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Some of the pairs we recommend below barely cost much more than a cinema ticket. Would you take 90 minutes of fun of hundreds of hours of audio enjoyment? We know which we'd pick. Full-size pairs are often the most comfortable, but smaller on-ear sets tend to look better and, obviously, take up less space.

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The sheer popularity of on-ear headphones has also led to deals just as sweet as those of some tiny in-ear buds too. If the budget is very restricted you may want to stay away from big glamorous brand like Beats. Lower-cost names like Skullcandy often get you similar results for much less money.

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And you may be surprised by how much its headphones have grown up in recent years. Headphone type: On-Ear Weight:. We're not sure how Skullcandy crammed such excellent-sounding drivers into such a cheap headset, but somehow, some way, it absolutely did. The Skullcandy Grind is one of our favorite wired on-ear headphones — it's cheap, sounds incredible and looks awesome.

Also, while most headphones make a statement using a logo, branding on these headphones is subtle, with a small logo stamped onto each of the sidearms. While Skullcandy isn't super transparent about the specs of its headsets, the Grind offers exquisite sound quality, complete with beefy bass response and articulate delivery of mids and highs.

We tried a wide variety of music samples to see if we could find a weak point in these cans and, nope, we couldn't. The only weak point here is that it doesn't have volume controls built-in.

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But that's not a huge bummer. Headphone type: In-Ear Weight:. What you'll love most about the Anker SoundBuds NB10 is its warm sound and spectacular bass response.

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And, good news, it's usually on sale to boot. Not only are these earbuds IP55 rated, making them rain, dust and sweat resistant, but they also have really balanced sound that works well for every genre and incredible noise isolation.

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They're perfect for the gym because they weigh just 18 grams and don't need to connect to your phone via a dangling, easy-to-knock off cable. On the debit side, though, there are some horror stories out there of the BE Sport3's batteries being a bit difficult to work with, so keep that in mind. Headphone type: Over-Ear Weight: 7. You may know Marshall for its guitar amplifiers, often used on stage by rock stars and amateurs alike, but the company does way more than just amps.

In the past few years, Marshall's produced several lines of headphones, a Bluetooth speaker or two and even a smartphone. Marshall's headphones have been universally solid offerings that target the fashion-conscious more than the audiophile.

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Its latest offering, the Marshall Major II Bluetooth, is the company's first wireless headphones and it continues Marshall's trend for focusing on fashion and fun rather than pristine sound quality and a great build. Headphone type: Over-Ear Weight: 1. When it comes to headphones, the general consensus is that you very much get what you pay for. But with AKG's K92, what you're getting is so much more. There are plenty to choose from, whether you like in-ear styles, over-ear styles, wired headphones or wireless headphones, you'll find lots of options below.

Weight: 6. If you can swing the price, you'll be treated to a deluxe set of headphones that delivers an unparalleled audio experience that's well worth the price of admission. They are a unique piece of technology in that they not only deliver a mind-blowing first impression, but offer it during each and every use, again and again.

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If you're serious about sound and want to hear your favorite movies, music and games in a new immersive way, or if you just want one of the best sets of noise-cancelling headphones you can get, the QC25 is for you. Weight: 8. The Bose QC35 II shows why the company is so popular amongst travelers, with class-leading noise cancellation and balanced sound. They may not be the most detailed or exciting-sounding headphones, but they will sound great to most listeners. And the inclusion of Google Assistant is a nice addition.

Weight: 1. The Bose QuietComfort 20i headphones are easily some of the best sounding in-ear noise canceling headphones we've ever put through their paces. They boast amazing noise canceling technology and incredible sound, while being extremely comfortable. Additionally, we really liked "aware mode" and laud Bose for making versions compatible with every major mobile OS.