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Finally after 30 minutes the manager Tommy comes over. He tries a few time to swipe the card. I say, "I might as well go to a different cashier if no one can get this to work. I told him that's he should have an attitude with me. I'm the one waiting here and he should have waited a half an hour to come and help the cashiers. Then he mouths off I tell him he shouldn't be in customer service - that he was young and stupid and didn't even know how to do his job.

He then calls me old and rude. Poor guy with EBT. Had his food taken out of the bags and thrown down telling him it wasn't EBT approved. I felt bad for the guy. Manager was a huge jerk. Everyone needs more training in that store. It's a real joke! I'm a caretaker for a disabled person and among other things I also do his groceries. She then told me that she needs to confirm with her manager, Marcia who further told me that I cannot purchase anything for anybody else. I also showed her the meds that I had just picked up from their pharmacy but, she said that she cannot let me purchase the milk.

After pressing her she finally asked me to step aside and go to the customer service and don't know what she told the bookkeeper who came out and without hearing me said that I cannot purchase anything from their store and told me to bring the patient's medical record or Power of Attorney or something and she might consider it. When she saw that I got mad about her asking me for medical records she decided to call the store manager. I also gave him my IDs and told him that they can make copies of my license.

I was told to come back the next day and talk to another bookkeeper "Mike" who will further assist me in this matter. As far as I know it's illegal to ask for somebody's "medical records"! I'm disturbed by the behavior of the employees and at one point was told by the bookkeeper to stay out of her and the manager's conversation. I didn't know that to purchase ONE item and that too milk and not drugs, Shoprite needed to see medical records!?!?!

Absolutely horrible and I'll never return. The store sale as printed incorrectly. The ad said if you buy two Pizzas you get a pizza stone free. But when you get to the register the pizzas were free and stone cost the price. I paid with food stamps. So I had to pay cash for my order when I wouldn't have had to. This led to a huge ordeal and I was really told and I quote "You're going to have to wait longer" after I pointed out the third time that the ad was wrong.

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Not to mention the staff from cashier to managers are incredibly rude, usually texting and distracted, show zero concerned for customers. If it wasn't the only grocery store in the area, it would not still be there. Over the last 2 years I have experienced issues with this site being slow and taking a while to load. I once got to the very end only to have the cart completely zeroed out. Another time I was unable to check out, and I called the number and they did it remotely for me. I have been a loyal customer, using this site every 2 weeks even though it is shoddy to say the least.

Today was the last straw. I called the number to ask if they could check me out remotely. I was told the website was down on their end as well, that it should be up in an hour but I would probably have to put everything in my cart again. There was no "We apologize for the inconvenience" let alone any sort of coupon code provided for the awful experience. Obviously Shoprite from Home does not value customer satisfaction or experience. It is extremely disappointing to waste an entire weekend day trying to place a grocery order.

From now on I will spend the time driving 20 minutes further to shop elsewhere. Good riddance, ShopRite! I have been trying to place an online "order for Home" on the Shoprite website for the past 45 minutes.

It continues to spin and say 'waiting for Shoprite'. Holy Smokes! In this day and age, to have a website that frustrates people into not buying from you is business breaking. This has also happened the 3 other times I have ordered from them. It takes longer to order online than it does to go to the store. I have been shopping at home from Walmart for 2 years now with ease. Horrible lag, so the process of searching for items takes forever. No confirmation of my current order, and almost impossible to try and figure out how to add an item. I have no way of knowing if my order was actually submitted.

The only reason I give the 2 stars is for the employees because they are wonderful, very friendly and professional. I am very disappointed in Shoprite from Home and the Shoprite app. I just recently went to have a delivery from Shoprite from Home put together. I ordered red and green peppers.

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I am making soup with them. I wanted large ones they gave me small ones that Barbie could eat. They never double bag heavy item so my items fall out of the bag and roll down the street. It's like they don't know how to shop and get high school kids who just want to be lazy. Several times like today I have to go back to the store to exchange things they screwed up on. Plus they charge nearly 30 dollars for delivery. Don't ask for grapes you may get 10 grapes for 2.

I asked for seltzer water that I put an order in for in advance and had to be called several times to change because it was out of stick but still on the website. I have to check my list over to see I got all my items. I sometimes get extra items. If you are asked to substitute an item and asked if there is another item at same price they say I don't know.

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The circular is in the store. You can't say I don't know. The app kicks you out of the website and can't search by name a lot of times. I am thinking to do my shopping on my own next time. Plus, you go there to exchange last time I got a nasty woman at the courtesy counter who told me if I had put the right name of the item I would get it. Plantains are cooking bananas.

Shoprite does occasionally have good sales but their customer service is consistently bad. From their sales staff to their cashiers, it's like they do all they can to make sure you know that they can't stand you. Sometimes it's not always in words but in their actions, their expressions, their body language. Most people who go there do so because of the prices as have I.

If not for that, I would be in Trader Joe's every day. If I could give them 0 stars I would. Continuing D. Bought same car twice within days. Exchange due to broken. No receipt of it may be given to me and I am three miles away, 55lb dog with me, two broken rear tires. They want to give me the same one. I have to still look for exchange receipt. Bought due to car repair cost having to wait. No home. Valuable items nowhere to hold them safely. Poor quality being sold.

Albany, NY store. Ath logo on front. Unpackaged for sale. I think ShopRite is pretty wonderful except for this product. I have to wait until store manager is there to see if they can do anything for us after I call to talk to them. Sept Personal tel. They literally have the worst website and app. It's beyond slow, unorganized, the categories and the search bar suck. I'll type in something simple like "pasta" and it will take 10 minutes for anything to load on the screen.

Not even exaggerating, either. When I saw a little over a month ago that they were doing maintenance of their website, I was so happy. I figured they'd finally get better servers and stop being so cheap about their website since everyone I know orders groceries online now.

But nope. If anything it only ended up even worse. For instance. Like, I've already logged in, no? You should know I go to the same darn Shoprite especially when it's my selected store and EVERY single purchase is from the same store, but nope. Without fail. And it takes a good 5 minutes to get that cued up. Weekly Circular. It might as well not exist online. Every single time I try and select things to put in my cart it never works.

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By the third item, I add it bogs down and makes the entire experience which should only take 15 min top. In the late s, one of the company's larger members, Supermarkets General, left Wakefern.

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In , that fraction of stores became Pathmark. Feeling the loss, Wakefern focused on recovery, expanding aggressively. Within a decade, they restored the numbers lost by Supermarkets General's departure. Since the beginning, Wakefern Food Corp. Wakefern's participation provides peace of mind for grocers who know they are getting good prices, allowing them to focus more on ShopRite's mission to support its communities with an exemplary customer experience.

Still headquartered in New Jersey, Wakefern has over 2. They have a fleet of over 2, trailers and tractors that travel over 35 million miles a year, making this one of the largest private fleets on the East Coast. In order to complement its success, ShopRite strives to support its customers and communities in the best ways. They have long been involved in food banks, donating services, food, and money, as well as hundreds of volunteer hours a year, to feeding the less fortunate.

They also support an array of education and training programs for special needs students, preparing them for careers in the supermarket industry. Created in , Supermarket Careers was noted as groundbreaking and innovative. It is currently a part of dozens of school curricula throughout the company's regions. Supermarket Careers has been recognized with many local, state, and national awards, among them the Secretary of Education Award, the country's highest honor for vocational programs.

ShopRite also brings this entrepreneurial spirit to the New Jersey and Connecticut Special Olympics, sponsoring the events with volunteer, logistical, and food support for the thousands of athletes and tens of thousands of attendees. Commercially, ShopRite has built a rep for the best prices and shopping through initiatives like online shipping, its Price Plus Club Card and innovative ads like those for its regular Can-Can promotions.

With its family-friendly service, ShopRite remains a leader in grocery and shopping experiences. Catch a video on preparing the perfect ham. Weekly specials, promotions, events; they're all here. ShopRite on Twitter : From fully prepared holiday dinners to beauty tips and the benefits of low-sodium chicken broth, connect with the best of ShopRite's services in short posts and video content. Check out a video on preparing grilled mango or get the scoop on the ShopRite Dietitian Program. ShopRite YouTube has a wealth of info.

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ShopRite on Pinterest : Tons and tons and tons of images of food, produce picks, idea gifts for Mom or Dad, outdoor living and inspirations for living well, grilling, vegan dishes, and enjoying a good cup of joe. Happy shopping! ShopRite deals for the week of June 2nd through June 8th are here! Just remember that we can no longer combine these with manufacturer paper coupons, but we can still combine them with rebate offers and instant store savings.

Here are the deals I did at ShopRite this week! It was a slow week because of the holiday weekend. If you want to purchase more than two Barilla Ready Pouches, your Catalina value will increase, but it will cost you more per pouch. I have noticed an issue with the new coupon policy that I think everyone should take note of. If you have clipped an eCoupon but would prefer to use a higher-value manufacturer paper c Here are the ShopRite deals for the week of May 26th, with most pricing valid through June 1st, and a few deals only valid on Sunday and Monday for the Memorial Day holiday.

Make sure you check the hours at your local store if you want to take advantage of any of these deals. Log in to access your saved coupons and deals. No KCL account yet? No problem, it's free! Toggle navigation Menu. Download our free app now! Home ShopRite. Store: ShopRite Extreme Couponing. Published Jun 22,