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February 8, This week Banning finishes up a conversation with Shawn Bolz. February 2, Shawn shares with such authenticity about his experience and what he has learned about destiny and calling. So grab a pen and take some notes from this episode of the JCLP. January 25, Last week he explored the subjects of love and pain. This week he and Banning will discuss how leaders can stay engaged in a shifting culture.

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January 19, We have the opportunity to share with you this month an exciting conversation with Dave Gibbons. This week he explores the subjects of love and pain. January 11, January 5, Hello ! David Crowder and Skyler Smith talk music, inspiration, and authenticity in this episode. Plus our very own Derek Johnson and Ruthie Ridley new voice on our next Jesus Culture album join Banning and Becky to discuss some of the practicalities of the prophetic and dig a little deeper into our highlight message by Dean Deguara.

December 28, We also have our friend Pete Greig discussing a little bit about his new book Dirty Glory. December 21, Welcome to the second half of our 1 on 1 with Banning Liebscher and our friend across the pond, Pete Greig. You can find out more about the Prayer movement here. December 14, We have some of our favorites on the show this week, Robert and Laura Burhans. They will be discussing this years crazy christmas gifts, christmas lists and prophetic dreaming while highlighting Deborah Giles talk on the Prophetic. December 8, So sit back grab a cup of cocoa!

Matt Redman is going to unpacks what it was like writing his first Christmas Album and how mystery is so much better than magic and Pete Greig talks success, prayer, leadership, and life. November 30, If you have never heard this episode we hope you find it encouraging. November 23, November 16, Ken Costa has been leading in culture for many years. His message to lead and know Jesus right where you are is something the JCLP is passionate about sharing with our listeners!

November 9, This week we dive into the subject of healing, listen to part 1 of Chris Gore speaking on the subject of healing, and also have an amazing interview with Lincoln Brewster. So listen, take notes, and enjoy this weeks Jesus Culture Leadership Podcast. November 2, October 25, We celebrated our th episode with our first ever LIVE podcast.

In case you missed it, check it out here.

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It was hilarious, insightful, and most of all, really fun. October 19, This month Banning does his 1 on 1 conversation with long time friend Havilah Cunnington. She shares a bit of her story and this week talks about tuning into the prophetic voice of God. October 12, Hello JCLP listeners.

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We are gearing up for our Europe Conference in November and we want you to be apart of that. We have put together a special podcast to share with you about our heart for conferences and Europe. She shares a bit of her story and how she had to redefine what success looks like. Dean and Banning also unpack a little about your timing in life. Enjoy this 1 on 1 with Banning Liebscher and Havilah Cunnington.

September 28, JCLA was 3 days filled with amazing speakers that poured out what has been placed on their heart from the Lord and where people came from all over to worship and encounter Jesus. Join us this month as we give you a glimpse into what went on at our last Jesus Culture LA conference. September 14, September 7, This month he will be discussing with us the different leadership styles.

August 31, They dive in to some of the key things we need to establish in our lives to have growth, such as trust. Listen to Banning and Lisa discuss some of the important issues she writes about in her new Book, Without Rival. August 17, Banning has the honor of interviewing one of our favorite leaders, Lou Engle. Banning says there are some people that just inspire you to love God more and Lou is one of those people. Please join us as Lou unpacks a little bit of his journey and answers some leadership questions. August 10, We also have a special music spotlight!

July 20, She is a mother of three, wife of one, and dog walker of two living in Nashville. As a self-confessed mess, Rebekah wears her heart on her sleeve. July 13, This week we look at Part 1 of doing Church as a Family. July 6, June 29, Join us as we answer some listener questions and have a little fun. Lyle is a published and sought-after speaker and advisor to educators, corporate leaders, athletic teams, and non-profit organizations. At the Flippen Group Lyle makes it a goal to equip and encourage others.

He focuses on growing high performers, maximizing leaders, and multiplying the influence of all the individuals he engages. Lyle speaks not only from a place of wisdom and insight but also from vast experiences. June 15, They discuss topics such as laying down your roots, messiness, and covenant. Hear more from Kris Vallaton as he looks at a very special covenant relationship in the Bible.

June 8, June 1, May 25, May 18, Make sure you are taking advantage of all the resources at rootedbook. May 11, April 27, Michael has launched destinyfinder. In addition, he teaches several classes in the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California, and provide consulting services for various churches and organizations around the world. This much needed conversation we hope will challenge you to be a bridge in seeing our nation united and the racial divide in our country and around the world healed. April 6, March 30, March 23, Dave is a proven innovation strategist, author, culture specialist, and creative communicator.

He has traveled the world to share dynamic insights on leadership development, regularly speaking in strategic cities throughout North America and Asia, and is the author of The Monkey and the Fish, an award-winning book on culture and Small Could Rising. Dave consults executives, artists, and the next generation of international leaders. He has served on the board of World Vision US, and helps to guide a group of third-culture faith communities called Newsong. March 16, We live in a culture that caters to the consumer.

Banning and the JCLP crew address the detrimental effects this is having on the lives of Christians and the vitality of the Church. March 9, March 2, February 24, She and Danny have been married for 30 years, have 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren. February 17, You are the head not the tail!

In the context of leadership that means you are called to be leading out in front not from behind. When Jesus told us to disciple nations he was highlighting every believer. This month the JCLP inspires you to live and lead with a determination that will transform the nations. February 10, This month Banning interviews someone who he has worked in the trenches with for quite some time. February 3, January 27, January 21, In , we want to see cities and nations transformed. In order to witness that we felt the need to inspire leaders in church, campus and culture.

January 13, We are excited about going weekly in ! January 6, As we start we thought it would be good to remind everyone why we started the Jesus Culture Leadership Podcast. We want to see cities and nations transformed, yet in order to witness that we felt the need to inspire leaders in church, campus and culture.

You will hear a lot of our heart in this episode! December 29, A challenging topic for many that some just want to forget, friendship can be expressed in so many different, yet meaningful ways. Jesus Culture Conference Sacramento. December 17, To celebrate Christmas and close out the year Becky gathered a group of ladies to discuss Holiday favs and friendships.

December 2, Banning sits down with leaders from the UK and reflects on leadership principles that have been pivotal in their lives. October 30, No matter where the Lord has placed you in society, as leaders you are called to be salt scattered throughout culture to bring Kingdom influence and supernatural transformation. October 16, One of the things that we are challenged with as leaders is the issue of generosity. We believe that leaders in the Body of Christ need to be the most generous people in the planet.

September 16, August 27, August 21, Our goal was ! Will you pray about sponsoring a child and help us meet our goal? July 28, When emotions are neglected a leader and those who follow him or her are effected. If leaders are not emotionally healthy we create environments that are unhealthy. Healthy leaders however reproduce environments that people can thrive in. Special Interview with Danny Silk: Loving on Purpose For over a year now our team has been working around the clock to build a platform that will provide leaders access to a healthy community, infuse them with strength and courage to lead boldly, and equip those specifically called to build lampstand churches, awaken campuses and engage culture so that we witness cities and nations being transformed.

We would like you to consider becoming a part of this community and walk with us at a deeper, more intimate level. Coupon Codes: Save big w/ June 12222 Coupons, Promo Codes, Free Shipping, Discounts

Simply go to www. July 1, Many leaders know the how, what and why but often miss the when! We hope you can join us. June 16, Register here. May 28, For more information, go to www. To Register for Radiant: a conversation with Kim Walker click here. April 28, Have you given us your feedback on iTunes? Last month you helped us climb to 41!

Click Here Podcasters! Click the button below to download the track. Get the whole album here! Get videos, interviews and more here. Connect with Derek on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Her recent book, 5 Millennial Myths: the handbook for managing and motivating Millennials is used in corporate training and business schools. Gabrielle is a recognized keynote speaker, corporate trainer and consultant focused on bridging the understanding gap and helping generations work better together.

March 17, Zack, SeaJay, Dean, and Chris Quilala discuss the dynamics of leading teams and what they have learned and continue to learn as leaders of teams since launching Jesus Culture Sacramento 6 months ago. We have invited some of our favorite speakers and worship leaders, in order to equip and bless the Church — and to ultimately bring to God all that He has paid for. We pray that you will join us on this momentous occasion. Topics include: the nature of God, identity, the purpose of sex, needs, the effects of sexual behaviors in our body, soul and spirit, and building vision for sexual purity during singlehood, marriage and beyond.

February 25, When we sat down with different leaders to record for the routine segments we look forward to doing each month, we realized these worship leaders, songwriters, non-profit leaders had much more to say about leadership than we anticipated. We decided to let keep recording and allow you to hear these extended conversations with these highly influential leaders.

Also, featured on this episode some highlighted sound bytes from our Jesus Culture Sacramento Conference. February 19, This episode will help cultivate the courage and freedom within you to unlock your dreams and see them fulfilled. January 15, Last chance to register for Jesus Culture Sacramento!

The qualification for leadership is not how many friends you have on Facebook or the number of followers you have on twitter. The number one qualifier for leadership is how well are you leading your family. This episode reveals the heart behind the Jesus Culture Movement. To register click here. December 5, In The Word with Michael Brodeur www.

November 17, In this episode we will focus on how leaders can navigate themselves and others to overcome things that cause us grief and great disappointment. Early Bird registration ends November 28th. November 7, Leading as a light in the midst of darkness requires us to lead from a place of burning passion and love for Jesus. God has always meant for us as leaders to live our lives on display for a dark world. In this episode you will be challenged to lead with your light burning bright so that nothing can hide your love for Him.

October 22, October 3, September 12, Also, the JC Podcast team takes some time to share their thoughts and hearts surrounding the current issues in our nation and world. As leaders we must know the times and understand what we must do. We cannot keep silent and distance ourselves from having uncomfortable conversations and addressing troubling events. Leadership comes with the responsibility to provide solutions for a world that is in turmoil. August 29, As influencers we are called to lead from a place of faith. This month we caught up with Russell Evans from Planetshakers to talk more about what it looks like to lead from a place of faith.

We believe that God wants to give you faith for every area of your life. August 20, Leadership requires a tremendous amount of courage and faith. July 31, As leaders we can often spend more of our time finding the things that are wrong instead focusing on what is going right.

Leading from a place of gratitude is a simple act that can release hope, bring perspective, displace anxiety and shift the atmosphere in your life and over those you are leading. But grateful spirit is something that has to be cultivated and done deliberately.

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We even interviewed Dr. Heather Ridnour who unpacks some studies about the science of gratitude. July 16, June 25, The JCLP just turned two years old this month. To top it off we gave away a bunch of free stuff. June 11, May 27, Can a city be saved in a day? Join us as we believe for cities to be transformed by His presence and power. This episode looks closer at what our role as leaders play in seeing cities transformed. It is our prayer that you are filled with faith and hope for your city and where God has placed you after listening to this episode.

That things around you would change because you dared to believe and go beyond the ordinary and the common to release a greater measure of faith for your city! We also caught up with Kari Jobe to talk about her newest project and also had our friend and UK Jesus Culture Director as a guest host this month. May 14, April 25, What does it look like to lead when things are hard? What do you hold on to and where do you get strength? Walking through storms is part of life. It gets even better because…some of the Jesus Culture ladies took over hosting these episodes.

April 14, Leaders are people of prayer. When you look throughout history great leaders are those who carry a heart of intercession. Prayer is not born of gifting, but is found in the secret place. We are dependant on God and prayer is our life source and a secret weapon.

We also got a chance to chat with Scotty Wilbekin of the Florida Gators. March 18, We also took a few minutes to chat with Lucas Hogg about the latest Jesus Culture project. March 6, We believe that God is raising up and sending leaders into every realm of society. Wherever you are at as a leader, God has placed you there to lead and be a part of seeing transformation. January 29, When the Lord gives you vision for your life, that vision requires an unseen foundation.

We are all called to bear fruit, but often we want the fruit and vision to be developed right away. The reality is God first wants to develope us and our foundation. This episode goes deeper on how we as leaders can embrace building the unseen foundation of character, leadership and intimacy only found in the hidden place. January 22, The reality is God first wants to develop us and our foundation. December 24, When you think of leadership most likely words such as strength, confidence and vision come to mind…not weakness.

The reality is, embracing your weakness helps you grow as a leader. Your weakness is actually a doorway for God to come into some of the areas you need most as a leader. God puts you in situations you are flat out not strong enough, so that in that place you can experience His strength. We believe embracing your weakness is a key discipline for leaders and we dive into what it looks like this month.

December 16, Wisdom is a key ingredient needed in leadership. November 18, In the midst of the demands of leadership, vision and influencing where you are, what does it look like to lead from a place of rest? Pressure in leadership is real, but it should not define the place you lead from. Jesus modeled this better than anyone. No matter where He was at or what situation He faced, His leadership came from a place of faith and rest. We believe this is a key topic for leaders.

We are called to be leaders. But in order for us to be the leaders God intends us to be, our root system has to be planted in the word of God. You are positioned in a place of influence to be a voice and carry a message of hope that releases change. This month we we dive deep into what is looks like to lead from the word. August 12, Social Pages.

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