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Bath measure - Saves around 15 litres of water when you reduce the depth of your bath by one notch on the measure. Includes a suction cup to attach to the bath and a handy temperature guide. Toilet leak detection capsules - The dye tablets are used to identify leaks in a toilet. Simply drop a tablet in the cistern and know in a few minutes if a repair needs to be made.

Water stick — Use the water stick in potted plants to identify whether the plants need to be watered or not. Only water plants when the indicator is red. Water storing gel - The water gel granules absorb excess moisture when the soil is watered and then release it back into the soil when the plants need it. They can be mixed into the soil when planting hanging baskets, containers, window boxes, pots, flower beds etc.

Installation of the products is quick and easy, with full instructions provided. Please check before installing devices to ensure suitability of product. Please allow 28 days for delivery. Northumbrian Water cannot be held responsible for any malfunction or damage caused as a result of water saving products being fitted.

Order a free water saving kit. Order online. It can be used with showers operated via combi and condensing boilers and with gravity fed showers. Save-a-Flush and Hippo bags Did you know that around a quarter of the water used in the household is flushed down the toilet? The Toothy Timer comes with an information card, to remind children about the importance of brushing for two minutes twice a day and also the importance of protecting our scarce resources, like water. Simply pop out the animal face from the card and attach to our two minute teeth brushing timer.

The four minute shower timer The four minute shower timer is designed to help your family cut their energy and water bills, by helping you not take too long a shower.