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Another drawback is that the mouse will probably not be dead when you find it. That means dealing with a live mouse. It also means that most people will probably just throw away the trap with the live mouse attached to it. That means that the mouse will suffer a much crueller, slower death than with other traps. There are a few good option for this including the Havahart brand of traps. These traps come in a large variety of sizes that can catch everything from mice to raccoons.

They are a metal cage trap that need to be baited with seeds or peanut butter. They do work well and I have had success catching a variety of pests with them. My personal choice of live trap is from a company called Kness. It has a door on the back of the trap that you open and bait the trap with peanut butter. You then close the bait door and open up the trap door. Place the trap free of any obstacles and check periodically. The downfall for this trap is that now you have a live mouse. From experience, these traps do work well and are very easy to use.

One of these options is a plug-in high frequency sonic repeller. Another option for repelling mice is moth balls. The downfall of moth balls is the fact that nobody likes the smell of mothballs and no wonder mice avoid the area. The pouches only last about 30 days. Visit us on the web at levahnbros.

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October 19, Double male plug November 9, Snap Trap. Tom Cat brand Glue Trap. The Kness Tip trap. We are really down on toys. Not that toys are bad, just that the over consumption of toys for kids is getting out of hand. A gift or two at Christmas and for a birthday are nice memories that can bring families together. Spontaneous purchases of toys that we buy in hopes that are kids will use them, is just not a good idea.

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So we allow you to remove some spending inhibition when you are doing it for someone else. Especially when this is an anniversary or birthday present. Nobody likes a cheapskate. So shake off your conditioned response to spending money and open your wallet a little.

d-Con® Mouse Glue Trap, Plastic, 4 Traps/Box, 12 Boxes/Carton (REC78642)

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I have tried all kinds of mouse traps in my lifetime.

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For 4 years I worked in the Pest Control Industry. Our standard service for mice was to lay down glue boxes. I have learned that there are a few problems with glue boxes:. So, I got on Amazon. I brought it home and my son and I put it together. It is a piece of cake to assemble. Nothing like those old school wood traps with that steel lever that always snaps back at you unexpectedly. There are three easy steps ok four : 1. I would recommend to Always use peanut butter over cheese. Peanut butter has a stronger smell that will attract the mice out of the walls and wall joists.

Cheese, depending on its age and type, may not be enough to attract mice that are far away from the trap. Set the Trap by pressing down on the set bar. VERY Safe. Good thinking Max. Put the Trap on the Ground. Nothing to it. Just keep your fingers clear of the spiked trap, as it might engage when setting it down. I put two traps in the garage in the evening before I went to bed.

When I woke up: 4.

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There were two dead mice. The worst part of the process is putting the mice in the garbage can.

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My son said he felt bad for the mice. So there may be some people that prefer a more humane method. Should I Buy It? Is this a Need? A need is something that although you can live without, you feel it is necessary A want id something that you desire to have, but life would certainly go on without it. Do you already have something similar? Can I borrow it from someone? Is this a Credit Card Purchase? Is this a soul or body improving purchase? Can I delay the purchase? Have I looked for a lower cost alternative?

Is this purchase within my budget?

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Can I get this product used? Have I googled for discounts or coupons? Moderation on Kids Toys: We are really down on toys. Are you stressed out or depressed? Is this a selfish purchase? Is this a gift for someone else?

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Are you a cheapskate? Are you buying a book or educational material? If yes, go for it. Will buying this make you happy in the long run?

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How Bad do you Really want to Buy this? Like Us:. This always makes me nervous because my skeptical brain kicks in and I look for review bias.