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Buy the Sonos PlayBase here. Rather than an ugly box too big to hide, Sonos has come up with a design so handsome you'll want to leave it out on display - even though its comparatively slim dimensions and comfort in either a vertical or horizontal position make it far more tuckawayable than most. Clearly it makes most sense as an upgrade to the PlayBase or PlayBar, as it can make your movies extra epic, but it can also be added to Sonos' music players. Yes, it's a very expensive upgrade, but the difference it makes is also pretty massive, especially when it comes to big explosions.

It's not exactly subtle, though, so while it adds a huge amount of extra bass it's not especially tuneful or nuanced. It's a bit of a blunt instrument but if loads of extra bass is what you're after the Sub certainly delivers. Buy the Sonos Sub here. What if you want Sonos in your life but already have a beloved hi-fi? You get the Sonos Connect, that's what. Think of this simple white box as a Sonos speaker without the speaker bit and you've essentially got it.

Instead of making a sound itself, the Connect outputs audio via optical, coaxial or stereo analogue, at which point your existing amplifier and speakers can do their thing with it. Thanks to stereo analogue inputs, the Connect is also a great way to integrate more traditional hi-fi sources into your multi-room system. For example, you can plug a turntable into it assuming it's got a phono stage and then listen to your vinyl through every Sonos speaker in your house.

Buy the Sonos Connect here. Buy the Sonos Connect:Amp here. Home Cinema. Which Sonos should you buy? Follow TomParsons. The Play:1 is a great, affordable way to start a Sonos system without sacrificing sound or design quality Buy the Sonos Play:1 here. Sonos One. Another solid all-rounder, but the Play:1 and Play:5 both make more sense at this point Buy the Sonos Play:3 here. The biggest and most grown-up of all of Sonos' speakers - and also the best-sounding Buy the Sonos Play:5 here.

In the world of subwoofers, the Sonos Sub is a work of art. What does the Sub do? It adds great big dollops of extra bass to any Sonos speaker. If loud and proud is more your style, though, the Sub is well worth the extra investment. It's a bit of a blunt instrument but if loads of extra bass is what you're after the Sub certainly delivers Buy the Sonos Sub here.

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A quick and easy way to add all of the awesomeness of Sonos to your existing hi-fi Buy the Sonos Connect here. Sonos Connect:Amp. Product information. Product name.

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Wireless Surround Speakers. Type of Soundbar. Audio features. Optical Drive. App Compatibility. Wireless Type. Airplay, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Connections Inputs. Amount Optical In.

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Amount Ethernet In. Element: amount and sizes.

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Soundbar Element Amount Treble. Soundbar Element Amount Bass. Channel Separation. Audio Formats. Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital 5. Measure and Weight.

Sonos One Updated w/ Google Assistant!

Height Soundbar. Depth Soundbar. The Playbar itself has built in accelerometers that will detect its orientation automatically and then adjust the sound accordingly. You can also skip tracks by pressing this button twice. You can activate its Speech Enhancement function if you sometimes struggle to hear dialogue properly. If you like to watch television at night but worry about how loud the sound is then worry no more. The Playbar has a Night Sound function that adjusts the audio for night time viewing so you can lower the volume but still experience the right range and balance of sound.

Another great feature of the Playbar is the TV Autoplay function. It weighs in at 5. The Sonos Sub is a separate speaker and does not come with the Playbar. It offers 2 force cancelling speakers that sit face to face and give you a deep sound without the buzz or rattle you might have experienced with other subwoofers. You can stand it upright or lay it flat, and it will work anywhere in your room — even under the couch.

The Playbar and the Sonos Sub are two cracking additions to your home theatre system. If you want to bring your films, TV shows and even your gaming platforms to life then this is one of the best ways to do it. All of the Sonos devices mentioned above are easy to set up and can be controlled with the Sonos app — more of that in a moment — and all of them can stream all of the music you have access to. Want to stream your iTunes music through the Sonos system?

So what’s a good deal for Sonos speakers?

It can do that, no problem. Already have a membership of Spotify, Napster, Last. Not to worry, the Sonos knows just how to take advantage of those services. Prefer to listen to specific online radio stations? The Sonos is the system for you, with over , online radio stations at your disposal for free. The Sonos app lets you take control of your home stereo system and allows you to control and explore your music from one place.

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The app is available on your mobile, tablet and even on your desktop computer, meaning however you connect to your music the Sonos system will work in your favour. From the main menu you can access all of your music, your favourites, the various internet radio stations available to you and your personal music service like Spotify. The app also allows you to specify how the speakers are set up in each individual room, giving you control over how the bass, treble etc.

You can play now, play next, shuffle and repeat all from the same place. It essentially connects your current system to the Sonos ecosphere, offering you all of the Sonos benefits that the main devices give you. The Connect: Amp, meanwhile, contains, as you might have guessed, its own Amp. This means that you can connect it to literally any speaker you own and it will amplify the sound for you. The problem with the Connect system is that it will need to be connected to your router in order for it to work.

The Sonos Connect offers a number of different, well, connection options. It is 74 mm tall with a width of mm and a depth of mm, meaning that you can either put it in a place of its own or else hide it away easily enough. In terms of weight, the 0.

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There are a few things about this device that will attract you into buying it. The Sonos Bridge is a device that is designed to create a dedicated wireless network just for your Sonos devices. It allows you to connect all of your Sonos devices to each other, or it lets your Connect or Connect: Amp link to the system when it might not otherwise be able to.

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