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ShelterBox supplies help survivors through the first few days, weeks and months as they rebuild their lives. Speaking first, Brad recognized charter members, introduced key members and guests and thanked the —17 board. Before reviewing the accomplishments of his time in office he remembered Roland Wilsey, Seth Eggessa and Herb Mischke , members who passed away during the last year.

Julie then recapped the recent Rotary International Conference in Atlanta and discussed her intentions for the coming year. President Julie Wearn adjourned the meeting at p. Roseville Rotarians gathered for our regular Monday meeting and were greeted by a friendly handshake by Dick Einan. President Brad called the meeting to order. Dick lead the pledge; Rob Davidson was our Invocation leader.

He did a remembrance of our wonderful member, Herb Mishke , who passed away last week. Roseville Record June 5. Greg Carlson greeted attendees as they arrived and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Joan Kallenberg announced that there were no guests or visitors. Ted Johnson reported on the progress in Nakivale Uganda with the Rotaract club there. They now have 43 members of which 18 are women. They have oodles of books in English and the common language of the camp is Swahili! Loren Swanson mentioned the close affiliation we have with Books for Africa and the Article in the Star Tribune Monday that talked multiple times about the good things Books for Africa was doing.

Terry Gilberstadt is still seeking more items for the Auction at Taste of Rosefest. Contact Terry especially if you have a unique item to offer. Thomas ymcamn. June Volunteer Schedule. Their new stadium is being built at the intersection of Snelling and I94 in St. Paul Midway area.

The partial roof will act as a megaphone so the noise level should be high during the games. It is all privately funded. It will have about 20, seats and between 12 and 24 Suites. There will be a club area behind some of the sections of seats for fans to congregate in. Local artists will be featured on some of the walls. Paul after it is built and in return they will get certain lease rights.

Roseville Record May Posted on May 22, Roseville Rotarians gathered for our regular Monday meeting and were greeted by a friendly handshake by Lynne Megan. Lynne lead the pledge; Ted Johnson was our Invocation leader. Angela Eifert introduced visitors and guests. Special Announcements. Dauphine explained her country and the several languages spoken there. When Dauphine arrived, she spoke very little English but seems to have mastered it very well in her year.

Dauphine has lived with 3 different families and had interesting experience with each of them. Dauphine has graduated from High School equivalent and will attend University when she returns in the fall. She has a keen interest in sports and food. She was a cheer leader this year and thought this was a really fun and unique experience for her.

How did she find American Schools? She thought they were much easier the Belgium ones and there was not nearly the homework here compared to Europe. Dauphine, you have been a delight to host and thank you for a very interesting and well planned talk. Best wishes for your future and I know you will stay in touch with many of the American and International friends you made this year. Jerry Showalter Update. Copy of Award for Seth. Posted on May 18, Award for Seth. The meeting was called to order by Brad Kirscher at PM.

Ed Studniski gave the invocation about Purpose. Luke Ferden introduced visitors and Guests. P to Cathy Nielsen, cathy. We are all invited…YEA. The Boy Scouts will be having an open house at their facility near Fort Snelling on Wednesday, May 16th from to Noon to celebrate their new addition. It is a very nice facility they have and are adding to it. Good work Jerry and Crew!

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Julie Wearn introduced the speaker for the day, Ashley Tripp. Tasks is an organization working with people with some form of Mental Illness helping them to achieve a life with the full rights and responsibilities of adults in our society. They employ mental health professionals that help their patients deal with things like homelessness, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and borderline personality. With their wide range of services, their patients spend an average of 9 days out of hospitalized where the average hospitalization time for those outside of this program is 73 days per hospitalized!

Maybe this type of organization should be part of our health care system? In offering their long term support, because mental health does not go away, the employees they put in the workforce spend an average of 10 years on a job where comparable others average less than a year on the job!

How does the government fit into this? Not much! Basically they have employees who specialize in Benefit Management, helping their patients pick up what they can from other government programs.

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To give us an idea of the scope of this problem, there are about 93, people in MN with some form of severe mental illness. Of those about are working with Tasks Unlimited. Thank you Ashley, for a densely packed, high speed presentation that forced me to pay total attention to the talk so I would not miss anything that was said! Respectfully Submitted,. Speaker Monday May Ashley Trepp. Posted by Deb Nygaard on May 10, She is an active member of the Coalition for Community Living board of directors and currently serves as the Vice President of the Mental Health Providers Association of Minnesota board of directors.

Roseville Record May 8. Posted on May 08, Monday, May 8, , provided a grass roots glimpse at the international reach of Rotary. This group of five very interesting people from Northern Australia and East Timor included one Rotarian, the team leader, and four non-Rotarians from district They presented a formal program at the noon meeting and were guests at an informal pizza party in the evening. President Brad Kirscher rang the bell at to start the meeting and lead the Four-Way-Test reminder of our mission. Julie Wearn gave a brief very heart felt invocation asking God to help us find peace and friendship and Joan Kallenberg introduced one visiting Rotarian, Hugh Schilling and introductions of the GSE team members was left for the program.

Happy Dollars was great fun and raised cash for Polio Plus. The visiting GSE team from District introduced themselves and their interests with very organized speeches and great visuals. The team leader, Rotarian Ainslie Corridon started with a description of their district in Northern Australia. It is vast! A flight from Townsville at the eastern edge of the district to Darwin at the western edge is roughly equivalent to a flight from St.

Paul to Los Angeles. Also, included in the district is Timor-Leste East Timor which is the eastern half of Timor Island located about miles northwest of Darwin. Anna Williams : Interior Decorator in Townsville. She started a business doing homes and other small projects and has grown the practice to include much larger projects and buildings. Yogish : Civil Engineer. Born and educated in India, worked in Ireland for three years then lost his job and moved to North Queensland about five years ago.

He manages bridge and roadway design and construction. Inacia Santos : Agricultural consultant. This is mountain country where coffee, the major is grown. Her work includes consulting on the growing, harvesting, selling, and transporting coffee. Gracina Herculano : Director of an education project in Timor-Leste. She was raised in a small town in Timor-Leste that has no road and can only be reached by a three hour walk or horse ride. She is a Legal Professional that writes laws for the Northern Territory parliament. She recently finished her legal education and expect to become certified later this year.

They answered questions and exchanged club banners to end the program. One of the questions was " None of us have ever seen snow. This was a very informal affair. The food was terrific. Conversation encouraged by a glass of wine and some. Topics that seemed to enter each conversation were geography and language. The team spoke "American English". They said that northern Australian speech was quite different from southern Australian and they had learned some key items of American use of the English language.

After this long interesting day, the gathering broke up about eight o'clock.

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Roseville Record April Gayland Bender greeted us as we arrived and led the flag pledge. Julie Wearn offered the invocation. This effort is a first for Rotary. We are supporting work in a refugee settlement of more than 80, people, helping refugees survive conflict and crisis and rebuild lives of dignity. It is a fun event and we need YOU to volunteer. To join up, contact Greg Carlson, , gwcarlson hotmail. Stamp out Hunger food collection drive is on May 13, , volunteers needed.

If you can help, please contact Kathy at the Rotary office. On May 1 our speaker will be Neema Namadamu , a visionary game-changer. Come listen to her remarkable talk. The meeting will be open to Rotarians and guests in our District registration is required for guests at this meeting.

Contact Kathy or visit our website for more information. Really heard. The use of art provides perspective and empathy to the message. It allows the viewer to step back and see things through fresh eyes. This experience has shown him that both people and companies connect through stories. Using this knowledge, Josh helps his clients infuse their messaging with art and performance to make their stories come alive. Himself a performer, Josh has toured with national performance companies. In addition to his event work at Brilliant Fete, Josh works as a director and producer in the Minneapolis area on both regional and national plays, and musicals.

Josh Campbell. Posted on Apr 21, He is also an independent theater artist nationally and locally- as a director, producer, writer, and actor, as well as an emcee and creative director. Josh will also be presenting on Friday, April 28th at the Rotary District Conference at am.

Breakout titled: "Discovering Your Rotary Story". Posted on Apr 17, Roseville Rotarians gathered for our regular Monday meeting and were greeted by a friendly handshake by Ed Studniski. Ed lead the pledge, Dick Einan was our Invocation leader. George Krienke introduced our Health Day speaker, our own member, Dr. Boley's resume is very impressive. He was born in Liberia and was trained at Harvard as a physician in with an emphasis on cardiology.

He practiced at Mass General and in Virginia. He is currently in the midst of setting up a non-profit to help with cardiology care in 3rd world countries where the need is very great. He gave us some interesting statistics:. Posted on Apr 10, Then he encouraged us to read more to expand our horizons and be lifelong learners. Ted Johnson Introduced visitors and guests. Angela Eifert Back from Uganda. George Krinke announced Health Day. Come early, to get your blood drawn.

If you desire the fasting test, ingest water only from Sunday PM until after the blood is drawn. The speaker for the day will be Dr. Boley, a cardiologist, who is a member of Roseville Rotary! Wakami is a business model that empowers women. With the income they become important in the community and have a voice in the community. Men have most of the money and thus most of the power. There is indeed resistance to the women getting money and power!

This too shall pass as it has in our society. Wakami begins with a dream workshop. Next the volunteers joined with the locals to clear the land and build the buildings needed to house their project. They built a technology center and began by equipping it with with some donated, refurbished computers. The buildings were built with bamboo to begin with and later they found kits to build the buildings. The workers that came from the USA included friends and families of the Rotarians. Now women are working in their own businesses making merchandise and selling some of it locally and selling some of it using the internet.

As you would expect this internet connection has opened the whole world to their products. Among the facilities, they created with the help of the locals, the nutrition programs to help keep them healthy the training in making marketable products and the use of technology to sell it they have created a business model that has helped women in this community to have their own finances and thus their independence to do the things they know needs to be done.

Thank you Noel for the way you have helped the world be a better place. Health Day - April Posted by George Krienke on Apr 04, Pathway Lab Technicians will be doing the teasting. They are from Minneapolis Park Nicollet Laboratory. To take the Fasting Test you must fast from the previous evening. So no food or liquids after ten 10 pm Sunday night.

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Cost: We may be billed through the club. A report will be mailed to all participants from Park Nicollet Laboratory. Taste of Rosefest. Speaker - Monday April 10 Noel Lutsey. Posted on Apr 03, Roseville Rotary is excited for you to join us next Monday, April 10 th , our speaker will be Noel Lutsey.

Come hear his passionate story, hear what Rotary can accomplish around the world, and invite a friend. Here's a bit about Noel's topic:. Noel has worked with other clubs to build training pods in which to educate the local people on how to combat poverty. With training, they are being empowered to succeed themselves, not depend on charity. They are learning gardening techniques, hygiene, medical care, gaining access to clean water and nutritious food, and more.

Come hear the passionate story of Rotarians working toward a common goal. Roseville Record April 3. All were welcomed for the first meeting of April by David Kray. After enjoying a delicious lunch, President Brad Kirscher called the meeting to order at , then David Kray led the flag pledge and four way test. Dick Einan delivered the invocation about how small groups of citizens change the world. Jan Vanderwall made the long walk up to the podium to introduce the lone visitor, Ron Hughes from the Excelsior Rotary Club. Following introductions there were several announcements :.

Alicia is also a kindergarten teacher at the school. Carolyn and Alicia came to discuss the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math STEM Adventures program that they just started to implement in the second half of the school year. Many schools are lacking STEM curriculum because the curriculum is generally geared towards having the students reach certain reading achievement levels and we are starting to see a shortage of qualified individuals to fill STEM related jobs.

Additionally, individuals with a STEM education have higher income potential and play a key role in the growth and sustainability of the U. The program, which helps kids see and think like designers and prepares them for future STEM curriculum, was initially funded by a grant from the PTA to have a STEM teacher come to each K-5 classroom two days per week 6 th grade already has an engineering class.

Alisha explained that she discovered the Rokenbok curriculum at her prior teaching gig in California and FHES is the first school in Minnesota to use the curriculum. She demonstrated how the RokBlocks work and they are really cool. They are building materials like big Legos with different shaped blocks, pieces and movable parts like hinges. The children can start with build plans or do their own creative builds.

Alisha indicated that the students really enjoy the RokBlocks and have fun while learning the design process. For example, she demonstrated how children are asked to build a hammer and then improve the design to make it stronger, more cost effective and user friendly. Alisha explained that the STEM program has been a great success in its early stages and is helping students develop in science, physics, math, creativity and the ability to successfully work as a team.

Posted by Phil Gelbach on Mar 27, Luke Ferden greeted us as we arrived and led the flag pledge, followed by Ted Johnson who offered a centering invocation. The Rotary District Fast for Hope initiative is working to effectively address the problem of systemic poverty in El Corozo, Nicaragua. This location was chosen because it is safe, Spanish speaking, and Rotary was able to partner with Kairos, an NGO non-governmental organization serving the area.

The Fast For Hope goal is to be sustainable, replicable, incorporate new ways of serving, and put volunteers on the ground. The program model is based on a belief that the local community knows what they need and that community members will remain involved and take ownership of any solutions. El Corozo residents identified several key needs such as education and literacy, access to medicine, access to other communities by road and easier access to potable water. Program success in El Corozo will help people comprising 90 families who currently live in poverty.

You can help. Working through Fast For Hope to solve the identified problems, Rotarians can have a significant impact and vastly improve the economic and social health of the area. This effort is not funded through the Rotary Foundation, but through individual donations and District Grant Funds. Any Rotarian and their family members can participate in this project. District grants currently support literacy and delivery of medical kits, but the primary focus is now on improving the main seven-kilometer track to the neighboring community.

An improved road would facilitate resident access to jobs, markets and water. Posted on Mar 20, Roseville Rotarians gathered for our regular Monday meeting. Jenny Hedal reminded us in her Invocation to open our hears and give back to the community. Quite a nice message for our meeting meditation. Visitors and guests were introduced by Luke Ferden. Jan Vanderwall , Alan Anderson. This week we welcomed Northfield Rotarian, Alan Anderson to inform us about the compelling urgency of Climate Change and what we as Rotarians and Citizens can do about the very serious issue.

Alan first got inspired on the issue of climate change by taking a course on it. Peter and became inspired by the world thought on the subject. Just a small amount of average change can have devastating effects on the globe with melting seas and atmospheric weather pattern changes. This is really a scientific issue and not a political one. What can we do? Write or call state representative to support legislation to reduce CO2 admissions. There are organizations such as www. And there is a Northfield chapter — cclnorthfield. Thank you Dr. Anderson for informing us about the very important issue.

March 20 - Speaker Alan Anderson. Posted on Mar 13, Rotary District Conference. Posted by Jim Foley on Mar 13, Minutes for Roseville Rotary March 13, Monday, March 13, looked like winter with a new layer of snow on the ground but the warm Rotary welcome felt like spring. Ed Studniski gave the invocation praying that the "world develops as a better place".

Don Craighead introduced three guests, there were no visiting Rotarians. Julie Wearn, Pastor Jeff Zaugg. Paul area, they had offices in Roseville until one year ago when the moved to its own Northtown Campus in Spring Lake Park. Today they count their membership at about 3, and growing. Substance Church stresses two missions 'Community' and 'Empowerment'. Pastor Zaugg said This means that after the classic type of service including singing, preaching, etc. The activities may be service such as working at Feed-My-Starving-Children, tutoring, etc. But, doing something for the community is always stressed.

This idea was first introduced to me. They all need community understanding and support. Roseville Record Mar 6. Speaker-Jeff Zaugg. Paul Harris Recognition-Maria Goretti. Posted by Loren Swanson on Mar 01, Maria Goretti and her husband Joseph at their own expense opened a home for " throw away babies " in Masindi, Uganda. Some of the children are now old enough to go away to boarding school. Presently they are working on building a new home for them and their kids in a rural area so the kids will have more room to play. They already have a well dug and soon they will be putting the roof on the new home so they can inhabit it.

Up to this point I did not even know she was a Rotarian. I believe Maria was one of those people and recommended to the Board that we give one to Maria. I believe she is the incoming president of her club in Masindi and the only member of the club to have the Paul Harris Award. She was surprised and delighted when it happened. Thank you for your support in honoring Maria in this way! Understanding Why Happiness Matters. Tim draws from the leaders in positive psychology and turns PhD.

Tim Grant is an entrepreneur and an intrepreneur. Over his career he has built three businesses, two stand alone and one startup within an existing corporate structure. He holds an MBA from St. Paul Seminary. Tim Grant is President of Merriness Inc. Posted on Feb 27, President Brad Kirscher called the meeting to order at The greeter, Jenny Hedal , led the flag pledge and four way test. Julie Wearn provided an inspiring invocation then Terry Gilberstad t introduced visitors and guests in attendance.

Next, several club members participated in Happy Dollars to raise money for Polio Plus. John Crudele, Brad Kirscher. John recently returned from an day mission trip to the Marinduque Island, Philippines where he volunteered at various Feed My Starving Children feeding stations. The first part of his presentation was a summary of this trip and he described how the feeding stations on the island change the lives of the children living there. Feed My Starving Children sends millions of food packages to the Philippines each year and it continues to grow.

John explained that just one meal per day for six months can bring an impoverished child back to health. John made a lot of impactful points that will help us in our personal and professional lives. Posted on Feb 24, RAH - Dauphine Dormans. Posted on Feb 14, RAHS has ten exchange students who are studying with us during the school year. We are fortunate to have these students in our school community as they enhance classroom discussions and offer us their global perspectives. February 27th Speaker John Crudele. Posted on Feb 13, I believe each of us is filled with concerns, desires and dreams.

We each wish to make choices that impact our future in a positive way, yet without realizing it we often limit ourselves. There are beliefs that drive every behavior. These hidden attitudes support our motives, habits and actions and will either advance us, or hold us back. I encourage my listeners to reflect, refocus and discover their own possibilities. Mary Jo also lead the pledge, Mark Zastrow reminded us of the value of friendship in Rotary as our Invocation leader.

Visitors and guests were introduced by Joan Kallenberg. Minutes for Membership brought to us by Deb Nygaard who encouraged us to bring guests to meetings; our next one is Feb. Happy Dollars Abounded! Our first speaker was Dr. Mark Brakke, a family practice physician. Brakke presented some sobering statistics. Also there is an acute shortage of general practice doctors in the US due to the low pay scale compared to the more lucrative specialties. Our second speaker was Nancy Breymeier, a business owner and financial planner. What should concerned citizens do?

Continue to have conversations on healthcare costs and delivery. Communicate with your state and federal elected officials about the need to reform healthcare for the good of all of us. We have wonderful hospitals, Doctors and. Professionals and great medical technology but yet our system is broken and we are all suffering from that. Thank you, panel for a great presentation. You have an interesting story that impacts all of us.

Roseville Record Feb 6. Posted on Feb 06, Brad Kirscher called the meeting to order at p. Luke Ferden greeted us as we arrived and led the flag pledge, followed by Melanie Mogg who offered the invocation. New member, Angela Eifert was inducted and welcomed by Deb Nygaard. We would like to extend our deepest condolences to Terry and David Gilberstadt and Hugh Schilling at the loss of Terry's mother, Peggy Schilling , who passed away this week. Ted Johnston is seeking host families for their stay.

Contact Gayland Bender or Melanie Mogg if you can help out.

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There are approximately 12, Karen and an additional refugees from other Burmese ethnic groups in Burma now resettled and living in Minnesota. Paul and its surrounding communities have the largest and fastest-growing Karen populations in the U. Rebekah and Eh Tah Khu in turn described how the history of Burmese conflict necessitated the move to resettlement camps in Thailand and described what life in the camps was like.

They also talked about the characteristics that comprise the Karen cultural identity and outlined the barriers encountered as they struggle to assimilate into their new homeland. They strive to:. For more information visit mnkaren. Upcoming Speaker - Rebekah Jacobson. Roseville Record Jan Posted on Jan 30, Joan Kallenberg , Intro of visitors and guests:.

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Scott Erickson, Eagan Rotary. Arriving the 7 th of May. Ted is seeking Host Families. Gayland and Melanie are the contact people for this. Angela and Ted are going back to Uganda in February to set up a Rotaract club in the refugee village in Uganda. Ted came in second with only 39 years of perfect attendance. Stay connected with us on Social Media at:.

Day of event registration is available. Schedule of Events: a. Registration is online here. More information is available here. Half and 5K Participants will receive a technical commemorative shirt. Kids will receive a cotton commemorative shirt. Mail registration form with entry fee to:. Proceeds benefit the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce. Muscle Milk Woodsy is a trail run that will test your agility and will over untouched wilderness terrain.

We work with the parks district to open up select gates at Murphy-Hanrehan to create a 'once a year' trail to race. All participants will receive a long sleeve tech shirt, and finishers receive a wooden race medal. Free food and drinks at the finish festival as well. Distances: 8. Free tech shirt, a fast course, and free food - all while saving lives!

The run raises awareness and funds for prostate cancer research, early detection and advocacy. Help us beat those numbers this year! Have fun. Help save lives.

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  7. Change the course of men's health by registering today. Access Walk-in Clinics. TCO's free Virtual Clinic injury service allows users to speak and interact with a Certified Athletic Trainer who will evaluate your injury and offer suggestions. We love summer. It means road trips, camping and lazy days at the beach. But you know that wherever we go, we always have one thing on our minds: "What are we going to eat? So do like we do when you're out and about this summer; sail past those fast food traps and enjoy the best that summer offers in the way of easy meals and seasonal summer snacks to keep you eating well, no matter how far you are from home.

    The Secret Ingredient: Preparation. When it comes to preparing summer picnics, road food or beach snacks keep two words in mind: simple and good. Keeping things easy and using the best ingredients are key to making any recipe to take on-the-go. And with summer fruits and vegetables juicy, fragrant and bountiful, we couldn't ask for anything more. So first things first: Just like when you're cooking at home, a little common sense planning before you head out the door helps ensure stress-free dining on down the road.

    Think ahead about where and when hunger will strike. Hitting the road? Pack healthy snacks. Make sure at least some of them don't need to be in the cooler to avoid frequent opening and closing. Pack refreshing drinks and cold water, too. Going camping or to the beach where you can cook out? Pre-marinate fish, chicken or tempeh to cook on your first night out. Pack frozen items to thaw for the second night, or bring canned goods that open and heat up easily. Consider trying out new recipes at home first to make sure you like the dish before packing it along on a trip.

    The road's no place to find out you don't like that pasta salad. Transporting food in summer heat and consuming it outdoors has its own set of hazards. Not to worry, however. Pack lots of ice and cold packs and check on cold food often to make sure it's in good shape. Using the meat from a rotisserie chicken is a convenient shortcut for making this tempting main course salad. Serve over lettuce and chopped fresh veggies for lunch, dinner or picnics. Rinse quinoa under cold running water and drain.

    Bring 2 cups water to a boil. Stir in quinoa and a pinch of salt then reduce heat, cover and simmer until tender and most of the liquid is absorbed,15 to 20 minutes. Uncover and set aside to let cool. In a large bowl, whisk together vinegar, salt and pepper. Slowly add the oil, whisking well. Everyone who brings a car will receive a coupon for one free item inside Culver's! Stop down and check us out, we'd love to see your car! An event every week that begins at pm on Friday and Saturday, repeating until October 5, If you own it and drive it Bring your friends, kids, neighbors and lets have some fun together and make NEW friends in the process!!!

    See you all…. The Cruze is officially on for and we are signing up the vendors, bands and sponsors now. Some of the new vendors we have talked to may be a surprise and well known to many but will be a great addition to the show. We are also working on a possible huge special event for the visitors. The city has been working hard on some upgrades in the downtown areas, and we know the North St Paul Green Team…. Paul, MN. Participant voting for 10 trophies to be awarded Rain or Shine Event!

    For more information please contact South St. Paul Chamber of Commerce at Push It! Pull It! Haul It! All makes and types are welcome. Space is limited so pre-register at vicegripgarage. Modest Automotive Show is back for its 2nd year. If you or you know of someone who owns a car or truck that is deserving of being in a show, this is the one to be at.

    Entry payment is due upon registration. This is an awesome event. Every dollar raised is given to charity at the end of the car show. All Vehicles are welcome. Food and Beer available on the grounds. Bring a canopy as it will be in the sun. This is a top 20 car show, with a HUGE variety of vehicles. Open to all cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This event is rain or shine. Street Dance from 4pm to pm.

    Live music and food vendors. Save the date for this fun, family-friendly event! Free to register your car, and free to attend. Learn more at edinarotary. All makes, models and types of cars, trucks and motorcycles are welcome. An event every month that begins at am on day First of the month, repeating until October 5, Plus, Mystic offers so much to do, eat, drink, etc. Come out and join us every first Saturday night of the month for a good food, good drinks and great people!

    The event is FREE and open to all spectators and all cars, trucks and motorcycles. The venue is also pet friendly. This is your time to shine! This show is for American makes only, new and old! We will be getting together to celebrate America while showcasing our vehicles and raising funds for a local organization called Believet. Believet has been providing highly skilled service dogs, free of charge, to our military vets since !!

    You can learn more about the organization at www. The Iola Car Show has been going on for over 40 years and features show cars, classic cars, project cars and a huge swap meet. The 32nd Annual Lakeville Pan-o-prog Cruise Night is open to all collector vehicles 30 years or older There are dash plaques for the first registrants, door prizes, and six awards. Awards will be presented at GrimmSpeed After Hours is back for ! If you haven't had a chance to make it out to our shop for these events, this is the year to do it!

    For those that came to the After Hours Events last year, this gathering on July 12th will be keeping much the same format. This is intended to be a casual gathering of Subaru enthusiasts, although all car owners are welcome as long as they're respectful of what this get-together is…. We welcome all vintage, muscle, exotic, rare, sport and hypercar vehicles. The monthly car show features a wide variety of the best cars in the greater Minneapolis area. Often times bringing vehicles from surrounding states. Car show for all makes with awards for the top twenty cars.

    As part of Lakeville's Pan-O-Prog celebration a free carnival, food and craft vendors, fun and games are nearby. Also on display will be the Vietnam Traveling Wall Exhibit.