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What are the Latest Cyber Monday Deals?

You want all the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in the UK for and, just like every year, we will have them all right here during the biggest shopping event of the year. Each year T3's dedicated deals experts work around the clock during the Black Event to ensure you are presented with only the very best deals and cheapest products from all of the UK's top retailers including: Amazon UK, Argos, John Lewis, Currys, AO.

T3 spends almost every day of each year reviewing and rating the best products on the market and then presenting to you the very best deals on them. The reason we exist is to help people find the products perfect for them.

That's why when it comes around to the entire Black Friday sales event we are perfectly positioned to deliver the absolute best bargains going. Our team of deal hunting experts, in partnership with the most advanced deal-hunting technology in existence, filter out all the exploitative fake deals on dated or end-of-life technology and instead shine a light on the deals guaranteed to spark joy in their owners. To score those absolutely top tier Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, though, you need to be prepared and do your research in advance of the big event.

Which, with months to go before the big event takes place, is exactly what this best Black Friday deals guide is designed to help you with.

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Because the truth is that Black Friday , especially in the UK, promises to be a more intense fight than ever in terms of actually getting into a position to ring up top deals and then follow through and actually land them. This is because of two factors. Firstly, research has shown that increasingly people are using Black Friday to shop for Christmas gifts, abandoning the traditional holiday shopping period in an attempt to bag a bargain.

As such, there are more people trying to score Black Friday deals than ever before. And, secondly, competition is also going to be fiercer this year due to the negative effects on the UK economy that Brexit is having. Shoppers have less disposable income than in previous years and, as such, need to shop increasingly smartly to pick up the products they want. We've got everything from basic information such as when Black Friday and Cyber Monday are this year, through to crucial advice that will ensure you don't get ripped off, though, so by reading T3's Black Friday guide you can make sure you're in the best possible place to identify a bargain and then ring it up quickly.

Black Friday always takes place on the Friday immediately after the North American Thanksgiving holiday, which this year is November 29, Historically Black Friday was the time soon after the American tradition of Thanksgiving where shoppers could indulge in a bit of retail therapy in physical stores. That soon developed, though, into an event that not only took place online but spread over the day itself, both before it on Grey Thursday, and after it through the Black Weekend and onto Cyber Monday Cyber Monday, originally, was the catalyst for the whole Black Friday sales phenomenon to head online, with the Monday following Black Friday seeing lots of electronics and technology discounted.

This in turn was seen as the starting gun for the Christmas sales period. Cyber Monday saw some insane deals last year in gaming, computing, clothing, jewellery, and more. When Black Friday first started, which was termed thus as it statistically is the day where online sales for Christmas gifts really spikes, there was a clear distinction between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday tended to see consumer electronics receive huge discounts and sales, while Cyber Monday's focus was more on clothes and jewellery. Now, however, the distinction between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is basically non-existent, with crazy deals and discounts on all product categories taking place not just on both days, but also either side of them, too.

Grey Thursday, for example, is the Thursday before Black Friday, and tends to see some top deals drop, while the Saturday and Sunday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is now referred to as the Black Weekend, as many top deals are typically dropped then as well. In the UK some big retailers like Amazon and Currys PC World also tend to extend their Black Friday deal offerings to the weeks leading up to Black Friday and after Cyber Monday, so to score the absolute best deals you need be switched on both during and around the Black event. Now, to quote Ned Flanders, that question is a dilly of pickle.

Black Friday used to last just a day, with high street retailers opening their doors first thing in the morning people would camp out overnight to be one of the first through the door and offer extended shopping ours in the evening as well. Today, though, with online shopping now a massive part of the sale, and with almost every major retailer now fully bought in to the concept, the truth is that Black Friday now lasts weeks, if not over a month.

Retailers now hold their own massive sales, such as Curry's Black Tag sale event, and these now begin weeks before Black Friday and extend a week or two after it as well. As such, to really maximize your chances of bagging the tech bargain you want this year, we advise potential shoppers to be on full-on deals mode from early November, and to keep their eyes peeled until mid December, too, as the past couple of years have seen some dynamite deals drop outside of the more traditional days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

And, speaking of retailer-specific Black Friday mega sales, let us now explore one of the biggest Right now Amazon hasn't confirmed when its Black Friday UK deals event will run in , however we are guessing we will see it operate from the Friday before Black Friday November 22nd and continue until the Friday after it December 9th.

What will you pick up?

In this time window Amazon's Black Friday Deals Store will be open, with products across every category receiving crazy Black Friday discounts. A steady stream of Amazon "Deals of the Day" will also drop every 24 hours and there will also be thousands upon thousands of "Lightning Deals" dropping every day, too.

Lightning deals are special limited time and stock deals that, as you would expect from the name, sell out very, very quickly indeed. New Lightning Deals will land every 5 minutes, though, meaning that providing you are prepared and ready to strike, you're almost guaranteed to land the tech you want.

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday PlayStation 4 deals

And talking of Lightning Deals, as well as many of the best products in the Amazon Black Friday Deals Store, there's one sure fire way to guarantee you're among the first in line to score them… Amazon Prime. Getting a free Amazon Prime account is a crucial step in getting many of the best Black Friday deals. The truth of the matter is that if you want to be in on the ground floor for many of Amazon's best Black Friday deals then you need to be an Amazon Prime member.

Amazon Prime members get an exclusive minute early access window to ALL Lightning Deals, which is normally the only way to grab one of the hot products before they all sell out. PS4 Pro deals 3. PS4 game deals 4. PS4 accessories Our editors search through thousands of deals to unearth the best prices from the most trustworthy retailers. You can support us by clicking these independently selected links, as we may earn a commission on any purchase you make - but at no extra cost to you.

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The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday PS4 and PS4 Pro deals | TechRadar

The Black Friday weekend is still going strong and so are the latest PS4 and PS4 Pro deals - and with Cyber Monday fast approaching, there are sure to be even more on the way. To save you spending hours poring over all the biggest gaming retailers online, browsing through batches of fake savings and getting irritated at how shocking the search options are Scroll down to see the best Cyber Monday deals we've found from across the net. The Sony PlayStation 4 has boasted great sales, a growing army of users and a steady flow of exclusive content, which makes it the undeniable winner of the current generation of console wars.

If you've yet to sample Sony's current-gen console - or Rockstar's immense open-world game - now may be the time to jump in. View Deal. Everything you need to start a Battle Royale experience. It's your choice which retailer you'd prefer to use. Still not the cheapest it could be but, considering FIFA 19 only released in September, we'll take it.

This deal expires at midnight on November Charged by the current political climate, it sees you take down a dangerous cult leader in the southern states of America. Hours of tactical first-person fun, made all the better when playing with friends. This spin-off game featuring series' favourite character Chloe Frazer is every bit as good as those that came before it, and can now often be picked up at a bargain price.

This icy-cold adventure on PS4 is the 20th anniversary edition, meaning those with a PSVR headset can also enjoy some cool virtual reality sections along with the regular tomb-raiding action.

Find the best places to get your hands on a PS4 this Black Friday

Kingdom Hearts HD 1. Kingdom Hearts, that's what. It shouldn't work, but it does. If you ever wanted to see Goofy and Cloud Strife fight side-by-side, this colourful romp will deliver the goods. It's a top, little-known title, but a bit of an acquired taste. However, at this price it's absolutely worth a go — you rarely see it go this low. What more could you want?! A spirited and charmingly weird RPG, don't be put off by the number "5" in the title — each game in the series more or less stands alone so you can jump right in here at the fifth entry without a problem.

If you haven't picked it up yet then now is the perfect time. But PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, with its apocalyptic future setting, superb story, inspiring protagonist and incredible robot dinosaurs needs to be seen to be believed. We're going to be constantly updating you on the best deals, so be sure to check back on TechRadar for the latest PS4 and PS4 Pro offers. From Black Friday weekend into Cyber Monday, you're going to be inundated with gaming deals.

So the first question would be — do you actually want a PlayStation 4? It's a fantastic gaming platform, and is likely to suit all types of gamers, but are there more exclusive titles on the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch that you're more interested in? If you're here, the answer is probably 'no', but make sure before committing.

You might also like the more portable style of the Switch, which is bound to suit those who like to game on-the-go or travel often. If you've made up your mind about the PS4, you're on the home stretch. But which PS4 do you want? It can be worth going via a retailer like John Lewis the Black Friday experts extraordinaire too, as a formal warranty can save you a lot of money in long-run if you ever have a hardware failure.

Because it won't just be the consoles on sale. Games, accessories and subscription service memberships are likely to entice you as well and it's best to go in with a budget in mind so you don't get carried away.