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We had a great, productive meeting which reaffirms that the alliance between the United States and Israel has never been stronger. In a bid to play down the political chaos and focus public attention on his foreign policy prowess — in particular his close friendship with Trump — Netanyahu displayed an official US state department map that he said Kushner had given him, updated to incorporate the long-disputed Golan Heights as part of Israel.

Israel-Palestinian Negotiations: History & Overview

By that point, Trump will be gearing up for his own campaign, and will then be the one unable to make long-term guarantees on behalf of his country. On Thursday evening a US administration official said an economic conference in Bahrain next month was still going ahead.

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The conference forms the first part of the Kushner plan and Washington said it would focus on the potential financial incentives of a peace deal. Subscribe for our daily newsletter.

An Israeli Right Wing Coalition and Trump's Peace Plan

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Palestinian Authority: Hamas has sold Palestinian blood

Trump after drone downing: Iran made a very big mistake. Hot Opinion. Mike Evans. Gilad Sharon.

History of Mid-East peace talks - BBC News

Susan Hattis Rolef. Think About It: A seven-year-old child was raped. In the years since I finished my military service, none of this has changed. Though Greenblatt uses a joint settler-Palestinian iftar to claim that we are on our path towards peace, that is meaningless when Palestinians still cannot walk on major roads in their biggest West Bank city.

Is this the future Greenblatt dreams of for us? Settler violence is still rampant. The more than physical movement obstacles set up by the army inside the city make routine movement a daily ordeal for thousands.

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Two different legal systems continue to exist in Hebron, as is true throughout the West Bank — one for Palestinians military law and one for settlers civil law. If we were in s Alabama, would Greenblattsay that a joint meal between white and black people was the way forward? Or would he recognise that the way to achieve equality is to end the legal system of discrimination and ensure the protection of equal rights?

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Hebron is no different — the only solution is the end to the occupation. Topics Palestinian territories Opinion.