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So while I appreciate your confidence in me, I am entirely prepared to not live up to my potential by continuing to refuse to learn to program in order to use my consumer devices. I would disagree in that the ability to write apps and device handlers is where ST shines.

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Good luck with getting an unsupported device onto Iris or Wink. There is a large community here who have helped many users get unsupported devices added to the ecosystem or build smartapps for certain scenarios.

All systems do. Staples Connect worked flawlessly but had a very limited number of items that could integrate. Some may be willing to match, others not so much. Kaimanson Jim January 11, , am Tuff January 11, , pm Just used it for store pick up and it worked!!!

Connecting a GE Link LED WiFi Bulb to SmartThings: UNDER $15!

Thank you for passing along the savings…. Quirky filed for bankruptcy a few months ago.

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Let me know. The Cree looks and feels cheap, with its dome being constructed from translucent plastic, with horizontal vents perforating its base and top and a seam appearing when its lit.

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LED light is highly directional, and while the LEDs in the GE Link are arranged in two half circles, much of the light they produce shoots straight up. An arrangement of baffles inside the Cree bulb distribute the light much more evenly, giving the bulb an omnidirectional property the GE lacks.

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My wife also preferred the light the Cree bulb cast. Those are necessarily subjective opinions, of course. You can dim them with the Wink app as well as arrange bulbs into groups and schedule them to turn on and off automatically , but those things will necessitate your pulling your phone out of your pocket and launching the app.

GE's connected LED bulb can't change colors like some other LEDs, but it's relatively inexpensive and delivers all kinds of smart features when used in conjunction with a ZigBee hub. Cree's Connected Soft White LED light bulb isn't the prettiest lighting fixture, and it can't change colors like some other LED bulbs, but it's smart and it's inexpensive to acquire and operate. Michael covers the smart-home, home-entertainment, and home-networking beats, working in the smart home he built in Michael Brown. This inch television comes with Amazon's Fire TV streaming built-in for Empower your teams with Salesforce's productivity platform — get started for You can sign up for this team collaboration app for free today.

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Cree, Inc. Cree Connected Soft White. To comment on this article and other TechHive content, visit our Facebook page or our Twitter feed. Pros Highly efficient to operate Nearly the same size as an incandescent bulb Pretty to look at Directional light beams. Cons Can de dimmed only with a hub and an app.