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I would love to hear what you think of DealPad. If you would like extra functionality to be added or are experiencing any problems please email me. Thanks for using the DealPad app! If you are enjoying the app please remember to leave a review it really helps us get noticed. Until next time happy bargain hunting! Works in a grid view, which is miles better than the awfully 'updated' hukd app. For some reason they've done away with that option so I don't use it! I'd prefer it being a little darker - the use of white background is a little harsh on the eyes.

Otherwise, good. I used to love the previous version of hotukdeals app - but personally I think they dropped the ball with the last release and the website. Without a grid view it's really difficult to scan through. DealPad is a decent replacement - check it out if you want the grids back! Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Description DealPad gives you access to deals, voucher codes, freebies and savings right on your mobile device. Information Seller Ben Callis. Won't be surprised to get a cancellation :. Some people on hot deals are saying theirs has been cancelled Dear Customer Thank you for shopping online.

Please refer to our terms and conditions on our website and in your order confirmation email. I've just got 2 'thanks for your order' messages. Otherwise the kids are going to have to make do with xmas trees again. You don't have a leg to stand on if they cancel the order I'm afraid - they are well within their rights. I don't have a cancellation email yet either Unfortunately or otherwise i still haven't received the cancellation email so am a bit loathe to buy another one in case m and s honour the previous deal and i end up with 3 tv's :eek:.

Still no cancellation email for me But it is Christmas Day, so will expect one tomorrow or 27th. I just got an email, it says one tv has been despatched today, so maybe the cancellation email was a fraud or something :lux: cheered me up anyway after the southampton defeat, hope everyone else receives theirs. I haven't had cancellation, but I haven't had a delivery confirmation either : Just logged in to my account, and it has changed to this now: Despatch 1: Despatching Soon Please note: this order cannot now be amended.

I haven't received a cancellation e-mail either, my order just states "not yet dispatched. Mine still showing as "Item not yet dispatched. I know someone with this exact tv who says the poor sound quality makes it "very difficult to watch". Not too much of an issue for me. Mine has been delivered. Perfect for the bedroom.

Perfect for the bedroom Exactly.

Available on

I might look at some external speakers at a later date but it's no biggie. The first one has arrived. Seems most of us got in in time to get one. For 62 quid that is a right touch :p. Despatch 1: Despatching Soon Please note: this order cannot now be amended. Mine's here, just need to go buy an aerial cable now.

Nice one for the heads up Elgin. Looks pretty good James. I feel I should try and get my current printer working first though.

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Maybe I should just bite teh bullet and buy this one and be done with it! I have just ordered two. Would have done for a cheap tv though. Wish I'd seen this thread before! Been in the new flat for about 5 months now and the 32" doesn't look as big in the larger front room :. I went into Richer Sounds on Sunday - their prices and service are not what they once were. Odd, they didn't used to shy away from doing that. Doesnt seem to work. I click add to cart and it says item not found. Perhaps they intend to stay in business longer than Dixons?

Sorry 'The Fire is Out' on this one. That's the problem with the Hot UK Deals website - you have to get in very quickly. Might still indulge! They are, for all intents and purposes, the same company. Dixons is now online, Currys are the shops. Richer Sounds are the same company as Dixons? On the other hand, does anyone really still have any records these days?

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I've got hundreds of the things in the loft. Don't know where i'd find the time to convert the rarer ones that aren't about on cd or digital though. How about a free pedometer? Read this. And then if they are right, do this I quite like d Richer Sounds. Think their service wasn't what is was.

The thing is, they want to compare their price not including a 5 year warranty remember, it is optional with a competitor price including the warranty. So, even if their non-warranty price is lower than RS non-warranty price, they won't match this! So basically, they add hoops to jump through. I can comfortably buy a TV through the cheapest retailer knowing my bank will add 2 years to the warranty.


Anyone know if its shit? Yes they do, you philistine. I heard there is bad 3D and good 3D. Is this good 3d? Yes, about Alternatively you could just use Soulseek to get mp3 copies of the tunes you own. Not ones you don't though as that would be illegal ;. Don't know if it will be honoured Oh, nice site and have registered with them.

I'm after a decent Bluetooth speaker for the iPad2 so hopefully something might come up soon. And free delivery! I've given it a go : Me too. - Is HotUKDeals Down Right Now?

Put this together with the table, umbrella and chairs we bought last year our garden could be decked out for the summer We'll be in touch on Monday to those affected. Sun Feb 26 :. Great deal if you are willing to miss our crunch game against Cardiff: www. Dave, what's wrong with ebuyer out of interest?