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Just like its Burger King counterpart, the app acts as sort of a digital wallet that generates six-digit codes you'll have to give to cashiers for payment. Wendy's, however, has regrettably left out one of the BK app's best features -- discounts and coupons.

The fast food chain apparently decided to offer mobile payments in an effort to attract the younger, smartphone-obsessed set.

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Unfortunately, the app's limited features you can't use it to call in a delivery, if you're wondering! But, hey, at least it can show nutritional values, so you don't scarf down a Baconator without knowing it has calories. Unfortunately, the chain hired an actor to portray Herb as the most unlikeable guy ever — causing the media hype to die off almost instantly. This didn't hold the fast-food behemoth back from trying to add pizza to its menu.

McPizzas were pulled from the menu — although two locations refused to give up on the idea until In the mids, Pizza Hut wanted to cash in on the deep-dish pizza craze. The result was the Priazzo, a two-layer pie with a ton of cheese, meat and veggies among the layers. Best of both worlds, right? The problem was that DQ then added the same candy, cookies and chocolate that was in the Blizzard. In the ads, the creepy critters danced, sang off-key and screeched about how much they loved Quiznos.

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Jack in the Box's Bacon Shake. In , Jack in the Box shocked the nation by introducing a bizarre bacon milkshake.

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Even diehard bacon lovers hated it. KFC's Oprah episode.

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You get free chicken, and you get free chicken! Long John Silver's Big Catch meal. The Roy Rogers' switcheroo. Wendy's Frescata. Burger King's Halloween Whopper.

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