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The Easton Sectional comes in various sizes and colors and is fully modular. In other words, you get what you pay for. Sleeper sofas tend to be blocky, space-consuming eyesores, which runs against the space-saving nature of a sleeper sofa. It will be difficult to find a more efficient sleeper couch than this one. A pair of bolster pillows and a bench cushion round out this ultra-affordable option. Though Zinus is better known for their ultra-cheap mattresses , the company makes ultra-cheap sofas, too. The wood-frame Sunny Modern Sofa features tufted foam cushions, a day trial period, free shipping all in one box!

Its upholstery can be zipped off and washed in a machine. Not all furniture need be statement pieces — this sofa lets the rest of your living room shine. Go to Burrow looking to pick up a small chair to sit in the corner of your living room and leave with a new king sectional free shipping, too. A patently absurd level of customization combines with fair prices and a very nappable cushion for a recipe to a living room dripping with mid-century goodness.

Its sofa breaks down into a pile of very packable pieces. The most popular sofa on a site with an actual mountain of options. It ships to your house shortly after ordering and takes all of five minutes to assemble. Change the upholstery fabric, the color, the legs, the length and add an ottoman. The Caitlin melts into your first apartment just as seamlessly as it does your last.

Blu Dot is as close as American design has come to an original mid-market furniture maker. This skinny, minimal sofa doubles as a spontaneous guest bed — just throw the pillows on the ground and flip the cushion out. A compact sofa with looks that get better with wear. The aniline top-grain leather starts off shiny and neat and develops scuffs, folds and a deep patina. Like the perfect pair of jeans, this couch speaks volumes without showing off. Made with a wool-poly blend, its upholstery is as sturdy as it is soft, and its lifted, cushioned sides make for armrests that double as pillows.

The Cloud Sofa is one of the most comfortable sofas you can buy. Cushions made with either percent goose down or a core of goose down absorb your weight without being all sink and no support. It looks really messy and disheveled, even after just 6 months of very minimal use.


The cushions and pillows are still firm, the fabric removable slipcovers looks nearly new with no pulls, tears or fading and the frame is still in great shape. Not everyone has a lot of money to spend. I disagree, not all of us are ready to invest in a big expensive sofa, especially if you are still living in an apartment like I am and want something stylish while not breaking the bank.

I know one day I will invest in a piece but for now this is perfect for what I need. Maybe not! I have no idea what the quality is for a sofa from Amazon… and there is no way to try it out in person. Id be worried I would spend more money in the long run replacing it. Id rather a round up of furniture you have actually tried out and know it is worth the money- even if you only have under 1, to spend.

The cushions still hold up really well and we love being able to throw the cover in the wash. In fact, we have a beautiful leather restoration hardware sofa that we recently moved downstairs because we are too terrified to damage it. As someone who has worked in the design field for years, I am cringing at the snobbery of this comment. Design should not be only for those who can afford to drop thousands or more on a sofa.

And then there is the environmental impact of every purchase we make — the use of our precious resources and the issue of disposal, because eventually everything we buy needs to be disposed of. I see so many pieces of cheap furniture on craigslist. We purchased a Mitchell Gold sectional 12 years ago that was far from inexpensive that is still going strong — the cushions are still holding up as is the slipcover. It was an investment piece for sure. I tend to agree, however, my irritation is that these are mostly ones with a chaise on them.

But also, look at the reivews…for instance that cute blue one on Amazon, has no reviews, and they only have 4 left. First, we have two young kids and a baby on the way plus a cat! We need something that can get spit-up on and cat-scratched and hopefully last us 5 years. Plus, no one wants to use a flat, poorly-stuffed throw pillow.

Give everyone a comfy place to sit with a sectional sofa from Sears

No one wants to walk across a rug that is shedding like crazy. In an ideal world would we all afford the best quality items? But this is reality and many of us cannot do that. I live in a small midwestern city. The only places in town with anything remotely modern are Target it has about three modern-ish items and Sofa Mart two modern sofas in the entire store, one of which we bought. Our thrift markets and local Facebook Market is full of the same generic overstuffed furniture I can find in retail stores.

So if I want something with some style that fits my budget, my only options are online and somewhat mass-market: West Elm, CB2, etc. Emily has done plenty of roundups and posts on furniture that is high-quality and high-price. Until then, roundups with affordable furniture are a great resource.

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I agree with both sides of this argument. Not everyone can afford or wants to invest in a sofa that costs many thousands of dollars. Personally, I have a sectional that held up great for about 5 years and then went down hill fast. For an active family of 4 plus golden retriever, it just took this long to show its limitations. EHD obviously has a large following.

I think there have been some really great points made on either side. Fast forward 12 years and we just put it in our basement, mainly because grubby toddler hands are terrible on a white couch. It is still comfortable and structurally sound. Was I ready for a new couch long ago? I replaced it with the Sloan Sectional from Interior Define, at a mid-range price point.

Very frustrating. If you are looking for long lasting products, do your research and save up. It might be more cost effective and cheaper over time to buy the more expensive but better quality sofa upfront. I bought from Cococo. Only had it for a few months, but they have reasonable prices for the quality you are getting. I am very hesitant to buy a couch online because comfort matters a lot to me.

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If this lasts for years, I will be happy. Maybe to YOU, a couch is an investment piece. To me, it should be beautiful, comfortable, and eventually replaceable. We just bought a sectional from Interior Define and love it! Added bonus that we could configure it to the exact dimensions we needed for our strangely sized basement.

Thanks for letting us click on the photo and go to the link! Way easier than remembering the right number and going to the list below. Love your website, and love these round ups! Not everyone can afford an uber expensive couch, and these photos get my mind thinking about different options and websites. With three very small children, I want inexpensive, but attractive furniture now.

This post is so helpful and I agree with the other readers. Not everyone is ready or can invest in a sofa so for those of us looking for stylish options that fit within our price range this is just what we need. Sorry to complain and obviously I can do the leg work on my own — just wanted you to know that there are folks in your audience craving less budget-focused round ups. On a related note: Does anyone have suggestions on where to read reviews on durability of sofas?

I appreciate the design aspect of these sofas, but I wish I could find a site that provides a round-up on durability. Mitchell Gold is also supposed to be good quality. You can check out article. I will be looking at one of those sites for my sofa replacement K THere are also reviews etc.

If I could do a public service announcement against buying a sofa online, I would!! Two years ago I ordered a custom made sofa from the now out-of-business Thrive furniture. I loved everything about the experience — the eco-friendly made in the USA manufacturing, the custom upholstery options, the fact that they sewed my name into the tag. It is supremely uncomfortable. Every review I read declared it the most comfortable sofa ever.

A Roundup of Affordable Sectionals - Emily Henderson

I made a HUGE mistake with that one. Everyone who visits my house compliments me on it. The mid-century lines! The vibrant blue linen upholstery! My point is, when it comes to just going on reviews to make this kind of big furniture purchase: Buyer Beware! I feel the exact same way about Ikea. I find that Ikea furniture is very much a build it and leave it sort of thing. I bought a daybed, was gorgeous, worked like a dream. Sold it and it literally crumbled when the couple was moving it to their trailer. If they bumped something bolts literally ripped out. I used to work in retail furniture sales on partial commission.

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Also, buying through the store helps ensure the it stays open. Full disclosure, I still work in the housewares department for the same company. Where are the sectionals from in the styled photos you posted? I may have missed the link on those. I love the one in photo two and three. I just bought a sectional for a project on Monday and was struggling. Have you done a post talking about fabrics on couches and what will last longer, etc, etc? I bought a Lee Industries apartment sized sofa 3 years ago.

Made in North Carolina I believe. Terrible couch. Never has. I was sent a replacement and same deal. The back cushions sag terribly. I was smart and had the bottom cushion made as one cushion. This cushion does look good still. But I am so disappointed in the rest of the couch. Going to have a new slip cover made, and the lady is going to re-make the back cushions for me. My Lee chair has held up better than the sofa. No children. Just single me until my boyfriend moved in in December. The couch was trashed way before then.

Certainly should have held up better.