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The seller is completely oblivious whether an eBay redemption code has been used to purchase a certain, as she would receive the asked price in full. Essentially, it is eBay that covers the difference the coupon discounts. The fact that I had through pass through hoops and loops to find out any relevant information also started gnawing on my patience. Now, I assume that anyone who has an eBay account that is at least a month old knows how to look out for ordinary deals at the marketplace.

By ordinary I mean discounts offered by sellers and featured deals. The situation with the coveted eBay discount codes is considerably more complicated.

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Personal coupons are sent to certain users, who can take advantage of them. How the selected few are chosen to be bestowed with an eBay bucks code is not very clear. I dug deep to find the answer or at least some suggestion, but no official information was to be found. Some users speculate that eBay automatically monitors the activity levels and shopping patterns of its users and distributes promo codes accordingly.

Regular buyers get discount codes in categories they have shopped before. People like me, who make a few purchases per year could be nudged to buy more regularly through properly targeted discounts and coupons. I am not a marketing expert, though; these were thoughts that hit me while trying to figure out why I have not received a single coupon code in all these years.

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The fact that the platform discloses no details about how the personal coupons are awarded is very baffling. Moving on, the other type of eBay discount coupons is general, i. They are not sent to individual accounts but are published on eBay Pages. This type of discounts often is aimed at mobile users. All this sounds nice, but I must admit that I heard of these offers while researching the eBay coupon policy through Reddit, not through eBay.

However, was I aware of the potential benefits, I would have had it up and running in no time — who would shy away from a generous coupon? The thing is that eBay has done no real effort to communicate such offers loudly and clearly so that more casual users could take advantage and score a deal or two. What is clearly stated is that to benefit from any coupon code at eBay, you must pay through PayPal. Automatically, this precludes that the trader has to accept PayPal payments as well, otherwise the coupon cannot be used.

All in all, despite finding what I was looking for, namely a confirmation one can benefit from a coupon for eBay if lucky enough, the whole ordeal left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth. The main reason for this was not the restrictions that most coupons that I saw impose — it is only natural that the offers are valid for certain categories of products and often have territorial restrictions too. It was the lack of clarity and official information that makes any sense.

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I have had nothing but positive experience with the eBay customer service, but I found the obscurity surrounding this particular issue very irritating. If you are a merchant, you can find the conditions for participation in eBay promotions and coupon campaigns with relative ease. All the steps are there. However, for buyers is nigh impossible to get any information how they could qualify for the discount coupons. Should you shop more?

Should you shop in certain categories? What is it? What actually gives you a chance to get a discount code is completely unclear. In conclusion, make your account eligible, and, if the algorithmic gods are merciful, a special, personal offer might appear into your account one day. There is no guarantee that you will receive anything, but these steps increase the chance of getting some general promotion on time. If you are lucky enough, you might score an eBay coupon code valid for the whole month, as there are monthly promotions going on.

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Otherwise, this entire ordeal made me think that eBay discount coupons are the modern-day unicorns: people talk about how nice they are, but nobody can tell you for certain that they are truly tangible. Get Coupon Code. See Sale. Avengers Sale At eBay! Shop at eBay for great deals on posters, Funko, and more Shop at eBay for great deals on posters, Funko, and more. Shop Now. See Deal.

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