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Where do the students store their coupons? When they want to use a coupon what do you do with them? I am a deaf and hard of hearing teacher and will have my first classroom next year.

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I really like the idea of coupons, especially since my students are grade and the treasure box is what we use for the PK-2 graders. I print about 10 of each and laminate them. I let them keep their coupons in their desks in a spot that they can see. When they want to use one, they hand it back into the coupon box. Hope that helps!

What font is that? The colorful one? Thank you for this wonderful idea! I would love to use it! But one question, what if the child misuse the coupon? For example, sit with a friend. What would you do? Hi Oon! I totally hear your concern and well this is a reality with any management strategy. I think the expectations need to be made clear well ahead of using the coupons and a discussion needs to happen about what happens if they are misused. I find that kids are so excited about this special privilege that they behave really well.

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But adjust accordingly! Good luck! I love this idea.

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I think it is so cute. Our school uses Paw prints where students can turn them in for school wide fun activities. Do you hand multiple coupons out per day per student? Sometimes when students are on task and being a good helper etc I give multiple paw prints, is this something you do? Or am I missing something? No, I do not give out that many each day. I like these coupons to be those extra special things they earn through repeated hard word, trying really hard, team points awards, or star of the day sort of things. But that being said, it is completely up to you how you use them. They are incredibly versatile so would work with your paw print system.

Could you let kids turn in 10 paw prints for 1 coupon maybe? Thank you so much for this fabulous idea! I already purchased the coupons, printed and laminated them. Can you please tell me the dimensions so I can search for a similar one. I also have started using a box with little drawers that slide open. That seems to work well also.

All the best in your search! When you give out coupons for good behavior, do you choose what coupon to give to the students or do they get to choose? Okay thank you!

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I will be a first year teacher next school year and will be teaching first grade. So this sounds like a awesome reward system. Love the idea! Just a quick question…. I see where you said they store them in their desks once they earn a coupon.

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Do you do it once a week? Do you ever have any issues with the children accumulating a lot before they use them? One more question sorry, my brain is working overtime …. For example, do you let them go to the drawer as soon as you catch them doing something awesome, do they earn something throughout the day and then go trade it in at the end of the day for the coupon of their choice, etc. Hi Angie! I let them cash them in the morning usually when we are doing morning work or when there is a break — recess, lunch, free time, etc.

I have only ever had a few students that liked to accumulate them.

I gave them a timeframe to use them in and some decided to use multiple in a day. They choose them again at different types…end of the day, during a break, when I catch them doing something awesome in front of the group. The best thing about these coupons is how versatile they are! Use them as you see best fit for your class.

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