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Sure hope they do not charge me a renewal for Sirius. Sounds like a rip off to me.

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Cheaper putting a CD in to,listen to. Can they automatically renew me without my permission. I never asked for the service in the first place it came with the car. You should call the dealership or Sirius to confirm. I bought a new car in May. They forgot about me. I bought a Car in June and I am still on my 3 month trial.

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And their trials have all ended except for mine. I called to turn off my service when my car was stored for the winter. They told me to call back when I wanted to turn it back on in April. Well they never turned the service off, I never called them back to turn it on either.

All the while they kept sending me offer saying they want my business back. They never figured it out.

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I do not believe in paying to listen to music. I will definitely not renew. Most of it is music I do not like anyway. I will enjoy my free 3 months and then cancel. I only posted because I thought you would know the answer to my question seeing you had bought a new car as well and had Sirius in when you bought the car. I currently have 2 cars each with a Sirius XM radio. Do you think it would help or hurt to have them both on the same account when trying to negotiate these better rates?

We have two cars under one billing account. It is still more convenient to call just one time for both cars. It is more convenient to have one a one-time argument with them. But, there is no difference in price. One of our cars has a contract that was up in May and one up in August. I negotiate and pre-pay for the August car. The credit then pays for the August car with no disruption in service and no extra call to Sirius.

I currently have two cars under the same account and they give you a family discount. I have had the service for over 5 years. Like most of you folks I call in and request for a better deal because I cannot do the payment. I have always received a good deal as other, but this last time they were unwilling to offer me anything so I did end up cancelling. Called Sirius and asked for the same deal for my for which the trial period had just ended. No luck, they said that offer was applicable to older vehicles only. Told them no thanks. Bandwidth, partnership with OEM, marketing cost, operating cost , content, events etc.

I have a Lifetime Select on my other Aura and they would not transfer it. I really only bought the Lifetime for the Broadway channel and Cinemagic. They made Cinemagic streaming only and that was disappointing. Well I tried to take advantage of the 6 month 8.

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Well I got a call back from Exec. No way 6 attempts and said is your car by you I said yes she said turn it on and go to Sirius and she sent the signal for 6 months free. I had one month left on my recent year of SiriusXM all access… we have been members for 5 years now…. I have always gotten the cheaper deal and this year since we still had a month left they gave me all access for I listen to WDGY for free! Sorry SiriusXM. Sirius as satellite radio! Sirius is such a joke. My husband wants the all access package and its. So disappointing to have to spend so much time on something they over charge for.

Oh no! Any chance they provide a refund if I threaten to cancel now? They let me cancel. I am trying to figure out how Sirius obtained my contact info; my name, address, phone, auto vin. I feel kind of violated by this breach of my privacy. Sirius is no help as they refuse to tell me how this came to be. I suspect the dealership provides that as part of a marketing partnership if you ever got the trial.

I bought a new car and just started my 3 months trial. Do you think I would get a better deal if I stop listening to Sirius? I am interest in the select package.

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If you threaten to quit, or actually quit for a bit, they will deal. It is a shame, totally deceitful. There is also another hidden package called BasicPlus which has a few more channels and also Internet listening. Has some good channels and a good mix of music, news, sports and talk. Thank you for the tip to use a prepaid card instead of my credit card. I have to call back in 6 months, but I saved a good chunk of money. After you pay with a credit card, you can delete the credit card from the account.

Then they will have to bill you if you forget to cancel. You can always add it back. I was assured that my credit card info would not be retained in their system for future use. I called back after 25 minutes to verify that my credit card info was not kept on file. This is easier than buying a gift card. Sirius said that I would be notified, by mail, some 54 to 60 days prior to the end of my subscription, so I could renegotiate for continued service. I would put a reminder in my calendar to confirm this.

I use that for things that want to auto renew [like Sirius] and for purchases from shady organizations. This is what I never understand about new customer promotions — you are screwing your loyal customers. Comcast Cable company does the same thing. They offer all the great deals to new customers and leave the 20 plus year loyal customers to pony up tons of money!

Ok, so I received a card in the mail telling me my Sirius is up for renewal— bucks more thank I paid last year! He put me on hold and quickly came back and said ok to the bucks for All Access one year…I agreed… hung up and then started wondering if I could have gotten a better deal? Any thoughts?

It depends on how many radios you are paying for service. My free new car subscription is up in 2 days, I just got a text message on my phone I can have 3 months free then be charged the 4th month at whatever the current price will be. They state I can cancel at anytime.

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Can I cancel after the 3 months of free service? I guess I would have to cancel the last couple days of the free service, before the 4th month?? Customer service may know better — best of luck! Pushed a button in newly purchased used car. Then lo and behold ,today got an email from them advising that I have a FREE subscription for three months. Having learned to look gift-horses in the mouth, I ran a search and wound up here.

I have not turned my car radio or CD player on for at least , miles. Thank you all. I am about to buy a Kia with free 90 days Siriusxm. Is this true? After a first year discounted subscription, can one still barter a deal? Have you bought a new car recently and had the pleasure of the free SiriusXM trial?

It's a good ploy, right? Get you hooked so that you want to pay for the service moving forward. What if there's a way to not pay full price for the service, though? Would it make it more enticing for you? There's no denying that SiriusXM is a neat service. You get many more channels than you do on the standard radio.

Whether you're in the mood for music, news, sports, documentaries, or comedy, there's likely a channel that will suit you. There's no worry about changing stations when you get too far away from your home area. The service itself tends to be reliable too, except in certain remote areas. It's a satellite radio service for your car. But you can also stream it on your phone, computer, or tablet with certain subscriptions.

You'll get access to commercial-free music on 72 different channels; sports talk; entertainment; comedy; news; traffic and weather; plus 14 miscellaneous channels. This subscription has a few commercial-free channels in its lineup, but not all channels are commercial free. The music channels are commercial free with this subscription. This selection also includes traffic, weather, sports, and news. This subscription also allows you to stream SiriusXM on devices. First, research the latest SiriusXM promotions. Once you know which SiriusXM package you want, it's time to negotiate a lower price for it.

The steps are simple and require you to call SiriusXM and ask for the retention department. Once you are speaking to a rep in the retention department, it's time to ask for the discount. You can start by letting them know how much you love SiriusXM and would like to continue your subscription, but that you don't think you can swing the price. The rep will likely offer you several offers after you mention that you won't pay the advertised price. Don't make the mistake of jumping on the first offer sent your way.

Instead, keep putting them off by declining the offers. The first offer is usually for a full-year subscription. Make sure you are quickly able to do the math when they throw numbers at you. When you divide it out by month, you'll likely see that it's only a few dollars less per month. You can do better.

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