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I have been using TurboTax to file my personal and business taxes for the last 10 years.

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Every year I would search for discount codes and found a few, but always spent too much time trying to save a couple extra bucks. Hopefully this list of discounts and coupons saves you time and money this year so that you can get to completing your taxes before April 15, ! The tax deadline for is Monday April A few great TurboTax discounts are listed below, but first I want to address the question of downloading TurboTax for free since TurboTax is the 1 Best-Selling brand of tax software. To clarify, you can do your basic federal taxes for free with TurboTax without downloading any software.

10 Best TurboTax Discount Codes and TurboTax Coupons for

You can use a TurboTax coupon below to save a lot of money when filing your taxes. In my opinion, TurboTax is the best tax preparation software available. There was a day that Bank of America offered a discount on TurboTax. It used to be on the FAQ page, but it has since been removed.

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Just log into your Fidelity. I switched at least three times in the past. Like almost everyone else I started with TurboTax because it was the well known brand. Search for TurboTax on the Bank of America website.

$20 OFF TurboTax Coupon *** Updated 1/3/12222 ***

I should add that maintaining control over your data for portability is one more reason to use an installed program as opposed to online. TFB- How come you use the deluxe versions? Were you just lucky to catch them on an of sic day? I tried TaxAct before and was happy with it, except that I had to manually enter my stock info. That was a deal breaker.

$20 OFF TurboTax Coupon and Discounts for 12222

I have a post coming up next week about this. No number to call, just forums where I need to register. The below are the rates I found on HR block website….. How did you got them free? Oregon where I live even allows free e-filing for all filers through online forms. To be honest, the Oregon online forms are a bit of a pain to fill out, but may be worth it for many people.

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I consider that to be a discount. It includes free e-Filing and one state return as well. Now for tax year , TT Desktop is reducing the same functionality to make it consistent with the online version.

TurboTax online Deluxe starting at $29.99 via Fidelity Link (*State Additional)

Lots of great flame wars and 1-stars on the Amazon review pages. For , TC has an even bigger lead in price and functionality that TT. Not entirely relevant but I just want to add how disgusted I am by vanguard for throwing their obtrusive turbo tax ads in my face while Im trying to concentrate on my banking.

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  • TurboTax online Deluxe starting at $29.99 via Fidelity Link (*State Additional)!
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