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Tom Cilmi R-East Islip said that the county should give equal treatment to things he deemed as dangerous as energy drinks, such as skateboarding, soccer, coffee and breakfast cereal.

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I think there are better ways to be spending our time. He later voted for the campaign. Two parents who blame the death of their teenage children on energy drinks cheered passage of the legislation.

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Bellone is holding a public hearing on the bills Tuesday, April 10 at the H. Lee Dennison Building in Hauppauge. News Entertainment Everything L. Events Power List Kings of L.

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    Latest Featured News. Bernadette Kilkelly - June 24, Timothy Bolger - June 21, Oh and when I was in the Marine Corps.

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    So really why would the public do this. LMFAO wow I have massive health problems and it is a known fact that drinking to much or anything is bad.

    Top 13 Insane Monster Energy Drink Facts

    People just want a quick buck these days and working for it is so out of the question. I used to drink the monster green tea a lot..

    I was loosing wait but then one day I drank it and got a numb filling and like a rush filling in my fingers and I new it was from drinking the monster green tea drink so to test myself I stop drinking It for awhile like a month then just to try it again it did the same filling so I stopped but now I still have trouble sometimes I think it messed me up from drinking it to much.. Why is a 14 year old girl drinking anything other than smoothies, milk, and water? Her parents are to blame for not bestowing healthy habits on her. America is so stupid.

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    It is so cheap to eat healthy. Quit looking for quick fixes. That little girl should of been eating a huge breakfast, not drinking caffeinated drinks with supplements her parents probably cannot even pronounce. People going to start suing alcohol companies for cancer and other related effects even though they are not alcoholics?

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    Are Energy Drinks Bad For You? (What The Science Says)