Arrested for copying coupons

It is also a good source for reporting a coupon that you think could be a fake.

What you should not do is confront anyone who you feel may be involved in distributing fake coupons or running a coupon scam. For safety's sake, let the authorities deal with it. Do report coupons you see that look questionable by sending any valuable information you have about where you saw or received a questionable coupon. The authorities are looking for the big coupon scammers who make a lot of money, not necessarily the people who could innocently post a fake coupon link. Most responsible coupon users and those who post coupons online to help others would want to know if a coupon was fake.

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Couponing Basics. By Donna L. Copying Coupons. Decoding Coupons. Buying and Selling Coupons. Stealing Newspapers or Newspaper Coupon Inserts.

Arrested for Coupon Fraud ! Glittering & Coupon Misuse

Coupons that are for more than the actual price of an item. Coupons without bar codes. Coupons where a purchase is not required to redeem the coupon.

Being Aware of Coupon Fraud - Protecting Yourself

Coupons that do not have conditions of usage in small print. You can also report suspected fraudulent coupons to:.

Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand. Definition of Coupon Fraud. Retailers Raise Prices to Absorb Losses. Unintentional Coupon Fraud. Spotting Fake Coupons.

Newington tax collector arrested after alleged coupon scam

What You Shouldn't Do. Afraid of Getting Someone in Trouble? Continue Reading. The couple admitted to buying the coupons online and they were apparently going from store to store trying to use the coupons. Because of the increase in coupon fraud, many online sales sites have banned the sale of free product coupons, including ebay. Unfortunately, there are still people selling them on secret Facebook groups and personal websites. That may not last very long if couponers and fraudulent coupon sellers keep getting arrested.

Last month, a New Orleans man was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit trademark counterfeiting after creating and selling enough coupons to cost manufacturers over a million dollars!

Why Copying Coupons = Big No No

One of the women is serving a 2-year sentence for the crime. Coupon counterfeiting is serious business, but so is the fight against fraudulent coupons. If you are part of any of these secret Facebook groups, often known as glitch groups, think twice about taking advice from those who are using fraudulent coupons or using coupons in ways they are not intended to be used. And they will be arrested, as is evident from the North Carolina case. If you see a coupon that is too good to be true, it probably is. Unless a free product coupon comes directly from the manufacturer or is in the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts, it is probably not legit.

As we all know, using coupons wisely is an excellent way to save a lot of money.