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If they land one of them, they still will have lots of money to spend on lower tier stars. Chief Executive Officer of Fastbreak Daily. Junior at the University of Texas at Austin. Miami Heat fanatic since birth.

How NBA's Salary-Cap Increases Will Affect 12222 and 2020 Offseasons

News Opinion. By Adam Behmoiras February 12, February 12, The five NBA teams who have the most cap space heading into the summer of Related Articles.

January 1, September 23, LaVar Ball for Lakers Coach? Vegas Odds Think February 14, January 24, October 31, February 16, August 16, October 15, His next contract is going to be of the max-salary variety. Play basketball and stack money. Taken literally, this is a vote of confidence for the Warriors.

Golden State is the pick if he indeed wants to "get as much money" as he can. Viewed against the backdrop of this season, and the consensus belief that hegone, these sentiments bode well for the Knicks, Clippers and any other team Durant considers. They imply that Durant will be most interested in getting the long-haul bag, which in turn suggests his next squad wouldn't have a one-plus-one agreement looming over their heads.

Whatever the terms of length, it sure seems like Durant is done playing for anything less than the max. That won't hurt his market in the slightest, but it does force his primary suitors to structure their cap sheets and pursuits of other star free agents accordingly.

What Is a Max Contract in the NBA?

Much like Kevin Durant before him, Kyrie Irving 's destination remains a mystery. He pledged his allegiance to the Boston Celtics before the regular season only to pivot into a state of " Ask me July 1 " before the trade deadline. The impetus for Irving's about-face isn't quite clear. Does it have something to do with the Celtics' up-and-down year? Is it related to the Knicks going nuclear, trading Kristaps Porzingis and carving out a clear path to two max slots?

Did Boston covertly dangle him in trade talks leading up to the deadline that eventually made their way back to him? Could he just be bored by the B. Each possibility holds its own merit. Irving could simultaneously be unhappy, a flight risk and not at all sure about what he'll do this summer.

All of these can be true. Any version of the max he wants will be available to him. No one is in a position to play hardball.

NBA Free Agency 12222: What Are Max & Supermax Contracts?

Maybe the Celtics try drawing a hardline stance if they're peddling a fifth year. Irving underwent two knee surgeries last season and doesn't have the cleanest health bill.

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Paying him as your franchise cornerstone for the next four or five years carries real risk. But that extra season doesn't give Boston much leverage if Irving is already window shopping. He'll be 27 when tips off, and stars have gotten in the habit of prioritizing shorter contracts and quicker trips back into free agency. Offering less than the max, in any form, is a good way to drive him into the arms of other suitors.

Keeping with the theme established by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard's offseason leanings are largely unknown. Out of everyone who makes this list, though, Leonard is the least likely to join the pay-cut parade. This isn't perfect math.

NBA Free Agency What Are Max & Supermax Contracts? |

The uprising of shorter contracts changes how we interpret a player's earning potential. Leonard won't forfeit an entire year's work by joining a new team. He will get another contract after four years. He could also opt to sign a two-plus-one deal with the Raptors or another squad and re-explore free agency in , when he'll be eligible for a fatter max.

Still, looking at Leonard's value in the aggregate is fair. He missed most of while recovering from a right quad injury and has yet to play both ends of back-to-backs this season. Long-term security should mean more to him than many of his peers after passing on the supermax option in San Antonio. At the very least, Leonard probably isn't the type to gift annual discounts anymore, assuming he even was before.

Klay Thompson had no inkling to give the Warriors a discount on his next contract entering the regular season, as ESPN. They should not anticipate that changing. Thompson has already made enough concessions. Even if the latter leaves, he still won't earn the credit or touches typically ascribed to someone with his superstar standing. Maxing out Thompson is the price the Warriors must pay for turning his free agency into a non-issue. And make no mistake, they should pay it. Losing Durant doesn't compromise their dynasty if they can fall back on their initial core. Thompson is a crucial part to that safety net.

His capacity to shimmy between the workload of a second option and sometimes fourth or fifth wheel is a skill. Golden State cannot, under any circumstances, let Thompson go. Low-maintenance stars are extremely difficult to mine, and he ideally fits whatever iteration of the Warriors gets rolled out in Plus, a four- or five-year max only takes Thompson through his age or season. That deal will never become immovable.

What Is a Max Contract in the NBA?

Stars in their early 30s aren't considered terribly old, and Thompson plays a brand of basketball that should age well at both ends of the floor. Kemba Walker isn't in a position to be taking any discounts. Just as Stephen Curry went after the full armored truck in after playing on a clearance-rack scale, Walker deserves to line his pockets with his new market value. Only a handful of teams ticketed for superstar space have obvious openings at point guard. The Chicago Bulls would have to shed some salary before entering Walker territory.