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Where Speed Stick really pulled ahead was our residue test: It left no clumps or flakes on underarms, even on hairy pits where goop might easily cling. And when we wiped our armpits with t-shirt swatches, Speed Stick left only a slight chalky streak. Dove and Axe performed respectably but received slightly lower marks from our testers. All three results were in stark contrast with options like Gillette Endurance and the Old Spice Wild Collection, which left so much product on the T-shirt fabric that we questioned how much had adhered to our skin in the first place.

If your scent-sensitive try the unscented option. Otherwise, the Power Fresh should be mild enough for most users. Turns out, without a scent to differentiate them, a lot of antiperspirants are very similar, and Speed Stick is about as scentless as it gets. If you put your nose really close to the package, you might catch a faint waxy whiff, but even that is a stretch. Its closest runner-up in our testing, the Ban Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant, is also unscented, but is a bit muskier — it includes some barley and sandalwood extract low on its ingredients list that the Speed Stick lacks.

Speed Stick and Ban both performed well in our application and residue tests, though Speed Stick earned an edge. Speed Stick also left a slightly fainter trace in our residue test.

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Our natural deodorants left nearly no white smudges and may be a better choice for the purveyor of a black wardrobe. With this kind of antiperspirant strength, the Dove deodorant has a great chance at combatting odor and sweat. While packaged in a regular-looking tube, the product itself clicks out as a lotion, and one tester noticed it took longer to dry.

Not if it works. Our top pick for a natural deodorant is aluminum-free and contains coconut oil and baking soda, two of our three top odor fighters. It also includes shea butter as a moisturizer. After two hours, we could still catch a faint hint of it — but not of BO. We actually preferred the circular design, which plugged right into our pits.

It glided smoothly onto our pits and left minimal residue in our T-shirt test. In addition to being organic, Green Tidings is vegan, cruelty-free, and made in a solar-powered facility which could explain that higher price tag. Green Tidings comes in both lavender and unscented formulas. As a bonus, Green Tidings uses our preferred application method: a circular stick. Green Tidings felt a little gritty going on, but not in a bad way. Green Tidings also killed it on our residue test.

It left way less residue on T-shirt fabric than our other organic contenders, again outperforming North Coast Organics and Bubble and Bee. The culprit is actually bacteria, not sweat.

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Sweat is odorless when released by your body — but the bacteria living on your skin will feast on it, producing odor as a byproduct. Antiperspirants and deodorants each tackle this problem in a different way. The main goal of an antiperspirant is to stop sweating, keeping your armpits dry and starving the bacteria. Antiperspirants rely on aluminum to achieve this. When combined with acids in your sweat and on your skin, aluminum forms a jelly-like plug that stops up your sweat glands.

Its aim is to neutralize the odor caused by bacteria when they digest sweat — or to just kill the bacteria. These goals can be achieved through the use of fragrances, antimicrobials, and other ingredients that curb any bacterial activity. One study from found that yes, they do. Men start sweating sooner e. But then we spoke with Sean Notley, postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Ottawa, and the lead author on a similar, but more recent study , published in So do men and women truly need different deodorants?

Probably not. The main difference is scent. David Pariser, senior physician at Pariser Dermatology. Cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson, of BeautyStat. Keep in mind: It could be a product marketed for women. In most cases, no.

The difference between deodorant for women versus deodorant for men usually boils down to available fragrances, packaging, and marketing. Some experts, including Dr. Pariser, recommend applying your antiperspirant before bed. During your sleep, you perspire moderately.

The theory goes that this activates the aluminum in your antiperspirant and gives it a solid seven or eight hours to form a good plug in your sweat glands. Conversely, when you apply after a shower, your skin is moist and the product might slip off.

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Botox works by blocking your nerve endings from sending signals to your sweat glands to produce sweat. A prescription for topical neurotransmitter inhibitors like dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide diacetate and gamma aminobutyric acid can produce similar effects.

According to Dr. Malcolm V. Brock, medical director of the John Hopkins Center for Sweat Disorders , some of the telltale signs include only wearing black to avoid sweat stains, avoiding people due to embarrassment about how much you sweat, changing your shirt two to three times a day, and experiencing all these symptoms even in the cold. In these cases, a more potent prescription antiperspirant may be recommended. Talk to your doctor.