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Join the challenge! Check out our next events Choose your location, create your team and purchase your tickets. Get Tickets. Become a volunteer and join a Muddy Princess event for free. More information. We had loads of fun and met so many incredible girls! Kelli Long Finch - San Antonio. This was the best time of our lives! Blanca Fernandez - Houston. Can't wait to do it again next year! Shop coming soon A lot of thanks to Our beloved Partners. A Giveaway! Show Your Colors at Night!

The Color Run at Night, Atlanta — 2 entries giveaway! Catching Up and Looking Forward — this week! Shares 0. Comments I have never done a color run before! I did one last year, and hope to this year with an even bigger group! It was a lot of fun! I'm taking my son, but we'll be hooking up with a bigger group so I can't wait! Joe answers some questions about Spartan Agoge. We learn all about what inspired it, what it is, and if it is, in fact, going to replace The Death Race.

You will also hear from David Mick, who was interviewed to clear up a burpee miscount. Episode - Today's show features a sit down interview with Lee Haney. After success in bodybuilding as a teenager, Lee went on to win Mr. Olympia 8 times in a row. Since he stopped competing, he has been sought after as a coach and personal trainer. His clients have included Evander Holyfield, Steve Harvey, and many others.

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His certification program is taught by trainers worldwide. He also talks about why "functional fitness" is where it's at and why he thinks we should all "train to stimulate, not annihilate". We also learn about his upcoming events which combine bodybuilding, strongman, and a little bit of OCR. Lee posing to "Excalibur", and winning his first of 8 Mr. Olympia titles. Upcoming Lee Haney Fitness Events. Episode - On today's show, we talk endurance training. The first guest is Miguel Medina.

Matt recently signed up for Yancy Camp, and chose Coach Miguel to make him a better obstacle racer. This is the first of what we plan on being several chats, leading up to World's Toughest Mudder in November. Next up is Neil Murphy with Regiment Running. Neil got some early dish on the Spartan UltraBeast.

Matt called him to find out what he learned from UB course director Norm Koch. We also dig in to see what Neil and his Florida crew of banditos have been doing the last few years, as they have created some great endurance training. For those that live near or are visiting Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, this is the group for you. We've featured many of the local and regional OCR groups before, but never one this close to it's inception.

We talk to Chris Maltbie, who helps design obstacles and who has done 75 miles at WTM the last 2 years. Tahir was Sean Corvelle before there was a Sean Corvelle. Matt got to interview Tahir after finally meeting him for the first time. We also spoke with some every day Mudders and what taking on this course meant to them. June 20th, Gadsden, Alabama.

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Mid America Obstacle Course Racers. Tahir Moore. We told him our podcast would be a perfect forum for that. We then invited him to appear on the show, along with a member of the OCR community who would ask some questions about the product. Jones said it was a great idea, and referred us to Dr. Anthony Beck, the creator of the product, as the man to be on the call. So I invited him on the call to do the inquiring. Josh Grant Resume:. Oral IV. Anthony Beck website. Healing Tree Yoga. Previous podcast episode with Josh. Matt first met Zack at the Carolina Superhero Scramble, and they finally sat down and had a long chat.

It turns out they have more in common than they thought. Find out how Nubs earned his nickname, and the adventures he has been on since. We'll also learn how OCR played a part in what was already a life dedicated to helping people, and what caused him to make a major decision to head to the U. More Heart Than Scars Website. Joe Desena Ohio wheelchair podcast episode. Billy Costello-Combat Wounded.

We learn what's happened since last year's event, what's new, and then, Adrian unveils the all new weekly ranking system that just went live. We went to Chicago last year and look forward to attending this year's event in NYC. OCR World Rankings. Obstacle Racers Worldwide Facebook Page. We ran the Georgia stop of that event for the 2nd straight year, and despite some serious rain, had a great time. After interviewing "Operations Manager", Garfield Griffiths , we decided to take a slightly different approach to this episode.

Rather than talking to all of the top finishers, we decided instead to talk to some different kinds of folks. Savage Race Georgia Spring Video. Georgia Ragnar Relay Recap. Episode - On today's show, our guest is Selica Sevigny. Such is the kind of thing that can happen when you end up in the crosshairs of Joe Desena and Andy Weinberg in the Vortex that is Pittsfield, Vermont. Selica talks about what happened in that fateful summer of , how she and the founders came up with the name Spartan Race, and what it's been like holding onto the Canadian reigns of the rocket ship that is Spartan.

Today's episode is sponsored by Muddy Brute , a new race coming to Georgia this Fall. Spartan Race Canada.

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Death Race Video. A really old original Spartan Race website we found. She talked to Matt B. Short and sweet, enjoy our 2nd podcast this week. National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Episode - We owe you an episode, faithful listeners, so today's episode is 1 of 2 that we are bringing you this week. Today's show is an interview with Ron Pitts. Matt B. While not an OCR-centric interview, we think you will be informed and entertained by this chat.

Matt talks with Ron about, among other things , growing up the son of an NFL legend, playing in the NFL, meeting Al Davis, and working as a broadcaster for 20 plus years. Episode - On today's show, we talk to several top finishers from the Spartan Race in the Bahamas. We also have a longer one on one interview with Ryan Kent on the cruise ship, the next day. Find out why in these interviews. Finish line and other photos from Orlando BattleFrog. Spartan Gap Year Facebook Page. Find out who Lleyton Hewitt is.

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So there's 20 more good minutes on ANW. Evan's first ANW audition tape. Mike Adamle-Where are they now? Episode - McCauley Kraker Mac grew up in an athletic family. He would go on to become a collegiate runner with some success. Then he decided running wasn't for him and spent a lot of time on the couch. He finished 4th despite having not run for a year.

The Preface

He has picked up the pace and was recently named to the Spartan Stadium Pro Team. Listen in to learn more about McCauley's journey which includes his days as part of a Midwest blackjack card counting crew, and his recent trip to to the Middle East for the first ever Spartan Race in Dubai. Mac's Blog- Blue Highways. Episode - Before Amelia. Before Pak. There was Stefanie Bishop. A few months later it was renamed the Death Race, and she was the first female finisher for the Summer version.

Joe Decker was the first male and overall winner. Oh, and they talk about ice cream. Show Notes :. Report from the Summer Death Race. Sufferfest clip-What near death looks like from this past Winter Tough Guy. Gauntlet Recap by Devin Cas. We called Pak to talk about his recent Guinness Record feat for the fastest marathon wearing 40 pounds on his back.

That leads right towards a conversation about what went wrong for him at WTM. We then get into what his immediate OCR future looks like, along with some other career endeavors he is looking into. Video Intro of Ashley. They will be in 35 cities in the United States and 3 more in Australia in Episode 80 from Feb 27, Episode - In today's episode, Alex Patterson from Tough Mudder talks about surviving the windstorm from last November's Vegas World's Toughest Mudder, the truth about tear gas and some other new obstacles , and Tough Mudder's vision for its events and community for and beyond.

He finished, but swore he would never do it again. Find out how his path brought him back to Pittsfield again and again until he finally moved there in We talk about what went wrong in previous attempts, and how he plans to finish the next time around. Today's epsiode is sponsored by Udder Mud Run. News coverage of Spartan Race. Brooklyn, NY. August Episode - Happy Holidays everyone!

We have been wanting to get Jason on the line for a long time. Episode - Today's episode has two conversations. The first is the kind you have come to expect from this podcast, an interview with a race director. It's a fantastic small scale OCR in Georgia. Listen in to hear about the simple, yet fun and creative things this race does. We wish them much success and hope more and more people come and check them out. The 2nd interview goes in a very different direction.

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We talk to Dennis Caco from something called The Undress. Dennis and his business partner April created this very cool product which solves a common problem for runners, and other athletes who need to change their clothes on the go. We also talk about why we think the OCR crowd will love this product and much more. Today's episode is sponsored by Battlefrog Series. Obstacle Racing Media Podcast. Mon, 21 November World's Toughest Podcast Part I. Today's show is sponsored by MudGear.

How she and her husband come up with race ideas.

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  6. Starting a race business. Taco Bell. Much, much more. Mo Iqbal - Sweatworks. Listen in and learn: Why he founded his company. An amazing coincidence on his meeting with Joe Desena. What it took to finally get post race pics dialed in. Coach Pain.

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    Today we chat with Dewayne Montgomery, better known as Coach Pain. Tahoe Wrap with Hobie Call, Capt. Killian,The Atkins Duo. Tahoe aka Moss and Snow. You know we never like to reveal too much in teasers so tune in to get the rest. Support your manhood with Underwear For Men! Tune in to learn: How he and his partner got started. Outlasting the boom bust of David Magida. It's a lively 1 hour 19 minute episode to make up for the brevity of last week's show. Special Spartans. Hunter McIntyre.

    Lindsey Runkel. I forget about everything but the dirt below me and the trail ahead of me. It's just me and the bike. I ride to be free from a condition that otherwise controls my every move. I ride for myself. I ride for all of those who believe that they are destined to be trapped in their disabled bodies. I ride for Paul. Because there is life beyond disability.

    There is freedom. You just have to be willing to seek it out. Today's show is sponsored by: Spartan Fit - Joe Desena's new book designed to get you fit in 30 days. Asheville - Beatdown and DQs. This week's podcast has just about everything. Jessica Kidd Meyer. BattleFrog Brass. On today's show we talk with two of the top men at BattleFrog Series.

    Amine Dib - Hannibal Race. Topics in this podcast chat include: Amine's work ethic His impressive fitness career Learning from Billy Blanks How he and his team are putting together an international obstacle race series. And more. Pete Coleman Western States. Sarah Tough Girl Challenges. Enjoy the first of two episodes this week. So what the heck happened!?!

    RealTalk with Joe Desena. The conversation with Joe goes a really long way and includes: The story behind his tattoos. Who will take over Spartan when he's gone.

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    What he thinks of the new Spartan Team TV show. The early days of Spartan. What he is doing in Asia. Much, much, more. Hobie Call and Ryan Atkins. Damn, this one's good! Let's Talk About Training Masks. The episode Listen in and let the episode speak for itself. Click here to read about the name change to Resistance Training Mask. Episode - Matt Iseman and Jeff Cain. Show Notes: Matt Iseman tweets a lot. Noah Galloway. We go into the new changes and answer some questions including: What is the total payout for a winning team that crosses miles?

    Legionnaire status: Is it laps or event days? Do two Tough Mudder Halves equal a Whole? Carrie Tollefson. Zach and Matt from Mizuno. Joel Gat - Returns to Barkley. Listen in to find out how it went the 2nd time around. Mud Hero - We welcome Mud Hero as a brand new sponsor! The Liquid Run - Newport Beach. That episode from Joel on Ultra SignUp. The website he forgot he had. Interview with Laz and Sandra , a few episodes ago. Episode - On today's program, we attempt to answer that burning OCR question: What exactly is a race director and what does he do? The video from 2 years ago referenced in this podcast.