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If you any question, see our privacy policy. At Anchor we believe the goodness of milk should be celebrated. Start making purchases using this coupon code and enjoy decent savings. MythBusters, Season 2 iTunes: Mythbusters is a unique television series that investigates the bizarre claims of urban legends and modern misconceptions.

See the 1 best mythbusters. Yahoo Answers Many people talk to their plants, claiming it makes them grow better. The first season of the revival premiered on November 15th, In the meantime, Netflix commissioned Beyond International Group, the company behind MythBusters, to rope Kari, Tory and Grant into a Spiritual Successor of the show called White Rabbit Project , which also focuses on legends and theories, but instead of busting them, the show seeks to validate and rank them.

White Rabbit Project premiered with 10 episodes on December 9th, , on Netflix. Additionally, Adam, along with several other close friends, started a Web Video and podcast series called Tested , along with working with Michael Stevens of V Sauce on a series called Brain Candy. Originally they roped in Jamie for the show Tested as well, but he then bowed out as he wished to retire from the public eye and work in privacy. Ultimately this show never materialized, but Adam eventually returned to the Discovery Channel in June with a new show , Savage Builds.

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For tropes related to the relaunch, go to MythBusters Adam and Jamie must take a page from MacGyver in order to escape a locked room. Example of: MacGyvering. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

They're what you call "experts. You should never try anything like this unless you have your own television show. Tropes A-F. Abnormal Ammo : The staggering amount of strange stuff they've modified air cannons or rifles to fire, among others see the trope page for specific examples.

They've even tried cheese , and it actually worked. Adam : Is this awesome or what? We tripped all three of the ShockWatch stickers, which tells us something we often learn here at MythBusters : Everyday objects can in fact be lethal if Jamie builds a gun to shoot them. Was that a guard?

Adam: I'm not doing anything the Paks wouldn't have done if they'd had a chainsaw. Adam: So, can you clearly communicate what clever canine conundrum you're currently concocting? Jamie: What? Adam: This is the show. It's, like, 4 minutes of science, and then 10 minutes of me hurting myself. That's bad! It's pumping water! I would say that's bad! Adam : You're suggesting we get acting lessons. Jamie : Isn't it about time? Can a hammerhead really explode? Hammer testing.

That type of hammer head. Got it.

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Adam: Where are we? Jamie: We're right here. Jamie : We smashed it, we burned it, we smashed it and burned it. Tory: We've still got like pounds of this stuff, should we try again? Grant: Maybe after I get some new underwear. Adam: WHOA!

'MythBusters' Face Slap VIDEO: Drunk Adam Savage Hit By Jamie Hyneman In Slow Motion | HuffPost

Rob Lee: Eh Savage, please. Jamie: Do you need to go to the bathroom or anything? Adam: Oh, I've already gone to the bathroom. Adam: For those of you who thought Jamie's attire was bulletproof Jamie: You had enough yet? Scottie : Let's egg him on until he hurts himself. That's always fun. Tory : KARI! Jamie: So you're saying that Buster needs to be made out of depleted uranium. Is it under "D" or "U"? Jamie : You gotta collect those skills to be ready for anything. Adam: This ingredient is made of blur. And this has blur in it too.

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Blur is very dangerous. You don't want to mix blur with blur. Kari : Your idea of a safe stop is to shank me? Tory : More like harpooning. Adam : If I find out that any of you tried this at home, I'll personally come to your house and kick your butt. Kari : attempting to describe Viagra which was used for one myth I'm trying to dance around how to say this, because families might have their kids watching.

Um, "Santa's little helper"? Maybe "Momma's little helper"? Jamie : So what you're saying is if you take the balls off, it don't work no more. Adam : Just thinking this one through from a mechanical standpoint I'd be totally pleased with 2 inches of penetration. Jamie : Generally, I prefer a little bit more Narrator about a giraffe : She's just not taking Adam's banana Tory: This is the hardest wood I've ever worked with.

Kari : Why is it that I am a grown woman and boys are still trying to make me eat bugs? Adam: This is the biggest fail we have ever achieved! Narrator : And in the pouch will be Jamie : Genetic legacy? It's sperm. Every kid in grade school knows that. Helps make babies, you know? Jamie : Did I ever tell you that I worked as a concrete inspector for several months up in Seattle? Adam : Was this before or after you were the big animal veterinarian for the circus? Jamie : No, I never did that. You must be mistaken. Adam : Does this remind you of when you used to count money for the mob?

Jamie : I was a hitman, I wasn't a money counter. Adam : Anticlimactically enough, I believe I've disabled the entire mechanism by removing this simple pin. Tory : Ah, crap. Narrator : As last words go, Tory, you might wanna rethink those. Adam : How would you like us to be remembered?

Jamie : How about for the promotion of critical thought? Adam : And how do you think we will be remembered? Jamie : For blowing crap up.