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J, Lime Tree Valley. P, Bay Central West. Anon; Zulal 2, Lakes. S, Al Reem- Arabian Ranches. M, Burj Residences 7.

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W, Trident Grand Residences. Our extensive collection of exclusive luxury cars cannot be found anywhere else in the world, with brands such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Maybach.

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Our Supercars collection include cars from Koenigsegg, Bugatti, McLaren, Lamborghini, to name a few and we also have amazing performance cars from brands such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porche, Maserati, among others. All this makes for a unique buying experience for our customers, allowing them the ability to choose from a variety of brands at competitive prices. Our reputation is demonstrated in our excellence in serving the needs of each of our customers before, during and after the sale.

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Many of our clients are existing customers who simply keep returning to deals on wheels to enhance their lifestyle. That clearly makes his modus operandi unethical This whole social media shit is similar to dotcom boom of 90's.

Everyone thought they are gonna rake in millions and failed. Only the advertising agencies and media companies benefited since most of the money ended up there. But I do agree completely with what you're saying. I've watched kids trying to gain internet fame through good or bad means instead of studying. It's depressing. I sometimes joke about how I don't need to worry about all these social media pressures with my disabled kid.

It's funny in a sadistic way. All I'm saying is that MoVlog is an actor in the end who is playing the trends. It's showbiz in a different form. Unfortunately people failed to see that and get influenced by it. Almost all the kids of friends and relatives here wants to become an "influenza" and are mastering the art of faking by googling stuff.

These kids also sound like the average bollywood aspirant which is bloody weird. It'll be great if Industry in general and govt in particular kick these fake low-lives out so that kids can start doing stuff they are supposed to do man.. I feel you. A lot of people in my uni just go to show off their stuff and a lot of them label their Instagram accounts as bloggers and such.

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Lol so true, it's always the kids whose parents make 30k or so a month that flex with their bullshit designer streetwear and try to boast some fake lavish lifestyle on IG. Its a comment on the management's marketing decision choices rather than MoVlog's appeal.

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Got it. Though I doubt they ever hired him. I think it was a mutual relationship where both were using each other for content. I heard from someone that knew the sponsor that One of the owners tried to leave the country with a lot of cash and was caught. Currently detained