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These are external links and will open in a new window. Holly Smith, 30, from Gorleston near Great Yarmouth, collected coupons to donate the shopping trip items to a charity.

Neil Wright: shop through cashback sites using a cashback credit card

Mrs Smith, who has Asperger's Syndrome and a debilitating illness, collected the coupons over a five week period as part of a fundraising effort for Norfolk charity The Benjamin Foundation. The couple were give their own dedicated till at the store and the manager made sure all the products they had coupons for were in stock. Callum Smith, 26, her husband, said: "Tesco claim back from the companies that offer the coupons and they couldn't have been more helpful.

As well as Asperger's, Mrs Smith was diagnosed with a stomach condition and a bone tumour which meant she had to give up work. She has used her spare time to write a money-saving blog and set up a website offering savings advice. The hack targeted computers running rocket and missile launchers, sources tell US media outlets. England selected Local News Regions Norfolk selected. Media playback is unsupported on your device. Related Topics Lowestoft Gorleston-on-Sea.

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She films herself at the till, actually using the coupons she has found. As well as hunting down coupons online, she also regularly posts birthday, Christmas and New Year greetings cards to brands she likes.

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Once, she sent well-known sausage brand a card with a drawing of a farm her children had made. Wright, 29, lives in West Lothian.

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He started using cashback websites five years ago and is now an avid user, visiting Topcashback, his favourite site, at least two or three times a week. It only takes an extra minute or two.

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He sets himself reminders to shop around annually for new insurance, mobile phone, cable TV and utility providers, and always switches provider via a cashback website. Almost a decade ago Law, who is 56, started buying discounted food online that was nearing or past its best-before date, or had been rejected by high street stores because of its packaging. It is perfectly legal to sell food which is past its best-before date, and eating food that is past that is unlikely to be a health risk, according to the Food Standards Agency — only use-by dates relate to food safety. Two websites, Approved Food and Clearance XL, dominate the online market for out-of-date food, and Law regularly shops at both of them.

She checks the Approved Food website every single day for bargains — stock typically sells out in a matter of hours — and Clearance XL once a week. As a result, she says, she currently has 24 cans of soft drinks, 60 different sauces, 10 cans of soup, packets of crisps and every kind of cake mix under the sun — all nearing or past their best-before dates.