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The journey takes about 53 minutes. The last train depart Incheon Airport at The fare is Won. For taxi from Incheon to Myeongdong the estimated fare is Won approximately. After midnight, mid-night fare is applicable Won approximately. Hope this helps. What bus stop should we get off on and how fo we get to the actual hotel? Also, how much would a regular taxi cost from the airport to the hotel? Thank you! From the station, use the zebra crossing to cross the main road and turn left. Walk along the main road slightly uphill for about meters crossing a big junction on the way before you arrive at Astoria Hotel.

The regular taxi from Incheon airport to Myeongdong is about Won but with traffic congestion and toll the total could be up to Won or even Won. Hi, if we want to get to Metro Hotel, which bus station we must get off from the bus? And if I have 2 big luggage there is no problem right? Metro hotel is one block behind this hotel about m. Any signs I can watch out for to know its almost time to alight? You can alight at Myeongdong Station.

The next stop of the bus will be announced in English, Korean and Chinese. So don't worry about that. Skypark Myeongdong II is behind this hotel, about m. Hi, how do I get from incheon to ekonomy hotel myeongdong premier n the direction to the hotel? How about from Hongdae hongik uni station back to Incheon Airport? Appreciate your help and thank you very much. Hi Jenny Tan, It is the same as in this article. Just take bus from Incheon Airport and get of at Myeongdong Station.

After get off the bus, walk a few steps in down hill direction and turn right into the street before EXIT 8 of Myeongdong Subway station. Walk along that street and turn left at the first cross junction. Walk straight for about 40 meters to get to ekonomy hotel myeongdong premier. You can take train from this station directly to Incheon Airport. Just want to know if it will be necessary to indicate at the ticket booth which stop we would alight or we can alight at any stop for the ticket that would be purchased?

Hi Joanna Almalvez, Not necessary. The price is the same. The next bus stop will be announced along the way. Yes, this is the right bus. Just get of the bus at "Myeongdong Station". Thank you for your prompt responses and help : I really appreciate your time. Enjoy your day :D. Hi, I will be staying at Hotel Skypark Central. I got to know from the hotel website that there is an airport limousine bus stop near the Skypark II, which is a block next to Skypark Central.

Will the airport limo bus stop here? And as what I seen here the Euljiro Station seemed to be nearer to the hotel. Hi we are planning to stay at small house big door. Which bus should we take? Hi there! I am interested to book Tria Hotel, but am not too sure if any shuttle bus goes to and fro from Incheon Airport - if there is, which bus is it? And do you know if any shuttle bus or regular bus around the hotel goes to Gimpo Airport as well? Hope to hear from you soon as we're kind of doing this last minute!

However, as far as I know, this bus does not stop at Gimpo Airport. Hi, I will be staying in Days Hotel. If I were to take bus from the airport, where should I alight and how do I walk to the hotel then. If you were to take bus from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong, you can alight at "Myeongdong Station" in front of Skypark Hotel Myeongdong III and then walk in down hill direction for about meters.

Days Hotel should be on your right. Decide to take Limousine back to Incheon airport when depart. Wonder how long does the journey from Myeongdong to Incheon airport by bus? Flight on 11am, so what time I need to start my journey. Hello ana milano, Both are considered good international hotel at Myeongdong. If you stay at The Grand Hotel Myeongdong, you need to get off at "Myeongdong Station" bus stop and walk for less than meters.

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The Grand Hotel is not on the main road but at the back street where Myeongdong shopping area is located. Hi, I will be staying at Gogo House Incheon. How do I go to Myeongdong for shopping? I think the easiest way is to take that bus to airport and then take the airport shuttle bus to Myeongdong which is described in the this article. Thank you for these useful information!! Hi Nur Sakinah, I am not familiar with Rian Hotel but according to the hotel website, you should take Limousine Bus and alight at "Jongno 3-ga" station.

The hotel is 3 minute walk from the station. Enjoy Myeongdong, Enjoy Seoul. You may consider taking bus from Incheon that stops right in front of Ibis Ambassador Myeongdong. Then walk for some meters towards Uljiro 3-ga station. Shold be ok to follow Sutton Hotel walking direction from the bus stop.

Will I be allowed to use the bus even if I have two suitcases with me? Arriving on January 21 and ai have a lot of bulky clothes. Will they ask me to use a taxi instead? Please advise. Claudette Llarena, don't worry. Most travellers have bulky suitcases. You can load your suitcases into the luggage compartment of the bus.

Just don't forget to collect them when you arrive in Myeongdong :. Hello Alicia Manuel, Looks like you are staying at the same hotel in Myeongdong as Cherie Chong see last two comments before yours. You can refer to the answer given. Enjoy your trip to Seoul. I will arrive Incheon airport at , and by the time I pick up my luggage, it would be at least Which transportation can I take at that hour to Myeong Dong? In my opinion, the safest option maybe taxi. You can also try to take the all stop train to Seoul Station 55 minutes, the last train depart The last train depart from line 4 Seoul Station to Myeongdong is am.

A bit rush depending on how fast you can clear immigration and collect your luggage. Hi, thank you for the information, really helpful. I need a little extra information, how to get to Gimpo Airport from Myeongdong? I did some research and got confuse of the choice between bus or train via Seoul Station? I am concern of the elevator availability in both Myeongdong and Seoul Station.

I am a single-lady-traveler with a bulky suitcase :D. Yes, actually both bus or train via Seoul Station will take you from Myeongdong to Gimpo Airport. You may find bus from Myeongdong station to Gimpo more convenient since you have bulky suitcase. If you take train, there is quite a bit of walking at the Myeongdong subway station and when changing line at Seoul Station.

Enjoy your trip! Ninetree Hotel is nearer to the "Myeongdong Station" where the airport shuttle bus stops less than 50 meters.

Incheon Limousine Bus from Airport to Seoul

It is also nearer to the the "Myeongdong Subway Station". The new hotel Loisir hotel seoul at Myeongdong , any airport shuttle bus stop at that hotel? For Loisir Hotel, you can take the same bus and get off at the same "Myeongdong Station". Then walk in down hill direction for about meters to get to the hotel. Hi Comparing the 2: will Loisir be nearer to where all the actions are in Myeongdong? Metro will be a better choice? Myeongdong is a large shopping district. Both areas around Loisir and Metro are equally happening but personally I would prefer area around Loisir. Moreover it is very near the subway for me to go everywhere else in Seoul.

Thanks for your advice! You are a geat help! So glad to chance upon your website! Is it convenient for a group of ten with luggages to take the bus too? It's possible. You can store the luggages at the luggage space of the bus. For Mom House, you can alight at "Myeongdong Station" too. Just cross main road with the zebra crossing and go into the street next to Prince Hotel. Mom House is there. I'm going to stay at Loisir Hotel. Just in down hill direction for about meters and Loisir Hotel should be on your right hand side. Which stop should I alight?

Thank you for your help! I believe the nearest station to alight is still Myeongdong station but you need to walk a bit to the hotel, maybe about 1km. Hi, we'll be staying at hill house hotel, which stop should we drop off? And also directions to reach the hotel pls The direction from Bank of Korea to this hotel is also quite complicated to explain. My friends and I will be staying at Hotel Bonbon. If we are to take Airport Bus where do we drop off? I think it's kinda far from Sejong Hotel. Can you help me on this? However, you have to walk some meters in north direction across Eujiro 1-ga junction to get to Hotel Bonbon.

I'm interested on Ari House because of their korean style room : looking forward for your answer, have a good day. Hi Ranny, just to share what I know based on experience. Sejong hotel is right across airport bus stop so for best location that's the best choice. I'm not sure of Ari house. However, Ari House is really not far as well. You just need to cross the main road using zebra cross after getting off at Myeongdong Station. Then walk for some 80 meters into an alley. Which bus station should I get off from bus ? Thank you and appreciate your reply. You can refer to my reply above to Jenny Tan on 27 Oct for the walking direction to the hotel.

Enjoy your stay in Myeongdong! Will be traveling 2 March and appreciate your advice very much. Hi tablewaredelights, My guess would be something like meters. Walk-able if you don't have a lot of baggages. Hi i am meann, will be staying at seoul city hotel 69, Toegye-ro 4gil, Jung-gu, Myeong-dong if will take a ride from incheon airport bus which is the nearest drop off and please help us how can we reach the hotel.

Just get off from the bus stop at the Namdaemoon Market and walk following the direction on the map. You should see Seoul City Hotel before turning for the last arrow. Hi, how far is seoul royal hotel from the bus stop. I will be traveling with 2 young kids. Hope it will not be too far a walk. Hi Bam Bam, I checked the hotel website. Maybe you can check and contact them to reserve your seat if the schedule suit you. The nearest stop for that I know of is the Ibis Ambassador Seoul Hotel but the walking direction is not very direct. So you can either take the bus or the free hotel shuttle bus if the schedule suit you.

Enjoy your trip to Myeongdong. Hi, once we get off at Hoehyeon Station what would be the most convenient way to go to Hill House Hotel? I have read some blogs that directions, especially for first time tourists might be tricky. Could you provide me a map that can assist us? Hi Jeric, you can find the direction from Google Map link below.

Sejong is a bit further up about meters. Hi, may i know what bus need to take from incheon airport go to ekonomy central myeongdong hotel and stop at which one station? Hi wie mei, Just take the same airport shuttle bus at Incheon Airport as described in this article. Hi, Can the driver help with my luggage? I'll be traveling to Seoul on my own post surgery and been advised not to carry heavy things. Hi geekstripe, At Incheon airport, normally the bus driver come off the bus to open the under compartment for passenger to store their luggage. Bus driver will also come down to assist anyone with wheelchair.

You will need to ask for help if you need the bus driver to help with your luggage. There could be some communication problem here because most bus driver don't speak or understand English but please persist and don't be afraid to ask fellow travellers for help as well if you can't get the assistance you need. On the other hand, taxi driver will certainly help with luggage.

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So, I would like to ask following questions: 1. At which bus stop I should get off?

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How can I go from bus stop to the hotel? On the way back, I can take the bus at the same bus stop and buy the ticket from the driver, right? Thank you Jeab. Hi Jeab, You could get off at Myeongdong Station, same as described in this post. From the bus stop, walk in the slightly uphill direction for for three blocks about meters, you will walk pass Sejong Hotel on the way.

Then turn left into Samil-daero and walk for about meters or so to reach Ibis Style Ambassador Myeongdong. It's a very new hotel! By that time, I believe you will be very familiar with the area around Myeongdong Subway Station. Enjoy you time in Seoul! Walk toward Myeongdong gil main street. We are staying at Hotel Shinshin, , Namdaemun-ro 5-gil, Jung-gu. Where should we get off? We would like to walk to our hotel if it's not too far. The hotel is within walkable distance.

Hi, I'm staying at Hotel Bonbon and taking bus from incheon airport,. Can i know where to get off? How when i'm going back to airport?

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Is it myeongdong station in walking distance? Thanks, Ganesh. Hello Ganesh, You can get off from Euljiro 1-ga Station, the hotel is about meters from the station. You can catch bus at the same station to go back to airport. Myeongdong Station is far from here. If you want to take the subway to go around seoul, use Euljiro 1-ga Station Exit 2.

Hi, Do you know which stop i should get off at for Good Morning Parktel? However, you have to walk for about meters. Hi Mavis, you can also get down at Myeongdong Station. Its my choice of accommodation ok? I think the nearest bus stop is the Namdaemoon Market. I will be staying at the Pacific Hotel. Should I take bus from Incheon Airport?

Where should I get off and how do I walk to the Pacific Hotel? Hello George Lee, The first bus departs around 4. You can check with the Ninetree hotel front desk person to confirm this. If you want other arrangement like taxi, they can help you to prebook as well. It is very near about 50 meters.

You can see the last picture on the above post.

It is the bus stop when you arrive in Myeongdong. Hi I'm Rachel. Hi stylu boutique, Yes, you can get off the bus at "Myeongdong Station" too. After that, cross main road using the zebra crossing. Then go into the small street beside Prince Hotel. Mom House is about 50 meters from the street entrance. Hello, just checking but there is a tmark hotel stop for bus right? And where do we we exactly get the bus ticket from? Enjoy your stay in Seoul. Hi, I'm Ann. I'll be staying in a guesthouse near Pacific Hotel and would like to go to Gimpo Airport via airport limousine Do I wait for the bus in front of Sejong Hotel as well?

Is the traffic really congested from Myeongdong to Gimpo airport say around 4pm as the flight I need to catch would be at pm? That's right, you can take the bus at Myeongdong Station 2. In my opinion bus should be more convenient for you. You can depart a little bit earlier if you do not mind. I'll be staying at guesthouse myeongdong Where should I get off and how to walk to guesthouse myeongdong 2? Yes, you can take bus but Myeongdong Station is some meters walking distance from there. The map shows chungmuro station is nearer For Guesthouse Myeongdong 2, some walking is needed from the bus stop be it Myeongdong or Chungmuro station because the bus does not stop exactly at this hotel.

Hi, I'm staying at k-guesthouse 2 myeongdong. How do I get there from the airport and is it far from the bus stop? The hotel is within walkable distance with luggage, about meters. Hi i will be staying at Staz hotel myeongdong 2.

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What's the walking distance with luggage from airport shuttle station to staz hotel 2? Hi Eileen Peh, I believe the nearest is still Myeongdong Station but you need to walk for about meters or so. You can refer to the map on Booking. Enjoy Myeongdong! I would be switching hotel from staz hotel myeongdong 2 to ramada encore dongdaemun on the 4th day of my tour.

What's the most convenient way of traveling over? I will be bringing 2 kids with luggage. Wonder if it will be costly if we go by taxi. Would like to check if is the right bus to take? Hello Zhi Yang Fong, Yes, you can take the airport limousine bus but it does not stop exactly at the hotel.

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It seems that they offer pick up service from various locations in Seoul. Hi, I would like to ask if bus will stop at Stay B Hotel? It is somewhere between the Myeongdong Station and Chungmuro Station. Hello Katherine Lau, This is a new hotel. I believe Bus does not stop exactly at Stay B Hotel. You can either get down at Myeongdong Station or Chungmuro Station and walk for a few minutes Chungmuro Station is probably nearer.

Hi, will there be a bus operate on Sunday?? I staying at K Guest house Myeongdong 2, which bus stop should I alight?? From: Carol. Yes, the airport shuttle bus from Incheon to Myeongdong will be operating on Sunday 7 days a week. I have one question which bus station you are prefer if I stay at K-Guest house 1 Myeong-dong? I think Namdaemoun closely than Myeong or not. I am gonna stay at Starria hostel. Do you know the limousine bus number that I should take from incheon and where should I get off from the bus?

Hi drlel, You can use the same limousine bus and get off the bus at Myeongdong Station too. However, you will need to walk across the road and walk for about meters into Toegye-ro gil to get there. Hello, which stop should I take just to go shopping at Myeongdong? I am only in transit for a few hours. Learn more about taxis, airport shuttles, parking and other means of transportation in Millbrae.

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