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Grab Marine Deals's limited period offer. You say I've lost nothing but I have lost the opportunity to enjoy the product I paid for and have also lost trust in this online retailer. Warrantee claims and returns are handled through there NSW location in Mascot. I've not had to make one so far but believe the process is much the same with any Australian online retailer. It's your responsibility to get it to them in NSW and theirs to get it back to you! I can understand what Michael is saying. If a retailer advertises a price, they need to honour it.

I believe its by law that the shop has to honour the advertised price. Someone left out the "1" when they marked the price. When I went to pay for it, the manager had to over-ride the terminal because it was under cost. If what that link shows is correct, then Michael was entitled to the goods at the "special price" because they accepted his payment. Oops, just read the thread again and realized the seller is Kiwi. Not sure if our laws apply to NZ companies, selling into Australia. OL payments are processed automatically, these laws apply for instances which are genuine.

The deal by Aust law is NOT done and the law protects me for making an obvious mistake and rightly so from someone taking advantage of my mistake. In Zooms dealings we don't know if the add was by mistake or not. You keep changing the subject. Offer and acceptance by way of online transactions - you go in and create an account and then pay your money when checking out of the shopping cart - is absolutely covered by Australian retail laws.

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This was not me putting a dollar in their paypal account and hoping to scam them. I paid over a grand and did so in good faith. Their advert even said how much the price was reduced by so that is nothing like what you are trying to imply. The reason I can't get the product for the price I paid? Marine Deals hides behind their NZ status and are not registered as a business in Australia. As for people that think because Marine Deals has a distribution space in NSW will cover these things?

Guess again.

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Im certainly not implying that you were trying to scam them and of course you paid the money in good faith. I expected the retailer to behave as every other aussie retailer has to - oh wait, they aren't aussie retailers! As long as you're happy that you think they run their business fairly and think the customer is always wrong, then good luck to you and your business ventures. Since you have now resorted to trying to ridicule, I'm not bothering to respond to any more of your posts on this subject.

I meant no ridicule in what I've said. I don't know whether they run their business fairly or not I've said all along "if" it was a legit mistake.


For example, in Australia, because of a voluntary code known as the Scanning Code of Practice for Supermarkets, many of the large supermarket chains adhere to a policy of honouring the marked price or even giving it free where it scans incorrectly. However, in absence of such policies, what remedies does the Australian Consumer Law offer where there is a pricing error? As i stated on previous posts, the laws are made to protect consumers who have genuineley been ripped off, or misled. Thanks for bumping this though when the thread had run its course and you were desperate to chip in.

Their mistake was they didn't want to admit their mistake under their own conditions and told him his product wasn't available which then took him onto another one of their conditions.

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Suck shit for being dishonest and sneaky. Sure the law is on the side of the purchaser but Personal opinion but there seems to be only one party here with less than questionable morals and it's not the jeweller. My thoughts exactly. Their whole business in built on emotive purchasing. If everyone is happy to get screwed by online retailers with overpriced shipping, shipping isn't refunded if the goods are faulty, pictures not matching products, massive markups, etc then good luck to you.

For once when the shoe is on the other foot and they were in the wrong, it should be the same. I am bound by the sale contract when I make my payment and get a receipt - and so should the retailer. Rob's point is well made that it should also depend on the companies ability to absorb the cost of the mistake. I haven't pursued it any further for two reasons - one they are an NZ company and I would have to fight them in NZ and two the product is a want and not a need so I can do without it.

But don't expect me to sit back and just cop it sweet without advising my fellow consumers that there are possible issues in dealing with this company. If they have such a weak balance sheet then they could close at any time and take your money with them. Fosty, this is nothing like the launching fee so I'll cut you off before you start. Create new account Request new password. Who's online There are currently 33 users and guests online. Pure bait and switch marketing at its best. Buyer beware when dealing with these jokers. Image Upload:. Login or register to post comments reads.