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Why Do Coupons Exist?

Store vs. MFQ and Store Logo. This post may contain affiliate links. Comments Thanks for explaining this! Now it is a matter of sending to every cashier out there, lol! Thank you for taking the time to explain:. What about the ones that print at the register?

Absolutely, CVS just changed their policy. Trackbacks […] I have had cashiers question some coupons if they had the Wal Mart logo on them. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

What coupons can you use where? Store vs. MFQ and Store Logo. - MyLitter - One Deal At A Time

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How I get Free Groceries at Walmart Extreme Couponing for income

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Need something chewed up? This wording simply means that the item is available at Walmart Stores but it does not restrict you from using it anywhere else. This is a regular manufacturer coupon. This coupon shows a Shoprite logo on the coupon however it is a regular manufacturer coupon that can be used anywhere. Plus, look for a remit address on the coupons.

Understanding Store Coupons

If there is a remit address, that tells you that it is a manufacturer coupon and not a store coupon. Store coupons do not have a remit address.

Kroger Couponing Rules:

The coupons are triggered to print when a cashier scans a UPC code from a qualifying product that a shopper is buying. Catalina coupons are valued by couponers because they can be paired up with other types of coupons, which help shoppers save a lot of money. They can also be used to reduce the price on products that usually are not promoted with coupons, like fresh meat and produce. Catalina coupons offering money off on specific products are classified as manufacturer coupons and depending on the store's policy can often be redeemed along with any store coupons for the identical items.

It is referred to as stacking coupons. This week, the store is advertising a store coupon for 25 cents off Alpo Prime Cuts priced at 75 cents a can.

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My friends always give me dog food coupons, and I have been able to collect 10 of the Alpo store coupons. After purchasing 10 cans of Alpo and redeeming the 10 Alpo store coupons and the Catalina coupon, I received 10 cans of Alpo dog food for free! Target's coupon policy allows shoppers to combine a manufacturer coupon paper or Cartwheel digital , a Target coupon mobile or paper , and a Cartwheel offer on an item. You also printed Target store coupons that matched up with your manufacturer coupons. Catalina dollar-off coupons always state that the coupon can be used on your next purchase.

To decrease the amount of cash that you spend during the same trip to the grocery store, you can "roll" a Catalina coupon by separating your purchase into two transactions. The first transaction will be the items that will qualify for the Catalina coupon, minus any manufacturer or store coupons. The second transaction will be the remainder of the items, minus any manufacturer or store coupons.