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We apologize for any inconvenience. Choose the offer you want. High-quality processing and safe freezing cryopreservation. DNA testing for health risks Additional studies of umbilical cord blood DNA for selected risks that may be important for the child''s health as they grow. Storage of umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue. Delivery data Please specify the place or zip code of your favoured maternity clinic and select it from the list. If the list does not show your clinic, please call us at no charge at: Germany 00 00 Austria and Switzerland 00 Mother Address. Family Mr. Magister Prof.

However, the main controller was successfully built, tested with the engines, and delivered. We experienced very few development issues with this high-power controller. The project extended significantly longer than originally planned because of yearly funding delays. The team also experienced several hardware difficulties along the development path.

Most of these were related to the different thermal expansions of adjacent parts constructed of different materials. This issue was made worse by the large size of the machine. Thermal expansion problems also caused difficulties in the brazing of the opposed stainless steel sodium-potassium NaK heater head. Despite repeated attempts Sunpower was not able to successfully braze the opposed head under this project.

Near the end of the project, Glenn fabricated an opposed Inconel NaK head, which was installed prior to delivery for testing at Glenn. Central florida phosphate industry. There are currently 17 potential new source mines in the district. This EIS assessed areawide and cumulative effects on the entire area and provides the basis for development of site specific EISs.

The final EIS establishes a scenario of phosphate development which was determined to be as compatible as practicable with other desired and intended land uses in Central Florida. Minnesota River at Chaska, Minnesota. Technical Appendixes. As approved Distribution and abundance of cetaceans in the north-central and western Gulf of Mexico. Volume 3. Appendix C. Part 2. The purpose of the study was to determine the distribution and abundance of cetaceans in areas potentially affected by future oil and gas activities along the continental slope of the north-central and western Gulf of Mexico.

This 3. The study area was bounded by the Florida-Alabama border, the Texas-Mexico border, and the m and 2, m isobaths. Cetacean distribution and abundance were determined from seasonal aerial and shipboard visual surveys and shipboard acoustic surveys. Finally , tagging and tracking of sperm whales using satellite telemetry was attempted. Cetaceans were observed throughout the study area during all four seasons. Pantropical spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, clymene dolphins, striped dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins, and melon-headed whales were the most common small cetaceans and the sperm whale was the most common large cetacean.

The mean annual abundance for all cetaceans was estimated to be 19, Although the study area had complex and dynamic oceanography, bottom depth was the only environmental variable which correlated to cetacean distribution. Appendix B. Part 1. Appendix A. Pressures during lock operations.

Tests were conducted on two different scale models of the New Bonneville Lock located on the Columbia River in Oregon. The lock models were built to study the filling and emptying systems, which consisted of designs utilizing bottom longitudinal floor culverts. The first design studied, defined as the H-H pattern system, consisted of four longitudinal flood culverts in each end of the lock chamber.

The second system studied had two longitudinal floor culverts in each end of the lock chamber and was defined as the H pattern system. With the type 6 recommended design and a 1-min valve opening time, the lock chamber filled in 8. Due to differences in friction losses, the prototype can be expected to fill and empty about 20 percent faster than the model 7. Modifications involving installing a slope in the lower sill and a v-notch design in the high sill were significant factors that resulted in fast filling and emptying times, low hawser forces, and only minor movement with various tow arrangements for different operating scenarios.

To gather data on the effects of different modes of instruction on physician achievement in plotting mean P, O, RS, and T receptiors in electrocardiography, researchers chose a random sample of physicians who had taken a correspondence course on electrocardiography during the previous 5 years from the University of Southern California School of….

Appendix A contains: the cetacean, trutle, and bird sighting data from all shipboard and aerial visual surveys; contact data from the shipboard acoustic survey; and the cetacean environmental profiles. Molecular targets of organophosphorus compounds and antidotal agents on nicotinic, glutamatergic and gabaergic synapses. Appendix 1. There are several major motivators behind this work. We need to understand OP intoxication sufficiently to provide insight and direction for development of improved antidotal therapy.

The persistent environmental use of chemical insecticides, which some feel is necessary for optimal agricultural production but others challenge vehemently, requires that we understand the toxicological consequences of such use. Also, OPs have such a powerful effect or, vital functions, it could be immensely beneficial to understand in great detail the physiological mechanisms that are targeted by OPs.

Finally , we hope to present the material in a manner that will be instructive to a broad spectrum of professionals in pharmacology and toxicology. Where it is appropriate, we may draw heavily from other topical reviews. Final Document. Developed during a project designed to provide continuous, performance-based vocational training at the secondary and postsecondary levels, this instructional guide is intended to help teachers implement a laterally and vertically articulated secondary level drafting II program.

Introductory materials include a description of Drafting II ,…. Investing in Our Nation's Youth. The number one goal of the campaign was to educate youth to reject illegal drugs. This report evaluates Phase II and focuses on the effect of paid television advertising on awareness of anti-drug messages among youth, teens, and…. Volume I, Phase II. Research safety vehicle program Phase II specification review. Final technical report, Jul Nov In Phase I of the Research Safety Vehicle Program RSV , preliminary design and performance specifications were developed for a mid's vehicle that integrates crashworthiness and occupant safety features with material resource conservation, economy, and producibility.

Phase II of the program focused on development of the total vehicle design via systems engineering and integration analyses. This document contains the results of analyses of the Phase I specifications.

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Based on the analys The interim report volume I studied the implementation of handheld thermography : by p Modulus of elasticity, creep and shrinkage of concrete, phase II : part 1, creep study, final report. A laboratory testing program was performed to evaluate the physical and mechanical properties of typical Class II , IV, V, and VI concrete mixtures made with a Miami Oolite limestone, a Georgia granite, and a lightweight aggregate Stalite, including c The report covers work and accomplishments from January to December Workshop to Establish Coordination and Communication.

This is the second appendix to the report, the workshop participants. This is the fourth appendix to the report, the presentations from the workshop. Research safety vehicle, Phase II. Volume I. Executive summary. Final report jul dec Appendix image. Although most people are familiar with appendicitis, it is a relatively rare disease. It is Recovery time for uncomplicated appendicitis is usually just three days. This project was one of four aircrew training development projects in a continuing study of the methodology, effectiveness, and resource requirements of the Instructional Systems Development ISD process.

This report covers the Phase II activities of a two-phase project for the development of aircrew training for SH-2F anti-submarine warfare…. The aim of this thesis is to bring to bear the concepts, tools, and theories of human capital and human resources economics to evaluate the Federal Government's massive involvement in higher education under the World War II GI Bill of Rights. The major findings include estimates of total human capital formation by education, both during and after….

The Phase II Equity Staff Development project was revised in response to a need to develop an equity strategic planning model with a vision statement, goals, and objectives.

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  • Appendix B: Teacher's Guide and Lessons. This document comprises the teacher's guide and lessons for teaching standard English to kindergarten through third grade children in Hilo, Hawaii. Appended are a short glossary of terms,…. Preliminary design of a solar central receiver for a site-specific repowering application Saguaro Power Plant. Volume IV. Final report, October September The appendixes for the Saguaro Power Plant includes the following: receiver configuration selection report; cooperating modes and transitions; failure modes analysis; control system analysis; computer codes and simulation models; procurement package scope descriptions; responsibility matrix; solar system flow diagram component purpose list; thermal storage component and system test plans; solar steam generator tube-to-tubesheet weld analysis; pipeline listing; management control schedule; and system list and definitions.

    Evaluation of hydrothermal resources of North Dakota. Final technical report. This evaluation of the hydrothermal resources of North Dakota is based on existing data on file with the North Dakota Geological Survey NDGS and other state and federal agencies, and field and laboratory studies conducted. A field survey of the shallow geothermal gradients present in selected groundwater observation holes was conducted.

    The general This often leads to faster, more useful processing, that is robust in the face of real-world input ungrammatical, misspelled, or. This document, as a supplement to the final report of the Orthopaedic Training Study, presents a discussion of the rationale behind the implementation of a laboratory course in psychomotor skills development for medical students. Medical educators examined resident training in terms of 3 components of cognitive elements of learning: cognitive,…. The two volume final report of the South Dakota Statewide Core Curriculum, Career Ladder, and Challenge System Project, coordinating associated health and nursing education on a statewide basis to achieve a more systematic production and utilization of health manpower, is presented.

    Volume 1 includes five chapters: 1 and 2 outlining funding…. Part two of a seven-section, final report on the Multi-Disciplinary Graduate Program in Educational Research, this document contains discussions of quantification and reason analysis. Quantification is presented as a language consisting of sentences graphs and tables , words, classificatory instruments , and grammar rules for constructing and…. Universal real-time highway information system development program : final report phase II.

    The final phase of a two phase effort was undertaken to establish data forms and communication protocols to provide the New York State Department of Transportation access to the unique highway data resource, HIVIS developed in the initial phase of th The second of two volumes, this document continues the final evaluation report of Project Developmental Continuity PDC , a Head Start demonstration project initiated in to develop program models which enhance children's social competence by fostering developmental continuity from preschool through the early elementary grades.

    In particular,…. The final report describes a 2-year project of the State University of New York, College at Brockport, to study the physical fitness of nonretarded and retarded adolescents with cerebral palsy. The Food and Drug Administration FDA is codifying the exemption from premarket notification of all 62 class II special controls devices listed as exempt in a January 21, , Federal Register notice, subject to the limitations on exemptions.

    FDA has determined that for these exempted devices, manufacturers' submissions of premarket notifications are unnecessary to provide a reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness. These devices will remain subject to current good manufacturing practice CGMP regulations and other general controls. Phase II Final Report. Task 7 included two subtasks. Subtask addressed C-band to MHz airport surface data communications standards development, systems engineering, test bed and prototype development, and tests and demonstrations to establish operational capability for the Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System AeroMACS.

    Subtask focused on systems engineering and development support of the L-band digital aeronautical communications system L-DACS. Subtask consisted of two phases. Phase I included development of AeroMACS concepts of use, requirements, architecture, and initial high-level safety risk assessment. Phase II builds on Phase I results and is presented in two volumes. Volume I is devoted to concepts of use, system requirements, and architecture, including AeroMACS design considerations. This report also describes airport categorization and channelization methodologies. The purposes of the airport categorization task were 1 to facilitate initial AeroMACS architecture designs and enable budgetary projections by creating a set of airport categories based on common airport characteristics and design objectives, and 2 to offer high-level guidance to potential AeroMACS technology and policy development sponsors and service providers.

    A channelization plan methodology was developed because a common global methodology is needed to assure seamless interoperability among diverse AeroMACS services potentially supplied by multiple service providers. The Tema Oil Refinery, which was commissioned in , is a simple hydroskimming plant which processes crude oil into LPG, gasoline, kerosene, gasoil, and fuel oil. It is the only petroleum refinery in Ghana. Over the years, some of the equipment in the refinery has deteriorated or become obsolete, necessitating major rehabilitation. A feasibility study is investigating the modernization and expansion of the refinery to meet projected market demands until the year This report is appendix I, part B to the feasibility study.

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    Volume II of this report on an assessment of research needs for coal liquefaction contains reviews of the five liquefaction technologiesdirect, indirect, pyrolysis, coprocessing, and bioconversion. These reviews are not meant to be encyclopedic; several outstanding reviews of liquefaction have appeared in recent years and the reader is referred to these whenever applicable. Instead, these chapters contain reviews of selected topics that serve to support the panel's recommendations or to illustrate recent accomplishments, work in progress, or areas of major research interest.

    A review of liquefaction developments outside the US is included. The Phase II activities dealt with three main topical areas: geothermal gradient and heat-flow studies, stratigraphic studies, and water quality studies. Efforts were concentrated on Mesozoic and Cenozoic rocks. The geothermal gradient and heat-flow studies involved running temperature logs in groundwater observation holes in areas of interest, and locating, obtaining access to, and casing holes of convenience to be used as heat-flow determination sites. Goals, methods, and results are presented. High-reliability gas-turbine combined-cycle development program: Phase II.

    This three-volume report presents the results of Phase II of the multiphase EPRI-sponsored High-Reliability Gas Turbine Combined-Cycle Development Program whose goal is to achieve a highly reliable gas turbine combined-cycle power plant, available by the mids, which would be an economically attractive baseload generation alternative for the electric utility industry. The Phase II program objective was to prepare the preliminary design of this power plant.

    To achieve the program goals, a gas turbine was incorporated which combined proven reliability characteristics with improved performance features. This gas turbine, designated the V Gas turbines of similar design operating in Europe under baseload conditions have demonstrated mean time between failures in excess of 40, hours. The reliability characteristics of the gas turbine ancillaries and balance-of-plant equipment were improved through system simplification and component redundancy and by selection of component with inherent high reliability.

    A digital control system was included with logic, communications, sensor redundancy, and mandual backup. An independent condition monitoring and diagnostic system was also included. Program results provide the preliminary design of a gas turbine combined-cycle baseload power plant. This power plant has a predicted mean time between failure of nearly twice the hour EPRI goal. Infalling clouds on to supermassive black hole binaries - II. Binary evolution and the final parsec problem. The formation of massive black hole binaries MBHBs is an unavoidable outcome of galaxy evolution via successive mergers.

    However, the mechanism that drives their orbital evolution from parsec separations down to the gravitational wave dominated regime is poorly understood, and their final fate is still unclear. If such binaries are embedded in gas-rich and turbulent environments, as observed in remnants of galaxy mergers, the interaction with gas clumps such as molecular clouds may efficiently drive their orbital evolution.

    Using numerical simulations, we test this hypothesis by studying the dynamical evolution of an equal mass, circular MBHB accreting infalling molecular clouds. We investigate different orbital configurations, modelling a total of 13 systems to explore different possible impact parameters and relative inclinations of the cloud-binary encounter. We focus our study on the prompt, transient phase during the first few orbits when the dynamical evolution of the binary is fastest, finding that this evolution is dominated by the exchange of angular momentum through gas capture by the individual black holes and accretion.

    Building on these results, we construct a simple model for evolving an MBHB interacting with a sequence of clouds, which are randomly drawn from reasonable populations with different levels of anisotropy in their angular momenta distributions. We show that the binary efficiently evolves down to the gravitational wave emission regime within a few hundred million years, overcoming the ' final parsec' problem regardless of the stellar distribution.

    Specialized Vertum Partners software tools were prototyped, tested and commercialized to allow wind energy stakeholders to assess the uncertainties of climate change on wind power production and distribution. This project resulted in three commercially proven products and a marketing tool. The second was a web-based service providing global 10m wind data from multiple sources to wind industry subscription customers. The third product addressed the needs of our utility clients looking at climate change effects on electricity distribution.

    Optimization of the photorefractivity in II -IV semiconductors. Final report, March March Infrared microscopy was used to examine the internal crystalline structure of the samples. Most of the crystals grown during this work exhibited photorefractivity and photoconductivity. The resistivity decreased significantly in the presence of illumination indicating that the crystals were highly photoconductive.

    The photorefractive properties of the crystals grown during this project were characterized by two beam coupling. All of the measurements revealed a strong photorefractive nonlinear effect. Abbasi, R. We present a search for point sources of high energy neutrinos using 3. After reconstructing muon tracks and applying selection criteria designed to optimally retain neutrino-induced events originating in the northern sky, we arrive at a sample of candidate events, predominantly from atmospheric neutrinos with primary energy GeV to 8 TeV.

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    Our search of this sample reveals no indications of a neutrino point source. A wide-area energy management system WAEMS is a centralized control system that operates energy storage devices ESDs located in different places to provide energy and ancillary services that can be shared among balancing authorities BAs.

    This report presents: 1 the methodology of sharing regulation service between balancing authorities, 2 the algorithm to allocate the regulation signal between the flywheel and hydro power plant to minimize the wear-and-tear of the hydro power plants, 3 field results of the hydro-flywheel regulation service conducted by the Beacon Power , and 4 the performance metrics and economic analysis of the combined hydro-flywheel regulation service. Improved fire protection system for underground fueling areas.

    Final report Sep Oct The objectives of this investigation were to 1 develop safe practice guidelines that will minimize the chance of fires in underground fueling areas and 2 to develop a low-cost, reliable, automatic fire control system AFCS for underground fueling areas. Volume I of the report covered the period from June 21, , to September 30, , and included 1 the preparation of safe practice guidelines for underground fueling areas; 2 preparation of recommended AFCS design concepts for underground fueling areas; and 3 the design, fabrication, and in-mine fire test of an AFCS at Pine Creek Mine, Bishop, Calif.

    After reconstructing muon tracks and applying selection criteria designed to optimally retain neutrino-induced events originating in the Northern Sky, we arrive at a sample of candidate events, predominantly from atmospheric neutrinos with primary energy GeV to 8 TeV.

    Oklahoma Center for Science and Arts. This phase of the project involved fabrication, installation and integration of a nominal kW flat panel PV system made up of large, square polycrystalline-silicon solar cell modules, each nominally 61 cm x cm in size.

    The output of the PV modules, supplied by Solarex Corporation, was augmented, 1. Any excess power generated by the system is fed into the utility under a one to one buyback arrangement. Except for a shortfall in the system output, presently suspected to be due to the poor performance of the modules, no serious problems were encountered. Certain value engineering changes implemented during construction and early operational failure events associated with the power conditioning system are also described.

    The system is currently undergoing extended testing and evaluation. This appendix presents the following tables of program component cost estimates: 1 instructional design and development; 2 instructional operations; 3 program management--policy creation and adoption, and policy and program execution; 4 program coordination--instructional objectives, adaptation, accommodation, and dissemination; 5 general….

    Yields in the sub-keV to 3. X-ray waveforms from target emission in two softer spectral bands are also shown; the X-ray emissions have increasing duration as the spectral content gets softer. A multicenter phase II study of carboplatin in advanced ovarian carcinoma: final report. A phase II trial of single-agent carboplatin in advanced ovarian cancer was performed by 19 institutions from 10 European countries. A total of patients were treated, with a median age of 55 range: years.

    Karnofsky performance status was in about two-thirds of the patients. Prior therapy consisted of surgery only in 31 patients, irradiation in 9, chemotherapy without cisplatin in 45, and with cisplatin in Carboplatin was administered as second-line therapy in about one-half and as third-line or more in one additional third of the study population. A total of courses mean 3. Myelosuppression was the most significant side effect. However, low hematologic counts seldom translated into clinically significant complications.

    Patients with impaired baseline creatinine clearance and poor performance status were at higher risk of developing severe myelosuppression during the initial course of treatment. Non hematologic side effects were rare and mild, except for emesis. Carboplatin has a definite role in the treatment of ovarian cancer, but almost complete cross-resistance with the parent compound was observed clinically.

    A co-authored collaboration between a theatre practitioner and a clinical psychiatrist, this paper will examine Rough for Theatre II RFTII and Beckett's demonstration of the way records are used to understand the human subject. Using Beckett's play to explore interdisciplinary issues of embodiment and diagnosis, the authors will present a dialogue that makes use of the 'best sources' in precisely the same manner as the play's protagonists. One of those sources will be Beckett himself, as Heron will locate the play in its theatrical context through reflections upon his own practice with Fail Better Productions, UK as well as recent studies such as Beckett, Technology and the Body Maude and Performing Embodiment in Samuel Beckett's Drama McMullan ; another source will be the philosopher Wilhelm Windleband, whose History of Philosophy was read and noted upon by Beckett in the s, as Broome will introduce a philosophical and psychiatric context to the exchange.

    Windelband is now a neglected figure in philosophy; but as one of the key figures of Neo-Kantianism in the late 19 th century, his work was an important impetus to that of Rickert, Weber and Heidegger. Specifically, Windelband gives us the distinction between idiographic and nomothetic understanding of individuals, an approach that is of relevance to the psychiatric encounter. This academic dialogue will consider tensions between subjectivity and objectivity in clinical and performance practice, while examining Beckett's analysis of the use of case notes and relating them back to Windelband's ideas on the understanding of others.

    The dialogue took place in at the University of Warwick, and has since been edited by the authors. This document, consisting of seven chapters and 12 appendixes , is a full final report of the Doolittle Family Education Center Experimental In-Service Training Project. Chapter II consists of the history and plan of the project including an explanation of the framework of the model that was used to conceptualize the project.

    Chapter III is a…. Water is unquestionably a critical resource throughout the United States. In the semi-arid west -- an area stressed by increase in human population and sprawl of the built environment -- water is the most important limiting resource. Crucially, science must understand factors that affect availability and distribution of water. To sustain growing consumptive demand, science needs to translate understanding into reliable and robust predictions of availability under weather conditions that could be average but might be extreme.

    These predictions are needed to support current and long-term planning. Change in seasonal and annual temperature, precipitation, snowmelt, and runoff affect the distribution of water over large temporal and spatial scales, which impact the risk of flooding and the groundwater recharge.

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    Anthropogenic influences and impacts increase the complexity and urgency of the challenge. The goal of this project has been to develop a decision support framework of data acquisition, digital modeling, and 3D visualization. This integrated framework consists of tools for compiling, discovering and projecting our understanding of processes that control the availability and distribution of water. The framework is intended to support the analysis of the complex interactions between processes that affect water supply, from controlled availability to either scarcity or deluge.

    The developed framework enables DRI to promote excellence in water resource management, particularly within the Lake Tahoe basin. In principle, this framework could be replicated for other watersheds throughout the United States. Phase II of this project builds upon the research conducted. The Phase 2 research and development achieved most, but not all of our technical objectives.

    The single-coil Dart in-situ sensor and control unit were fully developed, demonstrated and successfully commercialized within the Phase 2 period of performance. The multi-level version of the Dart probe was designed, assembled and demonstrated in Phase 2, but its final assembly and testing were delayed until close to the end of the Phase 2 performance period, which limited our opportunities for demonstration in field settings.

    Likewise, the multi-sensor version of the Dart control unit was designed and assembled, but not in time for it to be deployed for any long-term monitoring demonstrations. The prototype ultra-lightweight surface NMR instrument was developed and demonstrated, and this result will be carried forward into the development of a new flexible surface NMR instrument and commercial product in The first method uses the dijet invariant mass distribution while the second more sensitive method uses matrix-element calculations. The result from the second method has a signal significance of 5. Results showed that after a total of almost 8, hours of system testing in the U.

    Output power optimizations and system characteristics following a shock and vibration test are shown. These tests were performed using electrical heaters that simulate nuclear fuel heating. This paper will focus primarily on the changes in output power characteristics over the lifetime of Yau. All U. The final set of CDMS II data, collected in and referred to as Runs , represents the largest exposure to date for the experiment. We seek collisions between WIMPs and atomic nuclei in disk-shaped germanium and silicon detectors.

    A key design feature is to keep the rate of collisions from known particles producing WIMP-like signals very small. The next largest category is collisions between energetic neutrons that bypass the experimental shielding and nuclei in the detectors. Analytical efforts to discriminate these backgrounds and to estimate the rate at which such discrimination fails have been refined and improved throughout each phase of CDMS.

    Next-generation detectors for future phases of CDMS require testing at cryogenic test facilities. One such facility was developed at the University of Minnesota in and has been used continuously since then to test detectors for the next phase of the experiment, known as SuperCDMS. Appendices for final report. This report consists of four appendices for the final report. Urban pedestrian accident countermeasures experimental evaluation. Volume 2 Appendix A, Review of education and public information materials. This technical appendix presents an overview of the national pedestrian safety effort.

    The appendix also reports the results of a survey of 48 ongoing educational programs being conducted in eight U. A final chapter suggests procedur This report is presented in two volumes. Volume I contains the technical report This document is Volume II , containing appendices with background information and data.

    In this project approximately cu. The initial permeability of soil was so low that the soil gas flow rate was immeasurably small even at high vacuum levels. Although it may applied to many types of soil formations, it is particularly attractive for low permeability clayey soil where conventional in situ venting techniques are limited by low air flow. This is the the final verification run data package for pilot scale thermal treatment of lower East Fork Poplar Creek floodplain soils. Included are data on volatiles, semivolatiles, and TCLP volatiles.

    Appendix A : literature review. This appendix contains a review of the literature and other background information : germane to the experimental and analytical research presented in subsequent appendices. Table : 1 lists the sections and topics contained in this appendix and those District heating and cooling systems for communities through power plant retrofit distribution network, Phase 2.

    Final report, March 1, January 31, Volume 5, Appendix A. This volume contains the backup data for the portion of the load and service assessment in Section 2, Volume II of this report. This includes: locations of industrial and commercial establishments, locations of high rise buildings, data from the Newark Essex County Directory of Business, data from the Hudson County Industrial Directory, data from the N. This report describes Phase II of a project which developed a system for delivering fire safety training to board and care providers who serve adults with developmental disabilities.

    Phase II focused on developing and pilot testing a "train the trainers" workshop for instructors and field testing the provider's workshop. Evaluation of….


    The Intensive Partnerships for Effective Teaching through Stecher, Brian M. This document provides the final two appendixes for "Improving Teaching Effectiveness: Implementation. Appendix D provides detailed discussions of lever implementation for each site along with the detailed coded lever tables. Appendix E summarizes the…. Volume III. Final report October April Volume 4. Technology appendix. The emphasis in that chapter is on providing an overview of where each technology fits into the general-model logic.

    It includes an explanation of the data base printouts and how the separate-cost building blocks are combined to derive an aggregate-technology cost. Technologies included are: conventional technologies boiler and non-boiler conventional technologies ; fossil-energy technologies atmospheric fluidized bed combustion, low Btu coal and medium Btu coal gasification ; cogeneration steam, machine drive, and electrolytic service sectors ; and solar and geothermal technologies solar steam, solar space heat, and geothermal steam technologies , and conservation technologies.

    An Instructor Resource Guide. This instructor's resource guide, one in a series of products from a project to develop an associate degree program for paraprofessional rural family health promoters, deals with teaching a course in paraprofessional skills. Covered in the first section of this guide are the role of paraprofessional skills in rural health promotional training,…. Atmospheric Transmission Tables,. A Brief Figure A-IB. C Appendix C to This Project?

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    A major goal of the Project was to attract the energetic and productive faculty, graduate and upper division undergraduate students of diverse ethnicities to a program that investigates science and computational science issues of long-term interest to the Department of Energy DoE and the nation. The breadth and depth of computational science? C Appendix C Vertical component at c.

    Fore and aft The Title II -D grant program, "Enhancing Education Through Technology," EETT provides financial assistance to higher poverty school districts that have the greatest need for technology support or have been identified as being in need of improvement. Consequently, branching ratios for the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa-favored and Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa-suppressed decays are calculated.

    Centralized Food Service Systems. Service Management Reports. Volume II of a three-volume study on the future of the food service industry considers the effects that centralized food production will have on the future of food production systems. Characterization of unpaved road condition through the use of remote sensing project - phase II , deliverable 8-D: final report.

    The project team added Valerie Lefler of Integrated Glo Wisconsin Fire Service Certification Series. Final Revision. A course introduction appears first and contains this information: recommended instructional sequence, required facilities, instructional methodology, requirements for certification, course…. Employee Assistance and Skills Enhancement.

    Project Employment Assistance and Skill Enhancement EASE II was an on-the-job literacy and basic skills improvement project for employees of small companies in the metal working industry in the Chicago area. The goal of the project was to improve literacy skills, leading to the improvement of work force productivity targeted to disadvantaged…. Efforts of the dissemination phase were concentrated in 5 target states: Vermont, Georgia, Wyoming, Montana, and New Mexico; national dissemination was limited to attendance at national conferences, the U.

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    In this project, we combined molecular genetic, spectroscopic, and microscopic techniques with kinetic and reactive transport studies to describe and quantify biotic and abiotic mechanisms underlying anaerobic, nitrate-dependent U IV and Fe II oxidation, which influences the long-term efficacy of in situ reductive immobilization of uranium at DOE sites. Trust us, these coupons are good. All discounts are totally free to use. Review your savings. Get gmpvitas. Sign up. Find great offers and coupon codes from , of popular stores! Grazia Shop GoWarn. Log in here.

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