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If you have a small area to cut and maintain, a small, budget-friendly weed eater is the smarter buy since you will not need the extra power and features more expensive versions have. At the most basic level, budget options give you a smaller cutting area and a simple battery to keep recharged between trimmings. The batteries are quick and easy to swap out for continued use. An automatic feed spool makes it easy to keep the trimmer string at the best length while in use.

The shaft adjusts in length so you can have the best reach and a comfortable grip at the same time. Traditional weed whackers can be difficult to use and maintain if they have a gas-powered engine or corded motor. Common gas-powered weed eaters require a steady supply of fuel, meaning you may have to keep a can of gas around the garage.

Sitting right in between these two options, however, is the plethora of battery-powered weed eaters that blend the convenience of gas with the quiet operation of electricity. The Worx WG proves you can have a battery-powered weed eater without worrying about running out of juice on large lawns.

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Using hi-capacity 4. For the most in power and performance, many professionals and hardcore landscapists turn to gas-powered weed eaters for larger projects.

Best weed wackers 12222: cut down stubborn and thick vegetation

Sporting large engines in the 25cccc range, these options can handle larger tasks without hanging up. If you have a large yard or have not kept up with the garden maintenance lately, gas just might be the way to go. The straight shaft design offers easy operation when trimming around the lawn while the 28cc engine features a simple starter to get up and running quickly. At just under 11 pounds, the weed whacker is also comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time.

The main downside of cordless weed eaters is the fact that batteries eventually run out. Even though many cordless weed eaters come with swappable, high capacity batteries, it can still be a chore to keep batteries charged. Plug-in weed eaters, however, give you the same performance of an electric motor with the constant supply of electricity you can plug into any outlet. The LawnMaster GT manages to balance the quiet operation of battery weed eaters with the long-term use of gas engines using a simple plugin, 4.

Best Weed Eaters 12222 – Buyer’s Guide

The cutting head uses a dual string trimmer with a inch cutting area and rotating handle for quick edging. Retractable guides and a flower guard help to protect the things you do not want to cut while trimming everything else. While curved weed eaters are more ergonomic and comfortable, they make some sacrifices in versatility and weight.

Finding a trimmer that is comfy and easy to use can be a big problem for folks that have arthritis, back or neck pain, or any concerns with moving around. Our testing team members were blown away at how powerful this trimmer is and how light is truly is.

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This trimmer has a brushless DigiPro motor which is more reliable and provides a level of power that is almost on par with the gas-powered choices we tested. In fact, the trimmer is as powerful as a trimmer with a 32cc gas engine making it well suited to tackling tough vegetation tasks. Pros Split boom allows for lots of attachments As powerful as a 32cc gas engine trimmer but in a battery powered, cordless option Terrific price point Easy loading head Self-winding spool head Cons This trimmer is a tad bit heavier than other battery powered options, but it is heavy-duty and works wonderfully.

The trimmer includes the battery and a charging kit as well for your convenience. Our testing team was apprehensive at first since this model is brushless, but it easily clears paths up to 15 inches at a time. The Greenworks Inch Volt Cordless Trimmer earned high marks from our testing team thanks to its versatility. This trimmer accepts most gas-powered attachments which makes it extremely easy and straightforward to use it in many different ways. Our testing team loved how light this weed eater is when compared to other versions.

It is very easy to carry and operate even for individuals with arthritic pain. The Greenworks Inch Volt Cordless Trimmer features a brushless motor which ends up providing more torque with less sound. Pros Terrific price point Extremely versatile thanks to ability to work with many different attachments Durable and well made Brushless motor Cons Our testing team loved this option so much that we were hard pressed to find any bad qualities other than needing to purchase a battery and charger if you do not have a compatible one already. Whether you are new to weed eaters or are more of a seasoned pro, finding the best string trimmer for your needs can be a difficult chore.

There are hundreds of versions of weed eaters currently available for sale. Each weed trimmer claims to have the best specs and performance, making it harder to understand which is truly the best.

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  • Best weed wackers 12222: cut down stubborn and thick vegetation!
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  • Find the right weed wacker for your garden or lawn.
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While testing the top weed eaters available, we learned a ton of new and helpful knowledge. String trimmers or weed eaters fall under two broad categories of power: gas and electric. Gas-powered weed eaters are extremely powerful.

✅String Trimmer: Best String Trimmer 2019 (Buying Guide)

They are perfect for larger properties or yards and are built to withstand heavier use. This version does not leave you tethered to a power cord, which is also a definite plus. Gas power string trimmers will require a greater deal of maintenance. You will also need to add oil and gas into the machine which can be annoying as you must follow strict guidelines for mixing.

Gas can also create harmful emissions that are damaging to our environment and smell quite terrible at times. Electric-powered weed eaters are an environmentally sound investment. Electrically powered trimmers may be corded or cordless. If you have a cord, you will be tethered to your power source, which can be a deal breaker for some folks.

Cordless versions with usually run on a lithium-ion battery. You will need to recharge the battery which can take a very long time just to have the weed eater run out of juice and quit on you in the middle of a tough task. Picking the right string trimmer can be confusing at best. Staying safe while using your new string trimmer to whack weeds is the most important issue we will cover. Here is a quick look at some tips to help you work safely. A weed eater or string trimmer can help you to achieve your most beautiful and serene yard ever.

Finding the best string trimmer for you and your property can be stressful. Understanding the features while keeping your budget and needs in mind will help make the process as painless as possible. Hearing back from our loyal readers is the best part of our week!

Best Weed Wackers of | 13 Best String Trimmers

Please drop us a quick line below with your favorite weed eaters and any helpful tips for operating them safely. Happy weed whacking! My previous weed eater was lost in the process of renovation. Your email address will not be published. Some posts may contain affiliate links. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. We tested the top ten weed eaters and crafted a helpful shopping guide to make the purchasing process easier than ever.

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Best Weedeater Shootout – Who’s In?

The trimmer can be set to use maximum power or to allow for maximum running time. Very lightweight Rechargeable lithium battery Easy and comfortable to use Works as an edger and a trimmer. This weed eater was one of our favorite models to test, so we were hard pressed to discover any negative qualities. The one downside of this trimmer from Makita is that it does not include a battery or a charger for the battery.

This issue was a huge problem for some testing team members that did not have a suitable lithium-ion battery and charging system already.