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Sephora representatives were also not able to confirm if Beauty Offer codes will be accepted in addition to storewide sale codes. See Sephora's FAQs on the new promo code policy here for more information. Daniel Boan. Facebook Icon The letter F.

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Sephora is testing a new promo code policy. Sephora is testing a new policy that allows customers to enter multiple promo codes for online orders. However, none of Sephora's current Beauty Offers appear to be combinable with other offers at the time of this post.

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This is where the outrage comes in. Since Sephora confirmed that the promo is not valid they actually began cancelling people's orders and they also previously have said on Twitter that they will not be honouring the promo even though it was some sort of glitch in their system where the code actually worked.

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Now Canadian customers who thought they were getting an amazing deal on makeup are realizing that it was all too good to be true and they are mad. I was able to try products I was never able to afford as a student sephora.

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People who are loyal customers are pretty much begging Sephora to honour the deal now since they spend so much money there all the time. Really Sephora? Excuse me while I purchase my products from Nordstrom or HoltRenfrew now. This was your mistake not mine.

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