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For further details about this food rating system, please visit the Food Comparison Chart at MoreDooks. Should you choose to purchase by clicking on these links, thank you, a portion of the sale will be paid to HealthyFerret. A portion of the commission from each sale will also be donated to the Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue to help meet the needs of homeless and needy ferrets.

The ferrets thank you as well. Chart last updated on nothing to display About.

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For more information about us, check out our About Us page or if you prefer, just have a look around the site. Visit PetFinder. No content on this site may be reused in any fashion without written permission from HealthyFerret. Subscribe to HealthyFerret. Contact Us Subscribe to HealthyFerret. Share on Facebook. Are you looking for high-quality ferret food at the best price?

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Likewise, clip coupons for any products that may be of use to the shelter and mail them to the above address. Monthly shelter expenditures for vaccinations and routine veterinary care is approaching several hundred dollars, and that does not include the cost of emergencies and surgeries.

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That said, we equally would like to find some very special homes who would be willing to take on the adoption or foster of a special needs ferret. Most adoption requests are for the younger ferrets - which is good, because we have many younger ferrets for adoption. However, we also have very special older ferrets that want a good, loving home to call their own. If you have the means to accept one of these ferrets into your home and your heart, they will reward you ten times over with their love.

On the supplies side of the wish list We go through a great deal of litter, but please note that we only use wood stove pellets available at any home improvement store.

Ferret Care 2018 - How to Care For Pet Ferrets

Hairball remedies like Laxatone or LaxaStat or any kitty version are always welcome. We are always extremely grateful to the kind souls who do make donations to our shelter. She has provided many wonderful items for the shelter, donated her time to watch the shelter and is a great foster mom to many needy ferrets whose lives would not be as wonderful as they are if she did not take them in.

ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor Bird Food; Available in 4 pellet sizes

Thank you! To Joann Palmer - another great volunteer who, among other great services, has taken the lead on helping to form a local ferret club - thank you for your time and caring! To Lisa Little - a great shelter cleaner and ferret-sitter, we don't know what we would do without you and your friendship!

To Kerry Barstad - a great volunteer who helps clean the shelter at least once a week and likes to take road trips on shelter business.

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