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Sadly, it won't get cheaper for some time. The price is set by Teva Branded Pharmaceuticals, and as of now Teva has exclusive rights to the market because it is the only emergency contraceptive manufacturer approved for over-the-counter sales in the U. Prices could go down once generic morning-after pills are approved by the FDA.

You might want some at home in case effective birth control gets harder to access.

Click here to print. Yes, you can. You will likely want to start by calling your local Planned Parenthood. Here are some ways to find lower-cost pills. Plan B is used to prevent pregnancy whereas RU terminates a pregnancy. Plan B will not work if you are already pregnant.

Plan B uses high levels of levonorgestrel to 1 interrupt egg fertilization or 2 prevent or delay ovulation. Levonorgestrel is the synthetic hormone that's been used in birth control pills for over 35 years. You might wonder, Does this mean I can use my birth control pills as an emergency contraceptive? In some cases, yes. With certain birth control pills, four to five pills taken at once have the same effect as Plan B. Check here to see if your birth control pills can also be used as an emergency contraceptive.

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The best way to find out if your insurance will cover the over-the-counter cost of Plan B is to call your insurance company. The National Women's Law Center has a helpful guide on what questions to ask your carrier. Yes and no.

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Currently males over 17 can buy Plan B by asking a pharmacist. Males under 17, with or without a prescription, cannot buy Plan B.

How much does Plan B cost? From $0 to $49.99

The new ruling did not change this policy. Plan B is available over the counter in most provinces in Canada. Other countries that sell morning-after pills over the counter include China, India, Austria, Bangladesh, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. In Chile, any girl over the age of 14 can get a morning-after pill over the counter — and at no cost. French public and parochial high school nurses are allowed to distribute morning-after pills to students.

Ireland and Spain provide over-the-counter morning-after pills without an age restriction. For a country-by-country breakdown, go here. I have, about three times in my life. Read below for information on where to buy and how much you can expect to pay.

Pharmacists Say Plan B Morning-After Pill Flying Off Shelves

Plan B One-Step is a pre-packaged emergency contraception pill that contains the hormone levonorgestrel. When ingested within 72 hours and up to hours after sexual intercourse, this hormone prevents pregnancy. Plan B One-Step is intended for use after unprotected sexual intercourse, contraceptive failure such as a broken condom or incorrect use of contraception. Several emergency contraception products have been approved by the U. Food and Drug Administration. However, only Plan B One-Step currently is permitted for sale without a prescription and without age restrictions.

Pharmacies and other stores who choose to sell Plan B should stock the product in the family planning aisle. The pill is available for purchase from a variety of on-line retailers, also. You also can obtain the pill from a family planning clinic such as Planned Parenthood.

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The actual cost will vary due to regional differences in sales tax and store pricing. According to an American Society for Emergency Contraception pricing report prepared in , among the retailers surveyed from across the U. If possible, purchase in advance of actual need.