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Having both might not be overkill but by no means is it essential.

Totally subjective but just my two cents. I don't have Fabfilter but my impression looking at them is that they are standalone VSTs, very nice interfaces and sound great. I do have both Ozone and Neutron and they are integrated things and I'd suggest a fair amount more under the hood but they can be directive - ie you can let Neutron listen to your stuff and it will come up with an entire channel strip including eq settings.

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Being a bit of a klutz I find that useful - others may find that annoying and so are paying for something they don't need. Trash 2 is not just a very versatile distortion unit but also a very decent convolution effect. For me it would be worth buying just because of compressor itself. Not to mention filters or delay. Make Noise vs Mutable Instruments No such thing as overkill!

Speculum Speculorum. The mixing bundle by Izotope covers quite a bit of territory and is phenomenally cheaper than the FF bundle.

FabFilter 15th Anniversay Sale Announced: 40% OFF Sale Plugins

If you go advanced the individual plugs can be used independently. Both are great companies with very different workflows and GUI.

Pro-Q 3 Tutorial - External Sidechain Trigger for Dynamic EQ Nodes - Fabfilter

Both offer very "clean" processing aside from Trash 2 of course , but it just boils down to which you like better. I love Izotope Alloy 2 and will likely soon pick up Neutron. Izotope spams me frikkin' constantly. May seem an odd metric but I think it shows confidence in your products not to have to nag people constantly to buy upgrades or new products. I'll tell you what, guys. I picked up Neutron Advanced today because I could take advantage of a great sale.

I was skeptical, but after spending a day with it I have to say I'm glad I made the choice I did.

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Sounds fantastic. Workflow is great. All in all by using the tools intelligently I was able to get more clarity and refinement in my mix than I've ever gotten. I think the "track assist" thing is heavy handed and for what I was doing tended to neuter the mix a bit. But the masking feature is a really powerful tool if you just use it as a light reference point. The EQ sounds great and the exciter is much better.

FabFilter 15th Anniversary Sale: Get 40% off plugins & bundles incl. Pro-Q 3

Customers ordering this item will receive an email message within a hours of placement of their order with instructions on downloading the software. FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is a high quality equalizer plug-in with unrivalled sound and interface. An equalizer is probably the tool you use most while mixing and mastering, so you need the best of the best.

  • Where is the best deal for fabfilter? Is it worth waiting??
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With FabFilter Pro-Q 3, you get the highest possible sound quality, a very extensive feature set, and a gorgeous, innovative interface with unrivalled ease of use. FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is designed to help you achieve your sound in the quickest way possible. Via the large interactive EQ display, you can create bands where you need them, enable dynamic EQ for any band, and select and edit multiple bands at once.

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