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Here at Bellajack we spend a lot of our time working with our clients to improve their processes, make their businesses more efficient and to streamline things so they can be clear as to just what they need to do in order to Be Successful on Purpose! In all the years we have been doing this we have learned a couple of things.

One of those things is that, if you have to choose between a great culture and a great plan — take the great culture. Another one is that there is no one-way that works for everyone.

We spend a lot of time absorbed in the numbers, interpreting what they mean and where we can make clever changes to the business model in order to drive better performance outcomes. What can be more difficult though is setting up the business environment which fosters creativity, growth and ongoing enthusiasm for the cause within all of the team. It is that team who we will charge with the job of implementing all the brilliant strategic initiatives that we come up with together. This time last year I was on a holiday with my family in Thailand.

It is blessed with one of the most amazing settings, being right on the beach with a western aspect that throws up the most glorious view as the sun sets every night over the bay the picture to the left is that actual view. Add to that the fact they serve up a perfect example of what makes Thai food so great, and that you can stroll there after spending the afternoon with the kids on one of the best beaches in the world, and you have all the ingredients for a pretty special evening.

The other thing that attracted us to the Smile Bar the very first time we came here a couple of years ago, were the staff. The owner is an older local lady who does all of the cooking and took the time to great us warmly and suggested that if any of us wanted another drink, we could order one or, if we preferred we could just go to the fridge and help ourselves. So, apart from the obvious customer service example, how does this relate to how you can build a better business? And it all came down to one very simple difference — asking versus telling — which resulted in buying versus selling.

The first person who had the role of spruiker, when considered in isolation appeared to be doing a reasonable job. She engaged with everyone as they came along the beach in a very friendly open way.

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It was then that we saw the power of asking questions, rather than providing information. The second lady also smiled at the people walking along the beach trying to decide on which restaurant to eat at that evening. What she did next after saying good evening though was what made her a great sales person rather than just an OK one. She asked the potential customers what they liked to eat.

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Our second spruiker on the other hand, with the simple act of asking what the customer liked to eat, got immediate engagement because it was all about what the customer wanted to buy, not about what she wanted to sell them. Even better, it was something that she knew the restaurant had a ready made solution for. And what my daughter found amusing was that solution often turned out to include their seafood BBQ.

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Royal Day Spa. The first step is checking the shade of your teeth using a teeth shade guide. Step 2: Pre-Whitening Treatment. Then she made me rinse with the pre-treatment Brilliant Smile WhiteningEvo Mouthrinse for one minute so that the toothpaste which I will brush with after—not before, like usual—will be more effective as it already helped loosen surface stains on teeth, especially spots that are harder for a toothbrush to reach, making them easier to brush off. Then I had to brush my teeth for two minutes using the Brilliant Smile WhiteningEvo Toothpaste, which also helps whiten teeth without damaging the teeth enamel and protects them from sensitivity.

An oral cleansing activator was then applied to my teeth as primer. Step 3: Whitening. I did two minute whitening sessions while seated on a cozy egg chair. The specialist applied the teeth whitening gel formula after I wiped my teeth dry so the gel will adhere better and effectively remove discoloration and stains from the enamel. the quirkiest online shopping sites of all!

I had to wipe my teeth dry with this so the whitening gel will adhere better when applied. I wore protective glasses the whole time my teeth were exposed to the light.

This first session is meant to remove surface stains, making my teeth instantly brighter and even shinier. See how my teeth looked below:. My teeth are lighter after the first minute session of teeth whitening. Can I just say their lighted vanity mirror is so selfie-friendly? After rinsing it out and brushing out the residue, the specialist did the whole process again for my second minute session, which allows the gel to go deeper, now that surface stains are out of the way. But in just one hour, this allowed me to freely eat and drink what I please—yes even coffee, cola, and red wine; supposedly, this removed any smoking restrictions for smokers, too.

Step 4: Post-treatment Assessment. The specialist checked the shade of my teeth and gave me tips on how to maintain my bright new smile. This means I can only drink water, milk, and white wine whew , and eat white meat, rice, potatoes, bread, dairy, apples, banana, etc. I like how The Smile Bar offers instantly visible teeth whitening on the go—it was something I just squeezed into my schedule on a whim.

After the procedure, the specialist checked my teeth shade again: From Shade 18, it became Shade 12—6 shades lighter! I was amazed and even I found it hard to believe, but I have the photos to prove it:.

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