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Is this true? Answer: Social Security tax has always been Starting next year it will go back to However tax laws change a hundred times in the tax year so it could be less or more by the time tax season rolls around again. On another note, don't forget Medicare will still be applied, so really self employed individuals will pay Many things depend on individual circumstances.

Please contact your personal accountant or financial advisor for your particular situation. Winn Dixie Cars 2 Movie Cash. Limit one per transaction. Thanks Totally Target!

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Restaurant Coupon Round Up! This offer is valid now through June 14, ! See coupon for further details and exclusions! If you're heading out this weekend with the kids and you're looking for free activities, then here's a great list! Best for ages They will have fun events every Saturday in June. Event limited per session based on store capacity. No lineups prior to 30 minutes before event begins.

Great gift for Dad! Thanks Keeping Cents! Retail Coupon Round Up.

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Labels: christmas shopping , online coupons. Look what is on Coastal contacts on Facebook this morning!!!!! We have decided to open it up to everyone who has not previously received a free pair. Tell all your friends and family and get ready for Friday. Labels: facebook , freebie. Are you waiting We are counting down the days until Christmas on our Advent Calendar. The Advent season is filled with anticipation and expectation , when we prepare to welcome Christ at Christmas.

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The word " expectation " seems to be ringing in my ears alot these days. Expecting things bring out a lot of emotions. If you are a mom, remember when you found out you were expecting and you rushed right out to buy your copy of "What to Expect I think we bought them both out of excitement and nervousness! How about report card times? Do we want our kids to live up to certain expectations?

How do they feel the day they tote them home in their backpacks? If you believe everything you find in your average magazine there are a lot of us who put too many expectations on ourselves for the holidays and we need to relax and destress. The word expectation reminds me of a verse I found long ago Psalm In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.

I had gone into preterm labor with the twins and was put into bed in the hospital until they were born. I had no idea how long that would last, although I hoped it would be a long enough time for the babies to develop. There was enough fear and panic initially that I wasn't thinking for a second about my own comfort, or discomfort.

After the weekend came and went I started to settle in. Now, there are different forms of bed rest and mine was of the complete and utter kind. I got up for nothing There seemed to be ways to take care of most necessities but one On the tenth morning I couldn't even bring myself to open my eyes. I said a quick prayer first I haven't even seen the sky for almost 2 weeks. If you want me to keep on, then it needs to be your strength. I really did have windows, three to be exact, but they looked upon walls of brick.

I was thrilled, not even knowing that was a possibility. Then it was time to head out. They went to raise the head, nothing. They pressed all the buttons and the head went down further and the feet raised even more-WHOA! Labels: encouragement , musings.

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Free music downloads. Did you get a child an MP3 player Don't forget the free veggie tales downloads link in the archives, too! Labels: frugal gift , online coupons. JC Penney.

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Don't forget that shipping is free if you ship it to the store! Many more, too! Labels: christmas shopping. Free shipping Friday. Stay tuned and I will try to get the stores that offer this posted as soon as I know!!! Last chance to get packages by Christmas. Some may require a minimum purchase Free glasses from Facebook promo Did anyone get these last time around?

Let us know how you did! Coastal Contacts is offering 10, free pairs of glasses this Friday, December 17, On Friday, December 17, starting at 9am EST, place your order on the Coastal Contacts website and enter the coupon code at the checkout to get your free glasses. A tip that others had for last time: make your selection and have it ready in your "cart" so you are all set at 9 am.

Be sure to check the terms and conditions before you purchase. Christmas pizza party? Tanga magazine deal I try, but I don't always have all this blog stuff figured out! The Tanga deal on the right margin doesn't show this but Parents' magazine is 3 years for 5. Labels: magazines.