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Offer ends on Monday, 18th March Terms and Conditions apply. Offer is valid for limited time only. Plus get free express shipping. Offer ends at midnight on Monday, 28th January Exclusions apply. Free express shipping. Offer ends at midnight tonight. Offer ends on Monday, 17th December Your digital picture files can come from your PC, external storage drive or cloud services such as Dropbox.

Some programs also let you select images from image hosting sites such as Flickr or social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. Autoflow or auto-fill the term changes depending on the programs can automatically lay out pages, add text and arrange your photos. You can usually change the number of pages without having to delete pictures, but some programs can only insert and delete pages one at a time, while others limit this function to double pages. Prepare for a bit of work if you decide to overhaul your design, change the book's size or switch its orientation portrait or landscape halfway through.

Pictures will need to reformat to fit the new layout. A few programs can do this automatically. Those that can't will usually limit alteration options, or provide manual editing tools. Costs The cost of your final book will vary, depending on a number of factors such as the size and style of your book, number of pages and any special options you've added. Tips for making a photo book Here are our top tips for turning your treasured memories into a top-quality photo book: Set a budget.

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Extra features like gift boxes and dust jackets can add a lot to the final cost and may not be necessary. Set a photo limit. Most people have a stockpile of images on their hard drive, and it can be tempting to print them all. A limit saves money and helps you pick the best shots from your collection.

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Don't rush into it. Gather the photos you plan to print into a folder and then leave them for two to three days. Then come back and review your decision. You may find that you've changed your mind. Plan first. Create a rough plan of your book before importing pictures. This will save time in juggling pictures and page layouts. Choose the service carefully.

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Have a look at different services in detail, as each will offer a few unique features which may be the little extra touch you're looking for. Use templates. Use the layout and typefaces supplied.

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They've been designed to look good, so keep alterations to a minimum until you've had some experience. Expect a learning curve. Spend some time learning to use the software. You may find hidden design features which will make for a better final product. Review your design in detail. You don't want any mistakes slipping through. As with the photos, let your layout sit for a couple of days just in case you want to make any changes before sending it to the printers.

Be wary of autoflow. In some cases autoflow or auto-fill can be more hindrance than help. Poor autoflow means portrait images might be put in landscape containers or vice versa, or that unwanted extra pages are added to a project automatically. Preview your book frequently. Scrutinise the preview of your book to make sure all photos align properly and that you don't have spelling mistakes. If possible, preview as you go to make sure your photos line up as you want them — look for gaps, alignment, and overlay problems.

Watch for picture 'bleed'. If placing photos manually near the edge of a page, make sure you drag the photo over the edge of the bleed line so that it prints right to the edge of the page. Don't over-enlarge pictures. Be aware that low-quality photos, or photos that have been heavily cropped or zoomed, may not look sharp when printed. Blowing up pictures can reduce their quality. Edit pictures separately. For best results, use a separate photo editor to optimise pictures before importing them, rather than rely on editing features in the photo book software, if any.

Remember that your pictures will look duller and flatter on paper than on your screen. Be patient. It can take quite a while to upload your photos for online editing or your final project if using downloaded software. Track your book. Choose a shipping method with tracking, if available, to help troubleshoot delivery issues. Related Content.