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At all. The writing has been on the wall for a while now. Kroger stores in Texas were the first to stop doubling back in The Kroger-owned Ralphs chain in California was next, in And then the doubles began falling like dominoes. But Kroger itself no longer does. And at this point, it may not come as much of a surprise to double coupon fans who are resigned to defeat, if those last two double-couponing outposts soon follow suit.

At the time, they were wildly popular promotions that drew crowds to stores that offered them. Over time, though, couponers came to expect the perk, Kroger claims few customers even took advantage of the deal, and stores barely even advertised it anymore. Regardless, ever since they began discontinuing double coupons, Kroger executives seem happy to be rid of them.

But the percentage of customers who actually enjoyed the benefit of that, our view was we were better off taking those dollars and investing them in better prices for all of our customers rather than rewarding just a select segment of our customers. So in each affected division, Kroger chose to bury the news about the elimination of double coupons, under a cheerier announcement of lower prices throughout the store. These new lower prices on thousands of items throughout the store make the shopping experience easier and a great value for everyone.

New to Couponing? Are you a couponing Pro? Here is a link to how to coupon at Target. How to use the Favadao App. In the meat department, same thing.

Does Kroger Double Coupons?

I will find Larabars there for 49 cents reg. I stock up!!! Judith- Thanks for the comment! Yes their clearance is amazing! I have found it really really helps to look for the manager specials and lower prices and buy up those items. I freeze a lot of their discount items and put the bread and other perishables in the fridge. This also saves me a lot of money.

Thanks again for your great comment. All of the tips are great! Seems like the bakery markdowns have all but disappeared. The mark-down shelf has been empty at all the local stores for the past several months. I wonder what is going on. Hmm I wonder too. I hope they pick up in your area! In our are there are some bakery markdowns but a lot of donated to Second Harvest a facility for those needing food. You can also use Saving Star and Jingit to save even more. Saving Star loads to your card and gives you a rebate.

Jingitbis similar to Checkout But I have never even heard of Checkout51 or Favado! I have them now! Thank you! For example a. Most stores have done away with this policy. Thanks, Anita. So this might be a totally ignorant question and the answer may be simple but what does it mean when you can use a coupon up to 5 times?

Am I confusing you yet? Thanks for your help. No worries, not a dumb question.

Stacking DIGITAL Coupons at Kroger!!!

You can use one coupon once. But if you bring in 5 of the same coupon you can use each once. Take me for example. I order 4 newspapers. I will use the four I have from my papers if I had another one is use 5. I hope that makes sense. Thank you so much for this post! I used to be big into couponing before my youngest child was born then it just got to hard for me.

Looking forward to doing it again!! It is harder when you have kids. I always go late at night after my son is in bed. Good luck! Hello, I am a new couponer and your articles help a bunch. When it says I can only have 5 manufacturers coupons can I still use other paper coupons? Tristan- You will have to talk to your local stores.

On the official Kroger website it says 5 manufacturer coupons that are the exact same as each other. Store policies can differ though. I kinda understand how to do couponing but I need help getting started. Please tell me the very first thing I need to do cause I need to save every penny I can to feed my family. Please please help. I have safe link phone. Cause with me being disable we had to cut a lot of luxurieris.

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This would help me so much and I could help my husband soooo much. It would be wonderful and take a load off of my mind. Ty for any advice to get me started. Rhonda the best place to learn to get started is this post: Couponing for Beginners: 11 Tips that will save you thousands Good luck, with diligence you can save a lot money with coupons!

I am more of a read and learn person. Two cashiers told me they knew nothing about it?????? Another higher up employee told me she heard the rumor! So who knows!

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  5. Not too sad, knew it was coming…. I do wish they would double up to a dollar though, that would have been a more welcome change. I spoken to a fellow shopper today who claimed to have spoken to the manager who informed her that this particular Kroger would not be included and a long story about waiting until the gas station is built this summer and that he explained that they wanted to see what kind of difference that made and if the change occurred it would not be until next year.

    The story was awful elaborate to have been made up but certainly possible. I have talked to the manager in the past.


    He shared stories about how far people drive to shop there. All the way from Canada. They double to a dollar Anyhow…I will have no reason to drive to that store anymore if they stop along with all the others who do. Meijer and Kroger are two times further for me to travel than Walmart, and so why should I travel twice the distance if my coupons are worth the same? I imagine it will be much the same for my Kroger runs. Might take a quick trip to Saginaw before the end to use up a lot of my coupons in my stash. On the other hand, I imagine a lot of stuff is going to be cleaned out as others do the same thing.

    I understand all the stores are in effect on May 14th. However, I talked to a cashier at Frankenmuth store and she told me they recently signed a three year contract. So, how can they change their policy now? That would be a great complaint for corporate! I am sad by this as well. I figure now, I will start shopping sale fliers only and probably not coupon anymore. Especially when we could help out so many others who really needed it!!!!!! I shop mostly at the Frankenmuth location and the past two months the people abusing coupons has gotten worse and worse.

    Well, what about the people who actually want to buy those items for themselves? The people who abuse coupons have ruined this for everyone. My grocery bill is literally going to double.

    This was coming and we all knew it. So look at it this way, lower prices mean hopefully that the non doubled coupons will give us a price comparable to what we did pay, I hope. Now the problem is that krogers does not have deal like Meijer buy X amount of certain brand, save x amount instantly, that will hurt Kroger. However, I am one to confirm that since couponing 3 years ago, my family has gained weight, and a lot of the cheap and free stuff we get a Kroger with coupons are processed and high sodium that are not ideal to be eating so a stockpile of processed food is not getting us anywhere.

    From a corporate standpoint, for every dollar coupon that doubles, Kroger takes a dollar cut so I understand their financial reasoning. Meijer did the same thing. And one last thing: Price match to walmart! They are just as good as Meijer deals! It can be done!

    Save Even More at Kroger

    I also will be shopping more at Aldi. Not too mention, how many new products my family was able to try with coupons. I was wondering though if the manufactures themselves might up their coupon discounts as a result of the selfishness of the grocery stores. Just money hungry grocery stores, such a shame for us who really relied on these to help feed our families!

    I will still go to Kroger every week as usual. Their stores usually have much shorter checkout lines than Meijer and Walmart, which is a big plus to me with two kids. I also love their produce quality and price.

    Kroger Mobile Savings

    I live in the Lansing area. Krogers was the final store that doubled. When Meijers stopped doubling, I began shopping at more stores, rather than mostly at one store. So my shopping pattern will not change, i will shop where the best deals are. I added a new store yesterday to my list and I may continue to do so. A positive side to krogers, compared to Meijers, 1. Cheaper milk, but SAMs is still cheaper 2.

    Cheaper Orange Juice 4. Free Friday item 5. So now the question is … will couponing be worth my time and effort? Maybe I will just cut the cost of the papers to save money and in turn save a whole lot of my time too. Many of the comments on here are just silly :. As it is, 1 only a small percentage of shoppers use coupons and 2 the overwhelming majority of coupon redemptions are coming from just a small percentage of coupon users. Thus, it makes NO sense for Kroger to continue to offer a program that benefits a handful people, when it can instead offer savings that benefit a lot people, especially in an era with soaring grocery prices.

    Then please explain how could this impact the stores promotional budgets? If doubling only benefits a handful of people why not continue? Your comments make no rational sense! Honestly, i think most of those stories on extreme coupon shows are not real. Jamie, You are right about there only being a small percentage of people who use coupons. I just wish stores would realize that many couponers are willing to buy the rest of their non-coupon groceries at stores that are kind enough to offer the additional double-coupon savings. I know not all couponers feel that same way, but I do.

    So folks know why they decided to go with not doubling the coupons anymore really boils down to the cost and moneu they lose they have raise prices to cover the the money the stores fork out in the doubling since the manufacturer will only pay face value plus 8 cents on the coupon.

    In the other areas that lost Kroger doubling coupons they report low prices for a week or two…they give a big promotional ad for the two weeks after doubling stops and then no good deals or lower prices. I guess we shall all see. I know Meijers promised the same thing and I am still waiting. The rest of my budget will go to Aldi, and other stores.

    I drove 25 minutes to the nearest Kroger for the double coupons because it saved me more money for me and my family. I literally passed up a meijer to get to Kroger. I will be shopping at meijer once again. I totally agree it was fun while it lasted! I will benefit from cutting down on time spent couponing and finding new habit that included some exercise. Obsessing over free dish detergent has left me empty inside and my cupboards overflowing. I have spent 10 minutes getting a couon to print before, life is too short for that!

    All of the free highly processed foods have made me heavier! A friend asked me what my hobbies are and I said couponing. We both laughed then cringed. I have seen a lot of changes over the years, but the one thing that I have noticed the most is that with the T. In our techno society we need to highlight the doing of good for the less fortunate, instead of showing people how to be greedy and self serving.

    I hope we can all learn from this T. Well, then you can help answer the question I was going to post. Exactly how long has doubling coupons been around? I can remember as far back as my teenage years….

    Start with the Sale Ads

    Who would think something that has been the norm for 30? Not me! I doubt that using coupons at VGs or other Spartan stores that still double will add up to much savings since the regular prices are so high. You brought up a lot of good points, Randy. It is very disappointing but I saw this coming. When I am on facebook there are a lot of people that sell items that they have purchased with coupons and I totally disagree with that.

    Apparently they use coupons to get stuff for free not for themselves but to turn around and make money off of it. I use coupons for my family, we are paycheck to paycheck people and it comes in very handy. I am very disappointed that it had to come down to this. It sucks, but it was expected. Complaining to Kroger and threating to boycott them will do no good.

    So many people did that with Meijer. Did it work?? It is what it is, plain and simple. Everybody needs food, and has to shop somewhere. Our country is in shambles, and all anybody cares about is what the Kardashians are up to this week. You reap what you sow. And we ALL lose in the process. Tick, Tock. They also just went to the new ad cycle.

    I was very disappointed at them not doubling anymore but I have noticed lower prices since the new ad cycle started. When Meijer was doubling coupons I almost did not shop at Kroger due to higher prices. I am encouraged by this, especially on some produce items that never had coupons anyway. The new price is the same as previous sale prices and it is refreshing to see. I get frustrated with stores that say something is a lower price and it is only a few cents lower or still higher than other stores in the area.

    Thanks for all you do to help us Jolyn!! I shop at my Howell Kroger a few times a week and have been trying to buy for example Seventh Generation dish soap for the last few weeks because it was on sale…. The reason we are willing to pay Krogers much higher prices on most items, is because we are saving by using coupons on other items.

    So bummed but saw it coming for a long time. No hoarding, over buying. Bottom line, they are losing lot of money from coupon use. No one is in business to lose money. This is what we have seen coming …now that it is here we have to adjust between all these stores you can still match up and get some great deals.

    We have to just spend a little more time and the deals are still there. As far as Kroger is concerned the best thing to do is let them know how you feel. They want customer feedback so when you get a receipt there is a survey on the bottom and and give them the lowest score possible and in comments let them know you are disappointed in double coupons ending.

    How to Coupon at Kroger

    Someone will call you if your not highly. I did a survey and put I was not highly satisfied and a manager called me. I just wanted to let the Kroger cashiers know that we may be a pain in the butt to you but we are the reason you have a job. As a manager I can see cut backs coming for your stores as some cashiers will not be needed anymore and I would only keep the best. I too will really miss the savings that I had for my family, but in the last few years, all I see in the store are these shoppers with the big notebook filled with coupons.