complete a luxurious life style. Additional 1. There is a sandy beach, large dock and a beautifully landscaped lot. Club amenities include beach, clubhouse, tennis courts, cross country trails and woodlands for hiking.

With a separate carriage house. Spectacular views, southern exposure, multiple decks, fabulous docking system and waterside amenities. On public sewer the possibilities are unlimited. This special and rare waterfront home is unmatched in location, style, convenience, privacy and space. Meredith - This tasteful sun-filled home is located in pristine Cummings Cove with sandy beach and picturesque mountain views.

The oversized U-shaped dock has a terrific sitting area. The detached bunk house with half bath gives additional space for guests. Gilford - This sunny two bedroom plus loft condominium has lake views and has been nicely updated. Kitchen has Corian counters and newer appliances. There is monitor heat, central air and a wood burning fireplace.

Being sold fully furnished. Just move in and enjoy! Gilford - Nestled on a beautiful 1-acre wooded lot, this property will welcome you with peaceful ambiance. The layout of this home is ideal for multiple families or groups. Meredith - Enjoy stunning views of Lake Winnisquam and mountains from this private 8-acre lot.

Driveway and electricity have been brought to the site. Enjoy Waldron Bay Association rights which include clubhouse, beach, tennis and possible moorings. Location is prime, private and convenient. Laconia - This delightful 2-bedroom condo has a wonderful, private setting. Step out to a patio overlooking a large expanse of lawn. It has 2 second-level bedrooms and 2 baths.

Main level has a living room with fireplace and a spacious and sun filled kitchen. One bay garage for car or storage. Laconia - This sun-filled 3-bedroom home is on a level lot on a dead end street. Location is convenient to schools and stores and a park.

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The kitchen is eat-in and opens to a dining area. The rear deck overlooks a fenced rear yard. It is ready to move in! Panoramic views, 1. Efficiency units have kitchens. Develop, run as a motel, or make it a private home. Cole Exposed beams, vaulted ceilings and character throughout.

Large kitchen, sunroom with degree views, wraparound Trex deck. Open fields, stunning vistas and low maintenance, energy efficient living. Adaptable floor plan for accessible living. First floor living, gorgeous sunset views and minutes to school. Enjoy fishing on nearby Perch Pond! Town beach on Squam Lake nearby. Winnipesaukee waterfront stand-alone condo. Meticulous adirondack style in a small association with just 9 units. Turn-key, 2 bedrooms, bright kitchen, open living area, hardwood floors, cathedral ceiling and full basement for storage. Private Beach, mooring and a no wake zone!

Updated kitchen, 3-season porch, gas fireplace, garage and community pool. Outstanding South Down amenities - sandy beach, boat club, tennis and more!