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In order to help, we've assembled the following list. Your Complete Ohio Double Coupon Resource: Kroger's has changed up their double coupon policies on a state-by-state basis. Many stores in the south no longer accept double coupons but for the moment they continue to be accepted in Ohio in the Columbus, Dayton and surrounding central areas.

Giant Eagle accepts double coupons and also has a weekly ad match up , allowing customers to make the most of their double coupons. These weekly match ups can be great resources for shoppers when planning the weekly menu. Marsh has stopped doubling coupons as of the first of Tops doubles coupons but only for customers who signed up for their loyalty program BonusPlus.

Take a look at their weekly circulars to take advantage of their weekly deals. Meijer just recently stopped doubling coupons. They're included in this merely to remind shoppers that while they would have been on many double coupon lists, the store is no longer an option for shoppers looking to double.

It might be that your favorite grocery store has stopped doubling coupons, and for that reason has been removed from the list although we did include several that have only recently stopped doubling. Or it could be that your favorite store has recently started doubling; if so, please let us know, especially if you live in the Cleveland or Cincinnati regions. Find grocery coupons. Save money today. Clip Coupon. Of course, dishonest couponers are very much to blame for many changes that occur. That stupid show!

Nice going TLC. Coupons 1 reducing the coupon is taking a unearned profit and making a profit from the manufacturer. Walmart understands this — see their new policy. I ran into the same problem with the ecoupons. I had a. I had them void the item, I went home and deleted all but the high dollar ecoupons. Than I went back the next day, verified at customer service that the ecoupon would not deduct again and I bought the items with my paper coupons.

We have one extreme couponer in our area who uses at least four or five different store loyalty cards for each place and buys ridiculous amounts of product. She buys numerous papers and buys coupons off the internet. This one person is well known by all the stores and fights with them on a regular basis. When she started teaching classes and teaching others to do what she does the stores here went on high alert.

In my opinion she is ruining couponing for all the people who want to do it legitimately and honestly. Since the ecoupons can not be used at any other store, at all, whatsoever, in my mind they should be considered a store coupon. Fortunately, my Kroger has not cracked down on a lot of this stuff. However, if they do, I probably will not shop there as much. The cashiers have been putting them in manually for me.

My biggest problem with Kroger has been the mega-discounts not coming off at the checkout. Also, I am still angry at them for taking away the bag incentive without any notification. I was loving that, but I understand why the discontinued it because they were probably losing a lot of money. My store Louisville region also discontinued the reuseable bag incentive. We received either.

They had a report about the discontinuation on the news a few days ago. It was reported that they canceled the incentive because not many people were using it. With the updated policies on coupons at Kroger, I will be shopping there less to not at all. For example, if you use a paper coupon first, will it Ecoupon not show up after you use your Kroger card?? The Ecoupon thing is dumb, too. My last cashier I had knew what I was doing by getting my cans of tomatoes for free and was okay with it!

So, the next step is to see if they are really going to follow through with what their coupon policy says!!

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I think it just depends on the store.. I took my daughter in today she recieved several 3. Were in Nashville,Tennessee.. My kroger in brentwood is saying they wont accept target, publix, walgreens — no one is considered a competitor anymore. I just had to tell them how wonderful publix is. Cleaner, friendlier, and pretty much always better pricing! I have not had too many issues at my Kroger in Huntsville.

If the intent is to help their cashiers avoid illegitimate coupons and I think that is what it is about , they really need to come up with some better rules. I feel sorry for any cashier who tries to tell a legitimate couponer that their coupons are not legitimate. I know I would go out of my way to let everyone know how wrong they and the store are!

I was going to shop there tomorrow, now I have to rethinking about it. I have only recently started using coupons. I normally shopped at Walmart since it was so much cheaper than Kroger on most items. I have been shopping at Kroger for the past few weeks only because I could use my e-coupon along with my paper coupon.

I will definitely reconsider shopping at Kroger. Right now, my Kroger allows you to stack the e-coupon along with the paper coupon, but if they stop allowing it, I guess I will have no choice but to shop at Walmart. I went to Kroger yesterday with a. Has this happened to anyone else?

Your Complete Ohio Double Coupon Resource:

If this is part of the new policy, I will not be shopping at kroger anymore. Now instead of being able to get 40 free boxes of pasta, my charity will suffer. Why should they care how many we use? I am really a Publix shopper, everything there is better! However due to the ecoupons being stackable and the new doubling couponing policy, I will occasionally shop at Kroger.

If the ecoupons are no longer stackable then I will no longer be a Kroger shopper. The only reason why I even go to Kroger is that they are around the corner from my house.

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I could have fought it or asked a manager, but I had to get home. Maybe somebody else knows about it? Why would Kroger care? I have also not noticed them blocking the stacking of ecoupons and MFG. The last time I tried to shop at a Wal Mart here they refused all of my PAH coupons so I walked out without any of my purchases and left the cart sitting at the register. My store does not limit coupons, either manu or PAH. Ecoupons and manu coupons are stackable. High value PAH coupons are allowed.

Not one of my coupons has ever been refused. The issue I have with Kroger is that they need a consistent coupon policy across the board. I have a friend who had never couponed before. Shame on them for this silly policy. Her Kroger is a few miles from mine. But if they changed, I will be done with them. A policy should not contain generalities like this policy does.

A policy should settle questions, not raise them. They should hire a real couponer to handle their coupon policies. Shame on Kroger for this. My Kroger is actually very, very coupon friendly. I have to drive past several Publixes to find one that is coupon friendly the others act like you are taking it from their pocket. I know that not everyone has that. I have 3 Krogers within 2 miles of me. But, Kroger is the store where they are so excited to see me get great deals. On top of that, they have good mark-downs on meat and produce, nad they have a Kosher bakery for my dairy free baby boy.

I was beginning to think I was the only person that actually likes Kroger here. The people standing in line behind me really got into it too. I shop at Kroger ours is called Hilander here in Northern Illinois and have not had a problem with stacking coupons yet. If they start I will no longer go there. It does make me a little scard to go their and be told that I am doing something wrong when I all I am trying to do is save money for my family.

The only things I go there for are the sales. I hope things get better because they will lose a lot of customers and money. Kroger needs to stop advertising how coupon friendly they are because it is not true. I stopped shopping at the Kroger in Huntsville, TX because they hardly accept a coupon.

I guess they will start losing couponers and revise their policy yet again. I must go where they are going to accept my coupons and not give me a hassle and if that means Walmart or Target then that is fine with me. I remember I had to stop shopping at Walgreens a year ago because they were pulling the same crap and now I go there every week and do not have a problem. In the last two weeks I have purchased boxes Ronzoni clearing out their shelves on more than one occasion for. Each trip I have had a credit of. Glad the Gallatin, TN Kroger rocks!

I know that you are doing this for a good cause but what you are doing is ruining couponing for everyone. Come on, and we wonder why store are coming up with all the new rules. I have been to Kroger multiple times to find completely empty shelves. It is very frustrating. I know what you are doing is for a good cause, but you also need to think about others that would like to have the food for their family. When you clear shelves it makes the shopping experience for all those arriving at the store after you very disheartening.

You should call and have the store order extra for you if your going to do that. In my town, we have two Krogers, one has stopped taking ecoupon and paper coupons and the other is still allowing both. Guess where all the couponers are shopping now? The Kroger I shop at is very coupon friendly and cares about their customers. I hope this continues. I just want to say how thankful I am to live in an area with a Publix. I only go to Kroger to…. I think you should send this exact post to someone at Kroger Corporate. They need someone with reason and intelligence to tell them what they are doing will drive away their customers.

I think you explained it very well. Especially with my Target adding a grocery section this week, right across the street from me. I am glad to see it written in a policy of theirs that they accept PAH coupons. Mega Event time…. Coming up with a reasonable scenario of items I will actually use without using PAHs and only getting 1 paper per week? The single store coupon policy seems to what everyone is been doing, but if they want to change up their policy like my store they need something in writing. They get reimbursed for the coupon PLUS 8 or 9 cents.

Whatever, silly managers. I understand that they can limit how much of one item you buy — what annoys me is that if I buy 5 of one item that they only want to double ONE coupon. Georgia is the number one state for coupon redemption — you would think that Kroger would be more friendly. I am completely saddened by this turn of events. I have 6 kids one of them special needs and we make it on one income. After a very rough couple of years due to the economy and a baby in the hospital for over 6 months we were finally making the ends meet because of my savvy coupon usage. Kroger was awesome.

I have 3 computers to print from and sometimes a friend or family member would print for me too. There is no deal anymore. I tried to educate the cashiers about proper coupon usage and fraud. I always told them that I would never intentionally misuse coupons.

I want to be able to continue to shop at my favorite store and get great deals. Unfortunately Kroger would rather punish couponers than educate their cashiers. I hope they see the light. I was glad to see this as I was prepared to send you an email, too. Their reasoning for not allowing stacking of ecoupons with paper ones is that they are both manufacturer coupons. I guess that sort of makes sense, but why is the manufacturer offering both? Kroger is 5 minutes from me, a Publix recently opened 20 minutes away.

I used to always shop Kroger but have started doing about half at Publix. I love the ladies at my Kroger, but I will be doing even more of my shopping at Publix due to this policy. I am in Missouri and the closest town 18 mles away only has Aldi, Wal-mart and Kroger. I never used to shop Kroger because the prices were always higher.

Until I really learned how to use coupons to get more for my money. I have to say that I really do like my local Kroger store. They currently still allow ecoupons and paper coupons to be stacked, although I am looking for that to change. Most of the cashiers are very friendly and helpful.

There is one that I always avoid. I made the mistake of using her one evening. I had lots of great deals and several internet coupons. She accused me of copying the coupons on a copier. I assured her that I would never do such a thing. I had her take off those items that would not scan. To add to my embarrassment I had forgotten my checkbook and had to put back even more items. Two days later I was back getting the same items with my internet coupons with a different cashier and no problems. I even complained about the night before and she said that I was not the first with problems with her.

I questioned why. They went back to the head manager and she said to ring it through as it was and then give me back the change that it shoud have doubled to. While that is not as good as stacking it would help avoid the problems of trying to decide if you should load coupons to your card or not. Just a thought. Well I had my first negative experience at Kroger Dillons tonight. I was excited about the mega sale especially the 49 cent powerade. I had buy 10 get 5 free that I got from a display at a major retailer.

I asked why, he had no reason. He also refused to allow me to use breathe right 1. I agree that if bargain shoppers are not allowed to maximize their dollar value, then there is no reason to shop at a store that is over priced without the combined use of coupons and sales. I am sad about this experience!

Yes I have serious issues with Kroger…and they are not customer friendly either… I went to one of the local Krogers to use 4 internet coupons and the cashier was very adamant about Internet printed coupons. Honestly… This has been the same coupon policy since I started couponing. So Not a huge change for me. Yes, I have been jealous when I read some of the deals are out there since I could never stack my ecoupons. I never seen the reasoning with having them since most of the tiem I have a same value paper coupon that will double.

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Just a pain whne your buying a lot. I noticed that someone mentioned that Kroger in Hartselle, about 10 miles away, has begun a much more strict policy. It sounds like what Publix in Decatur did recently.

Kroger 101: How to Shop and Save Money at Kroger Stores

Now, I rarely go to Publix. If Kroger does the same, my choices are going to be limited! Is there an I Heart Food World website??? I have yet to get any response. I also rarely go to Decatur Publix because of their attitudes about coupons and unfriendly customer service. They also almost never have sale items in stock no matter what day of the week you go and always have a million excuses. I go to the Publix on County Line Rd.

They are making it harder on all of us that just want to provide for our family and use coupons responsibly. I called my local Kroger store Dayton, Ohio this morning and spoke with the Customer Service manager. I told her about the fact that there are a lot of couponers up-in-arms about Kroger changing up their coupon policy and that a lot of these same people are leaving Kroger because of the changes to shop at other stores.

She said that it is up to each individual store as to whether or not to enforce the new policy. This particular store is not changing anything right now — thank goodness for me! My recommendation is to not only call corporate to let them know how upset everyone is about these changes but to also call your local store and tell your manager how upset you are as well. I do agree with many others that have posted that the extreme couponing show and those who are extreme couponers have made things woorse for people who use coupons to save money honestlyy because now Cashiers see a person with coupons and think that all of us are going to rob them or something.

Kroger How to Shop and Save Money at Kroger Stores

I also think that all the stores should train their cashiers better about coupons because most cashiers know very little about coupons. Michelle, thanks for getting a discussion started on this. Maybe somebody from Kroger will read it and will realize how unhappy we are with their coupon policy. Similarly, if I had a coupon for. I fully understand the difficulty with Internet printable coupons.

No retailer wants to accept a coupon and then not be reimbursed for it. But if I have an original manufacturer coupon that meets all the requirements of the purchase, I think I should be allowed to use it. If Kroger continues its customer-unfriendly policies, I guarantee you I will stop shopping there. I used to think Kroger was so much better on prices than anybody else but with the sales and coupon friendly attitude at Publix, I save much more money at Publix.

And Publix acts like they are actually glad to see me instead of the attitude I usually get at Kroger. I used the Kroger near Savannah Mall in most cases. Oh one more thing- I completely agree about Publix! Love to shop there with my coupons- only really go to Kroger to get a few things that are really good deals!