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Football Pools and Online Betting Blog. Week 34 Pool Champions Welcome Friends. I kept losing money every week. Wk 03 Red aberdeen under. Soccer result,live score,panel,pools result and Result of Week 5 from mars leisure. Check out the scores below. Get at least weekly UK pool draws. At a glance statistics for upcoming matches, including recent home and away form, previous.

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Week Wed 25th January Forecaster X Draw Prediction. Home Page;. He reveals the exact methods he used to select score draws.

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Pool Winners Keys. UK Football Pool:. Sure Pool Draws is an organization that is willing to help. The odds of which, pre-game, were These are short odds but describe the event as a lot less likely to happen than not. Clearly exactly 1 or 2 draws within the results are the favoured outcomes and combined, their probabilities make it odds on that this occurs, so how might we be able exploit this probability hotspot?

The plan was to include either one or two draws within the first six fixtures and bank on a MK Dons win in the last leg on each of our tickets. The chances were that there would be two draws in the first six legs and a cash-in option would be available before the last leg and before a third draw could materialise.

Alternatively if one draw showed up in the first six legs the cash-in option would still be there before leg seven if we had a strong reason that the second draw was going to appear in that last leg. To summarise, if one or two draws appeared in the first six games we were still alive in the consolation pot until leg seven. So, what was it going to take to implement this master plan? Overall there are six selections, the six draws from each of the fixtures, and using the 'Heinz' bet as a template, there would be six tickets containing one draw singles and fifteen containing exactly two draws doubles.

The task was then to set about constructing 21 separate tickets but was it worth it? In reality we padded out our tickets with additional results but it remains that had we included the draw in every leg , the ticket would have cost a whole lot more. Everything was going swimmingly by the end of the Saturday games. We'd gone heavy on Atletico and we'd only used up one of our draws on the Merseyside Derby.

So that meant if there was zero or one draw in Sunday's Premier League games we'd still be in the consolation pool until Bradford v MK Dons we'd covered home and away on Sunday's games. Unfortunately the Premier League had known we were planning to release this article and it conspired that four in a row of the Colossus Bets ties all finished in a draw.

Football Pools Coupon System

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