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Black Friday Action Cameras Deals: JEEMAK 4K Sports Action Camera 16MP WiFi Waterproof Camera with

GoPro Fusion can, with the new firmware v2. Definitely an interesting market for sure. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar , which works here on DCR and across the web. Subscribe me to the newsletter. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. I agree Brian. All it takes is any sort of discount whatsoever and one would likely just go with the 4 Silver.

Pretty much. Sure the quality of the video is great, but they have the worst battery life of any product in the sector, probably to make you buy extras!! I use one that in the event of an accident I hopefully have some evidence of blame.

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I also wear it on my motorbike helmet. Yeah because before cameras accidents were unsolvable. Not really — bike vehicle accidents are a real problem in the vast majority of the world. There are countless examples of cyclists having cams on bikes now showing who was at fault. Nigel — Care to expand on that comment? I wear mine skiing to tape my kids, for our personal use. And as Jamie said, they are very useful for bike commuters. Why do you find either of those funny?

Ya Why? No one wants to get involved these days. People walk past accidents all the time. A guy walked straight out in front of me the other week. I hit him hard with the bike.

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Luckily we were both ok. All the people who were around walked off. That was my last straw. I ride a motorbike as well and commute every day so got the go pro hero. Does the job well. HI, and thanks for all your reviews.

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I must be missing it. I have an edge to record speed etc. You basically just need to re-align the segments if they are off a few seconds. Of course, I bought a Hero4 Silver yesterday.

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I wanted the Hero3 White as their lowest end with wifi; but my bike shop that gives me a huge discount no longer stocks it. Still, no replaceable battery makes it kind of a no go for me. Your comment just piqued my interest. I am looking to get my first action camera. Or p is the highest resolution that it support. I would love to shoot 4K with as much data embedded into the footage as possible.

You can also trim the gpx to sync with the video. VIRB software will take the 4K GoPro footage; the performance of the software would really depend on your computer specs as a lot of processing power is required for the final rendering if you want 4K output. JJ, once you load the gpx files, there are options for trimming and synchronizing the track with the video clip, both the track and the clip are displayed alongside each other and you trim away…..

There are a number of choices of overlays that you can use to display….

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Se this thread for VIRB news: link to dcrainmaker. The timing is interesting, and also interesting to note how the GoPro shares spiked after the announcement, maybe the start of a bi annual release cycle? Ray for all of us who just run whats the best value for money gopro? I have google this question over and over but no one gives a clear answer!!

It depends. If you have no plans to share while mobile i. If the prices were equal i. The Hero basic is a really simple unit, but lacks all the features of the VIRB basic — which was for a time being offered at the same price.

That seems to make more sense with the reason you give as you can use virbs software with the Hero 4 Silver too. I found a go pro hero plus lcd on the beach while we were staying in Malibu, Ca. It washed up one day… i think it had been in the ocean for a bit. I got it to work and it even had some pictures of kids playing in a pool and then dad playing with it in the surf… which is probably when it was lost.

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The GoPro goes where no action camera has gone before — on ski helmets, on handlebars of bikes and even on drones in the air. Some GoPro models are designed for expert filmmakers and photographers, others are simpler, more intuitive and designed to let the average Joe GoPro.